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Barry Windsor-Smith Machine Man #2 page #2

Artists: Barry Windsor-Smith (Penciller) ,  Barry Windsor-Smith (Colorist) ,  Barry Windsor-Smith (Inker) ,  Herb Trimpe (Layouts)

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Barry Windsor-Smith Machine Man #2 page #2 Comic Art
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Artwork Details

Title: Barry Windsor-Smith Machine Man #2 page #2
Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith (Penciller)
Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith (Colorist)
Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith (Inker)
Artist: Herb Trimpe (Layouts)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 371
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 7
Added to Site: 3/14/2017
Comic Art Archive:


When Machine Man hit the stands in 1984, the young teen me bought it and read it and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I was a staunch X-men, Spidey, Batman, guy but something about this book stuck with me.

I was too young and too immature to realize it but Barry Windsor-Smith had begun to dig his claws into my art appreciation memory. Many years later, when I was actually paying closer attention to artists and inkers and writers and seeing influences and flourishes and noting peaks and valleys in creator's careers, it became clear to me that BWS had a gift that few others in his generation could replicate. Every character, title, and story he touched became irrevocably HIS. He owned it from that point on and became part of the comparative discussion for decades to follow.

This page, to me, is a wonderful example of how smooth and finished and dynamic an artist BWS was growing to be by this point. He was no longer the padawan learner of the early years of his career. The maturity of his ink line and the restraint shown in one place side-by-side with his flourishes are the hallmarks of someone in complete control of their craft.

The credits on this piece note Barry Windsor-Smith finished pencils, inks and colors. Herb Trimpe is noted as doing breakdowns but, in looking closely at this page, it's impossible to see anything buy the deft hand of BWS in every panel (with all due respect to Herb).

The pacing, style, and kinetics are all superb.


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Ronan Killack wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Phenomenal page - no shock to see it in your collection!
Posted on 3/14/2017

Mike W wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Great page by the Master!!!!!!!!! And very eloquent words about his greatness, my friend.
Posted on 3/14/2017

Ron Sonenthal wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Very nice. I really liked Barry's take on Machine Man, just the right balance of smooth and rough.
Posted on 3/14/2017

J. Sid wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Love it. I regret not bidding on this one!
Posted on 3/14/2017

Suat Tong Ng wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Cheap and good, who could ask for more - congrats!
Posted on 3/14/2017

frank x townsondecker wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 3/14/2017

Dino Mauricio wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Gorgeous page, love the cross shading and hand-drawn reflections in dozens of small windows.
Posted on 3/15/2017

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