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Friedt, Stephan

Items I've gathered here and there at conventions and from artists I've known...beginning in the late 1970's...

Stephan F's Gallery Rooms

Comic Book Art: AC Comics: Green Lama #1 (29)
Comic Book Art: Archie Comics: Archie and Friends #17 (Goldberg, Stan: Complete story) (11)
Comic Book Art: Classics Illustrated: Single pages (1)
Comic Book Art: DC Comics: Non-Comic Book (2)
Comic Book Art: DC Comics: Single Pages (5)
Comic Book Art: Dell: Kona #19 (Glanzman, Sam)-Complete (5)
Comic Book Art: Dell: Single Pages (1)
Comic Book Art: Fawcett: Dennis the Menace (2)
Comic Book Art: Golden-Age art, unpublished (1)
Comic Book Art: Marvel Comics: Conan the Barbarian #9 (Windsor-Smith, Barry-Complete Photostats) (19)
Comic Book Art: Marvel Comics: Marvel Team-Up #51 (Buscema, Sal-Complete) (17)
Comic Book Art: Marvel Comics: Non-comic book (1)
Comic Book Art: Marvel Comics: Single Pages (8)
Comic Book Art: St. John: Mighty Mouse #21 (Partial) (7)
Comic Book Art: Star*Reach: Single pages (1)
Commissioned Art: Sketch Covers (9)
Commissioned pieces: Doug Bennett (7)
Commissioned pieces: James "Payne" Fifield (9)
Commissioned pieces: Steve Leialoha (2)
Commissioned Pieces: The Shadow! (Assorted artists) (5)
Favorite Artists I Have Known: Stephen Bryant (1)
Frank Hamilton (4)
Independant Comic Companies (1)
Katie's Collection (2)
Newspaper Strips: Archie Comics-Sunday Strips (1)
Newspaper Strips: Assorted (1)
Newspaper Strips: Broncho Bill (O'Neill, Harry) (2)
Newspaper Strips: Dick Tracy (Assorted artists) (2)
Newspaper Strips: Dr. Kildare (Bald, Ken) (1)
Newspaper Strips: Smilin' Jack (Mosley, Zack) (9)
Newspaper Strips: Tarzan (Various Artists) (4)
Portfolios: Adams, Neal -Tarzan Set A (1978) (6)
Portfolios: Adams, Neal -Tarzan Set B (1979) (5)
Portfolios: Anderson, Brent Eric ...Ka-zar (1982) (8)
Portfolios: Brunner, Frank -Flesh & Fantasy (1974) (9)
Portfolios: Brunner, Frank: Bran Mak Morn (1976)  (6)
Portfolios: Chaykin, Howard -Study in Scarlet (1977) (9)
Portfolios: Dowling, Lela -Carroll's Cat (1979) (8)
Portfolios: F.O.O.G-Friends of Old Gerber (1982) (11)
Portfolios: Fitzpatrick, Jim -The Art of... (9)
Portfolios: Grell, Mike -Warriors (1980) (6)
Portfolios: Jones, Jeffrey -World Without End (1980) (6)
Portfolios: Kaluta, Michael W. -Children of the Twilight (1979) (6)
Portfolios: Kaluta, Michael W. -Starstruck (1980) (9)
Portfolios: Kelly, Ken -Eerie Visions (1977) (12)
Portfolios: Paragon Pretty Girls (1981) (18)
Portfolios: Russell, P. Craig -Chimera (1976) (9)
Portfolios: Russell, P. Craig -Curse of the Ring (1980) (10)
Portfolios: Severin, John & Marie -Kull II (11)
Portfolios: Williamson, Al & Frazetta, Frank - Space Heroes (1976) (13)
Portfolios: Wrightson, Bernie -Apparitions (1978) (5)
Portfolios: Wrightson, Bernie -Frankenstein 1 (1977) (7)
Portfolios: Wrightson, Bernie -Frankenstein 2 (1978) (7)
Prints (8)
Specialty pieces (2)


Most Recent Additions (Last Update: 1/21/2017)

Metallix Promotional Page (Unpublished), Comic Art


Metallix Promotional Page (Unpublished)

Art Details

Artist: Tom Grindberg (Penciller)
Media Type: Pencil
Art Type: Partial Story
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 128
Comments: 0
Added to Site: 1/21/2017

About the Owner

Stephan F
Member Since: January 2008

Metallix Promotional Page (Unpublished)
Artist: Tom Grindberg (Penciller)

Bruce Lee daily, Comic Art


Bruce Lee daily

Art Details

Artist: Dick Kulpa (Penciller)
Sharman DiVono (Writer)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Comic Strip
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 247
Comments: 0
Added to Site: 3/16/2015

About the Owner

Stephan F
Member Since: January 2008

Bruce Lee daily
Artist: Dick Kulpa (Penciller)
Sharman DiVono (Writer)

Angel!, Comic Art



Art Details

Artist: Frank Hamilton (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 244
Comments: 0
Added to Site: 3/16/2015

About the Owner

Stephan F
Member Since: January 2008

Artist: Frank Hamilton (All)

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Cover (32)
Other (9)
Pin Up (12)
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Stephan F
Joined: January 2008

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