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Unpublished: Sketch Covers/Convention Sketches

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# Votes  OwnerTitle
23 Phillip  Anderson Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary
20 Malvin V David Mazzucchelli Vintage Batman Year One sketch!
18 Michael Diaz Jae Lee - The Sandman
17 Robert Bown Hyperion convention sketch by Gary Frank
16 Alex L Arthur Adams - Harley Quinn
13 Alex Johnson 40 for 60 Sketchbook
13 Jason Schachter Poison Ivy By Andrew Robinson
12 Octavio D Flash Jam by Jim Cheung
12 Richard DeDominicis Brian Stelfreeze Doctor Strange
12 Justin Leigh Leiter Simon Bisley - The Bride Of Frankenstein
12 Malvin V Incredible Hulk 340 Wolverine vs Hulk Recreation by Gary Frank
11 eewwnuk 1 Batman - Norm Breyfogle
11 Ray Cuthbert Grindberg, Thomas - La of Opar
11 Erik Sveinson Valkyrie by Nat Jones!
10 James Bella DK3 Francine and Katchoo by Terry Moore
10 Alex C Spacegirl by Bengal
9 Anthony Bryan Walt Simonson, Thor with Mjolnir sketch
9 Michael Gowcharan Amazing Spider Man Spiderverse jam completed
9 Justin Leigh Leiter Michael Golden - Alien Mech Commander
8 Justin Belmont Wonder Woman - Matt Haley
8 Leonard Richman Batman by Brian Bolland
7 Justin Belmont Savage Land Rogue - Mark Texeira
7 Jim Warden Mage Sketch by Matt Wagner
6 Rob L Mannion, Steve -- Dejah Thoris -- Heroes Con 2016
5 Timothy Finney Biollante (Godzilla vs Biollante) by Shinji Nishikawa
5 Alan Hamilton Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) by Adi Granov
5 David Peters Maggie sketch by Jaime Hernandez
5 Leonard Richman Jean Grey by Frank Quitely
4 Alex C Harley and Batman commission by Stjepan Sejic
4 Rob L Brown, Reilly -- Dejah Thoris -- Heroes Con 2016
2 James Bella Dark Knight Batman and Robin by Joe Giella
2 James Bella Superman by Greg Hildebrandt
2 Jason Borelli Donald Trump as Darkseid by Ryan Dunlavey (MoCCA Arts Festival 2016)
2 Alan Hamilton Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) by Aaron Lopresti
2 Karl-Erik Lindkvist Joëlle Jones - Lady Killer
2 Karl-Erik Lindkvist John McCrea - Tommy Monoghan, happy & content
2 Bill Thomson MARVEL FEATURE 3 Cover Preliminary Sketch GIL KANE

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