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Amazing Spider-Man 34 page 6 Steve Ditko

Artist: Steve Ditko (All)

32 Comments  -   1,174 Views  -   5 Likes

Amazing Spider-Man 34 page 6 Steve Ditko Comic Art
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Title: Amazing Spider-Man 34 page 6 Steve Ditko
Artist: Steve Ditko (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 1,174
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Comments: 32
Added to Site: 2/1/2017
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When this book came out, I was twelve; and like any normal, self-respecting, twelve-year-old boy, I'm certain I gawked at panel three. However, if I were being shamelessly honest, I might admit that Id also gawked at panel three quite recently.

Although The Amazing Spider-Man does not grace this page, I love the three, separate, and complete Ditko triptychs: makes me think of the sum of the parts and the whole.


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Ruben DaCollector wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Wow, this is a great character page, Mark! It gives you Harry, Gwen, Peter and even Kraven, uttering a classic line in the final panel! Congratulations on this fine addition!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Suat Tong Ng wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Another Ditko Spidey page! Well done!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Lee Benaka wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Another Ditko ASM page? Wow, I can't wait to see this in person. There are so many interesting things happening on this page, but I was initially most drawn to those creepy masks in the middle of the bottom tier. Big congrats Mark!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Will Gabri-El wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
A fine-looking, richly filled and fun example!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Filmore W. Bedwick wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
You've Got A Ditko Spidey Page!!!! Who could ask for more?!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Glen Brunswick wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Very sweet page! Congrats Mark!
Posted on 2/1/2017

frank x townsondecker wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 2/1/2017

Greg Starr wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Love it!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Michael Kenyon wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
No kidding buddy this is a genius page.You can stare at this one for hours.I have 60 minutes in the book all ready.So beautifully put together.
Posted on 2/1/2017

David Gee wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Woot! A great page! Congratulations! Yep, love panels 3 & 8. ...and panels 1,2,4,5,6,7 & 9.
Posted on 2/1/2017

DC's Showcase wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Great one for all the reasons given. Amazing!!
Posted on 2/1/2017

Ron Sonenthal wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 2/1/2017

Gene Park wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Very memorable!
Posted on 2/1/2017

J L wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
I can't take eyes off that 3rd panel with Gwen too. Great page. Congrats!!!!
Posted on 2/2/2017

Drake Tungsten wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
OK, now you're just spiking the ball! Major congrats on a glorious page!
Posted on 2/2/2017

Aaron N. wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
GawDAMM. That is a fine, fine page. For a guy who couldn't draw women...
Posted on 2/2/2017

Carlos DS wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Defnitely museum quality, congratulations my friend !
Posted on 2/2/2017

Ronan Killack wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Well...that answers that question! What a great page, Mark - so may good things going on. Congrats!
Posted on 2/2/2017

Dewey Cassell wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
I loved Ditko's rendition of Gwen, and I think he definitely drew the best Peter Parker. Plus, the villain they should have made a movie about (and still haven't!) Outstanding page.
Posted on 2/2/2017

Lars Teglbjaerg wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Like friend Lee I really love the masks too, but it is really Gwen who steals the page!
Posted on 2/2/2017

glen gold wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Great page -- one thing I like is the encroaching darkness as your eye goes down it. The lightness of the top panels, where it's just kids having a soap opera, and how it gets more shadowy when Peter is thinking about doing his Spidey thing, and then the last tier, with the Dr Strange-like rooftop, the crazy face decorations, and the slashes of fabric on Kraven's outfit. Some of the later Ditko issues, he was on cruise control. Not this one. Really atmospheric, congrats!
Posted on 2/2/2017

Fred Chamberlain wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
A beauty. Congrats!
Posted on 2/2/2017

John Livesay wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Just great!!
Posted on 2/2/2017

Abraham  Bernal wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
I did not see this yesterday, I wanted to be the first to comment:D Congratulations for this, you have what you really wanted:D
Posted on 2/2/2017

Bob  Kopman wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Amazing Spider-man page. Love the early Gwen drawings. This must have been a very early appearance.
Posted on 2/3/2017

Emanuele Peveri wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Grail. Full stop!
Posted on 2/4/2017

Timothy Finney wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
My introduction to Gwen happened during the latter stages of Romita's run where, and this was true even on into Kane's tenure, she was all sweetness and light and seemed very much a girl out of a romance comic. But the first time I saw Ditko's original version, she seemed almost another character entirely. Ditko had her rocking that Veronica Lake look, which I found far sexier than Romita's version, but more, she was also clearly smart (smarter?) and fiercely determined, and there was something more (or at least different) going on internally with the character as well. That third panel shows a Gwen I never really saw until I came upon Ditko's original run.
Posted on 2/5/2017

Dietmar Krueger wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Nothing can beat this page!!!
Posted on 2/9/2017

Sam 06 wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
A great and classic page! Huge congrats!
Posted on 2/18/2017

Tommy Kohlmaier wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Sweet Gwen, nice Peter, great Kraven, great classic art !
Posted on 3/8/2017

red raven wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
historic piece by the marvelous steve ditko !!!
Posted on 7/9/2017

Gordon Bartik wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Mark, a wonderful page. I love the three tiers of three panels where each tier contains its own atmosphere and story thread; something Ditko was/is an absolute master of. I too remember buying this off the newsstand and being fully engaged with a great cover and a tight and visually engaging story, your page typifies perfectly.
Posted on 8/1/2017

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