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Kingdom Come #3 Pg. 22 by Alex Ross

Artist: Alex Ross (All)

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Kingdom Come #3 Pg. 22 by Alex Ross Comic Art
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Title: Kingdom Come #3 Pg. 22 by Alex Ross
Artist: Alex Ross (All)
Media Type: Mixed Media
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: Auction
Views: 605
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Added to Site: 2/6/2017
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Pg. 22; Alex Ross mixed media; 13.75" x 20"; word bubbles on vellum

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Anyone who grew up enamored of superheroes has surely had the thought, late at night, tucked into bed and trying to get to sleep  if super beings were real, and caped heroes walked among us, how would they look? What would that world be like? Enter Alex Ross.
Ross burst onto the comic scene in the 1990s. His work was like a thunderbolt across the sky, almost instantly wiping out the craze for the Liefeld-style over-hatched look and the garish assault that defined late-80s/early-90s comic art. His photorealistic, yet, artfully constructed look, equal parts Norman Rockwell and Neal Adams, married the twilight mistiness of Golden Age comics with the widescreen precision of Bronze Age artistry. Ross's magnum opus to date, Kingdom Come, was an astonishing epic portraying the past, present, and possible future of DC's universe with grim drama and defiant optimism. Possibly the most-influential mainstream comic of the past twenty-five years, this masterpiece retains a grip on the imagination of readers and in the hearts of comic art collectors. These two pages handily show off the talent and power of this revered artist, with an affecting splash page displaying Ross' gift for iconic imagery, and a narrative page proving that Ross' cinematic sense of pacing has permanently changed the look and feel of comics to this day.



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Philip Alain wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Fabulous artwork and I'm totally agree with the great description. Alex Ross is certainly one of the most influential and talented artist of comics industry. I don't understand why there's not yet any comments and in general so few comments on Alex Ross artworks.
Posted on 3/26/2017

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