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Batman #50 and Superman #50 Cover Variants by Benes

Artists: Ed Benes (Penciller) ,  Ed Benes (Inker)

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Batman #50 and Superman #50 Cover Variants by Benes Comic Art
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Title: Batman #50 and Superman #50 Cover Variants by Benes
Artist: Ed Benes (Penciller)
Artist: Ed Benes (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: Auction ends Sept. 11th!
Views: 301
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Added to Site: 7/25/2017
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Bid in ComicConnect's Event Auction XXXII, Bidding begins Aug 21 and ends Sept 11th!

Batman #50 and Superman #50 Ed Benes Beyond Comics Cover Variants; Ed Benes pencils, inks and signed; 2016; 17.25" x 23"

Many scoffed at DC's radical reinvention of their legendary hero roster in their line-wide New 52 initiative, but it was the DC editorial staff that had the last laugh, as their across-the-board reboot of the entire DCU not only brought in Marvel fans intimidated by the labyrinthian history of series that stretched back as far as WWII, but also older readers who had dropped out entirely, and superhero movie fans who had never set foot in a comics shop, leading to a renaissance that continues to the present day. One of the major artistic influences of the new look for DC, a mix of Adams-esque photorealism and Jim Lee-style cinematic grandeur, was Ed Benes, whose covers had already proven champs on the increasingly crowded comic shop shelves.

Benes' Brazilian roots are clearly visible in his aggressively hyper-romanticized physical forms and sheer love of the human body. His male heroes are massive, sculpted, and decisive, and his heroines are notoriously supple, confident, and mega-sexualized. His sharp, fussy linework, clearly influenced by the widescreen gonzo look of 90s Image comics, adds an angular, restless atmosphere, giving his covers a startling clarity. This massive split cover, which graced the variant 50th issues of Batman and Superman, is an immediate classic, providing a nearly definitive glimpse of the modern incarnations of the Man of Steel and Dark Knight. Few modern comics artists command the rabid collector base and top-tier prices of the Silver and Golden Age greats, but Benes is in that rare company. If you're an old-school collector who doesn't get modern comics, this astonishing image will surely change your mind and your outlook, and if you're a modern comic art collector, well, you're probably already bidding furiously. An impressive and unforgettable work from one of the 21st century's most commanding illustrators.



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