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Legion of Superheroes Homage to Justice League Issue 20 ( An Infinite Timelines : When Worlds Collide : Tie-in Event )

Artists: Mike Magallanes (All) ,  Russell Payne (Finisher)

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Legion of Superheroes Homage to Justice League Issue 20 ( An Infinite Timelines : When Worlds Collide : Tie-in Event ) Comic Art
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Justice League issue 20

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Title: Legion of Superheroes Homage to Justice League Issue 20 ( An Infinite Timelines : When Worlds Collide : Tie-in Event )
Artist: Mike Magallanes (All)
Artist: Russell Payne (Finisher)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Commission
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 192
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 11
Added to Site: 3/17/2017
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There may not be an Emerald Empress on this March 17th/Patrick's Day but I present to you a "Donnybrook". For those unfamiliar with the term : it is the word that gives the Irish, a global reputation for hot tempers &brawling. A donnybrook often takes place in a pub(bar) & a donnybrook often involves heavy alcohol use. The end of a donnybrook usually results in missing teeth, lacerations to the head, scars, scrapes, and bruises to the body. If you ever hear of a donnybrook starting at the place you're in, either run, or participate and be prepared for all of the above flesh-wounds the next morning. -

Donnybrook is actually a suburb of Dublin, Ireland. Until 1866, Donnybrook was the place where the notorious Donnybrook Fair was held each August. The official history of the fair says that it was established in the year 1204, when King John of England granted a licence to the corporation of Dublin to hold an eight-day fair in Donnybrook. In 1252 the duration was extended to fifteen days. Over the years the terms of holding the fair changed slightly, until in the 18th century it was held on 26 August on Donnybrook Green for a fortnight (14 days).. In 1778 one writer writing for Freeman’s Journal, complained on the 31 August of 1778 about the effects of the Donnybrook Fair:

“How irksome it was to friends of the industry and well-being of Society to hear that upwards of 50,000 persons visited the fair on the previous Sunday, and returned to the city like intoxicated savages.” MY KIND OF PARTY !

Folklorist Estyn Evans provides in his book “Irish Folk Ways” an 1845 account of Dublin’s “infamous Donnybrook Fair” which appeared in The Parliamentary Gazetteer:

“During the week, beginning on the 26th August, is held the notorious Donnybrook Fair, professedly for the sale of horses and black cattle, but really for vulgar dissipation, and formerly for criminal outrage and the most revolting debauchery. It was for generations a perfect prodigy of moral horrors – a concentration of disgrace upon, not Ireland alone, but civilized Europe. It far surpassed all other fairs in the multitude and grossness of its disgusting incidents of vice; and, in general, it exhibited such continuous scenes of riot, bloodshed, debauchery, and brutality, as only the coarsest taste and the most hardened heart could witness without painful emotion.’ This was by day; ‘the orgies of the night may better be imagined than described.”

Fighting was one of the chief characteristics of Donnybrook Fair. Fights often broke out between two people, and soon the onlookers became involved. To this day, the phrase ‘Donnybrook Fair’ is used to describe scenes of chaos and confusion. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a donnybrook as “a scene of uproar and disorder; a riotous or uproarious meeting; a heated argument.” A wide variety of weapons and ammunition were used by the participants with knob-sticks being the most widely used one.

Who says CAF is not educational ???......move over "Flash Facts" and say Hello to" A Legion Lesson "

And now after all that, we move on to the rough and tumble fight with Kang. Mikes did a great job on this piece with Russ tying it all nicely together.



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Will K wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Top of the mornin' to ye. 'Tis a foyne day for a donnybrook !! Great art !!!
Posted on 3/17/2017

Marvel Two-in-One 76 Guy wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Your Re-Legion commissions speak a universal language that needs no explanation.
Posted on 3/17/2017

Jason Versaggi wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
This is awesome. Who is this artist? Bravo!
Posted on 3/17/2017

Aidan (Re-Legion ) Lacy wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Will K said:
Top of the mornin' to ye. 'Tis a foyne day for a donnybrook !! Great art !!!

You would think as an Irishman and a Legion fan I could have scheduled an Emerald Empress, Science Police Officer Erin or even a Devlin O'Ryan appearance for the day that's in it. But great art, mitigates me faults and failings.
Posted on 3/17/2017

Will Cox wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Bald chicks are HOT!
Posted on 3/17/2017

Aidan (Re-Legion ) Lacy wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Will Cox said:
Bald chicks are HOT!

Celtic Women named Heather Douglas & wearing eye-catching emerald green costumes also have their charms....
Posted on 3/17/2017

Alex Johnson wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Now that is a DESCRIPTION! Everyone should do as well. And, of course, the cover is terrific. Kang is toast.
Posted on 3/18/2017

Kevin Moorhead wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Kang Conquered??? Nooooooo!!!

(great cover, though :) )
Posted on 3/18/2017

Shannon Weathers wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Donnybrook is a perfect description for this piece. I have heard the term many times but never knew the history. Thanks for sharing. Love the combination of characters-especially Tyroc and Moondragon (a "heroine" I love to hate).
Posted on 3/18/2017

Travis Ellisor wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Come for the art, stay for the history lesson! :)
Posted on 3/18/2017

Rob Shalda wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
If Michael did ALL of your remaining covers I would NOT be unhappy! Love Moondragon here!
Posted on 3/20/2017

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