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Frank Miller Marvel Team-up #99 Cover

Artists: Frank Miller (Penciller) ,  Dave Simons (Inker)

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Frank Miller Marvel Team-up #99 Cover Comic Art
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Title: Frank Miller Marvel Team-up #99 Cover
Artist: Frank Miller (Penciller)
Artist: Dave Simons (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: Auction
Views: 592
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Added to Site: 2/6/2017
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Frank Miller pencils and signed, Dave Simons inks and signed; 11" x 17"

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By the time this cover was published, Frank Miller was already an industry darling. Early on, Marvel editors Jo Duffy and Dennis O'Neil spotted the spark of genius hidden deep within Miller's still-gestating style. Of course, that all changed with Miller's hugely influential run on Daredevil which was further cemented by his career triumphs, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and 300. Miller sealed his position as one of the few indisputable giants of American comic art.

Born in Maryland and raised in Vermont, Miller started his career by supplying short fill-ins for war and horror anthologies at DC and Gold Key. He quickly got his break pencilling a complete story in Marvel's struggling John Carter of Mars title, which led to repeated jobs pinch-hitting as penciller for more high-profile titles from both major publishers, including his first take on Daredevil in an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man. Miller's Eisner-influenced compositional sense, and adoption of elements of Japanese Manga and American film noir, made his work stand out from the Adams-influenced photorealism that was the prevailing style of the day, and he soon graduated to covers on some of Marvel's anthology and team-up books.

This cover, from early in his career, shows the startling confidence and command of the comic format that Miller displayed from the very beginning. Even without the photo-negative effect eventually laid over the published piece, this is a surreal and dynamic image, yet clean and easy for the eye to follow, the kind of work one would expect from a twenty-year veteran, rather than a growing new artist. This piece is one of the few times Miller worked on Spider-Man, as his dark style and muscular vision would soon draw him away from the more colorful of Marvel heroes, making this an extra-special rarity. In recent years, Miller's original art has sold for eye-watering sums, as his dedicated legion of fans, as well as art investors, dive upon examples of the master's work with a near-manic fervor. We are proud and honored to have hosted Mr. Miller in our galleries, and worked with him closely on recent projects, and can attest that he is exactly what you would expect -- funny, fearless, endlessly knowledgeable, and immensely gifted, and we are delighted to offer this important early work to our esteemed clientele.

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