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Jamo Nezzar

My name is Jamo Nezzar, I have been a comic addict since I was 6 years old. My dream was always to look like Superheros. As I got older the desire grew worse, and I decided to take up Bodybuilding and realize my dream to look like Batman and Superman and eventually become a top Pro bodybuilder. I have been a comic collector for 22 years, but one day as I was buying an Ultimate Spiderman from eBay, something happened ......AN OBSESSION STARTED, ALSO A VERY EXPENSIVE HOBBY WAS ABOUT TO BANKRUPT ME! I bought my first original page, I thought WOW this is so cool! I remember it was a page from the "Amazing Spiderman 384" by Mark Bagley. Three years later, here I am chasing like most of you the best pages in the business dealing and trading. Joining this site was a bless, so Bill Cox thank you for this great idea that you put together giving the chance to us the collectors to share our art together. I would like to also thank the following people that I met here and got to know as very special people. Tim Townsend: for all the help and advice and learning what's worth investing in or not. Kirk Dilbeck: for being a wonderful friend and dealing with has always been a great experience. Stephen Segovia: for his amazing art and way of treating his fans amazing person. Carlo Pagulayan: Great work and amazing person Val Pabulos: for your kindness and your amazing art Bart Sears: for helping me with getting nice pieces. Angel Medina: for his professionalism and allowing me to own great amazing pieces from his classic work. Jose Luis: for making amazing Hulk commissions for me your are truly an amazing artist and I can't wait to see you taking over the Hulk at Marvel. Dale Keown: for all the nice pieces he sold me and kept for me. Scott Williams: For all the nice Batman Hush pieces he sold me. BUYING ART IS GETTING REALLY EXPENSIVE AND SOME PIECES ARE REALLY OVERPRICED. I'm WILLING TO BUY AND TRADE (IF IT'S INTERESTING ENOUGH ) WITH SOME MEMBERS HERE ..BUT PLEASE DO NOT INSULT ME. My favorite artists are: Steven Sanchez, Ed Benes, David Finch, JScott Campbell, Dale Keown, Jim Lee, Stephen Platt, Ed Mcguinness, Val Pabulos, Joe Madureira, Bart Sears, Deodato, Michael Turner, Angel Medina, Patrick Scherberger, Romano Molenaar, Carlos Gomez AKA Nema, Paul Pelletier, Whilce Portacio.

Jamo's Art's Gallery Rooms

Angel Medina  (4)
Anthony Tan (4)
Arthur Adams (4)
Avinash Hegde  (8)
Bart Sears (13)
Brad Green (12)
Bust and Statue (14)
Carlo Pagulayan  (4)
Chris Evenhuis (5)
Colored Art Work (24)
Dale Eaglesham  (2)
Dale Keown Hulk  (9)
Dale Keown PITT  (7)
Diego Bernard  (10)
Ed Benes (4)
Ed McGuinness Hulk (10)
Ed McGuinness Superman Covers  (2)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 157  (0)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 162 (0)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 166 (1)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 167  (1)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 168  (0)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 171 (0)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 173 (0)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 181  (0)
Ed McGuinness Superman Issue 187 (1)
Edu Francisco  (1)
Fred Hayes (1)
Freddie E Williams  (1)
Fritz Aldrin (1)
Ian Churchill  (3)
Jim Lee  (3)
Jimbo Salgado  (2)
Joe Bennett (1)
Joe Madureira  (1)
Jose Luis  (16)
JScott Campbell Danger Girl  (4)
JScott Campbell Gen 13  (6)
JScott Campbell Others  (3)
Marc Silvestri (4)
Mark Bagley  (4)
Meiriele de Medeiros (1)
Mia Bunn (5)
Mike Deodato  (1)
Paolo Pantalena (12)
Patrick Blaine  (2)
Patrick Scherberger (4)
Patrick Scherberger Spiderman Secret Wars Issue 1 (5)
Patrick Scherberger Spiderman Secret Wars Issue 3 (8)
Paul Pelletier (12)
Pedro Delgado  (1)
Roger Cruz  (7)
Roger Cruz Covers Wanted  (4)
Romano Molenaar  (5)
Scott Shoemaker  (9)
Shane Davis  (2)
Sold Pieces  (20)
Stephen Jorge Segovia  (5)
Steven Sanchez  (5)
Trent Kaniuga (1)
Val Pabulos  (7)
Wade Furlong (1)
WANTED !!!!!!  (23)
Whilce Portacio  (5)


Most Recent Additions (Last Update: 4/10/2018)

Superman 157 , Comic Art


Superman 157

Art Details

Artist: Ed McGuinness (Penciller)
Cam Smith (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 202
Comments: 9
Added to Site: 4/10/2018

About the Owner

Jamo's Art
Member Since: December 2004

Superman 157
Artist: Ed McGuinness (Penciller)
Cam Smith (Inker)
202 Views, 9 Comments

Red Hulk Pin Up , Comic Art


Red Hulk Pin Up

Art Details

Artist: Dale Keown (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 174
Comments: 0
Added to Site: 2/19/2018

About the Owner

Jamo's Art
Member Since: December 2004

Red Hulk Pin Up
Artist: Dale Keown (All)

Superman 173 Page 2- 3 , Comic Art


Superman 173 Page 2- 3

Art Details

Artist: Ed McGuinness (Penciller)
Cam Smith (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 160
Comments: 0
Added to Site: 2/15/2018

About the Owner

Jamo's Art
Member Since: December 2004

Superman 173 Page 2- 3
Artist: Ed McGuinness (Penciller)
Cam Smith (Inker)

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Cover (56)
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About the Owner

Jamo's Art
Joined: December 2004
Ebay Id: jamcore66

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