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The Titans - Faces Jam I: 1964 - 1996 (FINAL)

Artists: Phil Jimenez (Penciller) ,  George Perez (Inker) ,  Phil Jimenez (All) ,  George Perez (All) ,  Jim Calafiore (All) ,  Ed McGuinness (All) ,  Tony Daniel (All) ,  Buddy Prince (All) ,  Rhiannon Owens (All) ,  Andy Smith (All) ,  Tom Raney (All) ,  Mike McKone (All) ,  Cully Hamner (All) ,  Gene Gonzales (All) ,  Reilly Brown (All) ,  Georges Jeanty (All) ,  Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (All) ,  Joe Prado (All) ,  Matthew Clark (All) ,  Scott McDaniel (All) ,  Scott Hanna (All) ,  Brian Stelfreeze (All) ,  Buzz  (All) ,  Marcio Takara (All) ,  Mahmud Asrar (All) ,  Stjepan Sejic (All)

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The Titans - Faces Jam I: 1964 - 1996 (FINAL) Comic Art
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Additional Images:

Titans Faces Key

Signatures Key

Artists' Signatures on Inside Front Cover



Artwork Details

Title: The Titans - Faces Jam I: 1964 - 1996 (FINAL)
Artist: Phil Jimenez (Penciller)
Artist: George Perez (Inker)
Artist: Phil Jimenez (All)
Artist: George Perez (All)
Artist: Jim Calafiore (All)
Artist: Ed McGuinness (All)
Artist: Tony Daniel (All)
Artist: Buddy Prince (All)
Artist: Rhiannon Owens (All)
Artist: Andy Smith (All)
Artist: Tom Raney (All)
Artist: Mike McKone (All)
Artist: Cully Hamner (All)
Artist: Gene Gonzales (All)
Artist: Reilly Brown (All)
Artist: Georges Jeanty (All)
Artist: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (All)
Artist: Joe Prado (All)
Artist: Matthew Clark (All)
Artist: Scott McDaniel (All)
Artist: Scott Hanna (All)
Artist: Brian Stelfreeze (All)
Artist: Buzz  (All)
Artist: Marcio Takara (All)
Artist: Mahmud Asrar (All)
Artist: Stjepan Sejic (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Convention Sketch
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 857
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 9
Added to Site: 10/14/2017
Comic Art Archive:


This jam piece has been in the works for the past four years. It has every member of the Titans from their inception in Brave and Bold #54 through the end of the New Titans series in 1996. It includes the members of the original Teen Titans, Titans West, the New Teen Titans, Team Titans, and the New Titans. Each hero is only represented once, even if they have multiple memberships or costumes. Bart and Rose were saved for the next jam, as, to me, their memberships as Kid Flash and Ravager were far more crucial than their New Titans appearances.

I was able to get the final twelve faces at the 2017 New York Comic Con. The artists participating there were Ed McGuinness, Scott McDaniel, Scott Hanna, Brian Stelfreeze, Stjphan Sejic, Reilly Brown, Buzz, Mike McKone, Marcio Takara, and Mahmud Asrar.

The jam is on the first page of a massively sized sketchbook I call my Titans Tome. I had all of the artists sign the inside cover of that book.

The signatures are included as an additional image, as are keys to which character is which and whose signature is whose. I'm very proud of how this turned out. Now onto the next generation of Titans!

Azrael - Andy Smith
Red Star - Jim Calafiore
Red Wing - Matthew Clark
Starfire - George Perez
Dove - Jim Calafiore
Golden Eagle - Matthew Clark
Steve Dayton (Mento) - Ed McGuinness
Cheshire - Mahmud Asrar
Killowat - Buddy Prince
Danny Chase - Gene Gonzales
Sarge Steel - Ed McGuinness
Protector - Jim Calafiore
Nightwing - Phil Jimenez
Battalion - Reilly Brown
Donna Troy - Phil Jimenez/George Perez
Deathstroke - Jim Calafiore
Arella - Mike McKone
Magenta - Jim Calafiore
Joker's Daughter - Rhiannon Owens
Bumblebee - Jim Calafiore
Chris King (Dial H for Hero) - Scott Hanna
Guardian (Mal Duncan) - Jim Calafiore
Prestor Jon - Scott McDaniel
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) - Tom Raney
Flash (Wally West) - Phil Jimenez
Changeling (Beast Boy) - George Perez
Flamebird - Gene Gonzales
Jericho - Jim Calafiore
Mirage - Stjepan Sejic
Terra I - Brian Stelfreeze
Red Arrow - Phil Jimenez
Nightrider (Dagon) - Reilly Brown
Metallik - Scott McDaniel
Kole - Phil Jimenez
Supergirl (Matrix) - Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Robin (Jason Todd) - Mike McKone
Pantha - Georges Jeanty
Thunder - Jim Calafiore
Lilith - Cully Hamner
Damage - Andy Smith
Hawk - Jim Calafiore
Phantasm - Tony Daniel
Wildebeest - Buddy Prince
Cyborg - George Perez
Deathwing - Joe Prado
Tempest - Phil Jimenez
Aquagirl - Phil Jimenez
Raven - George Perez
Minion - Marcio Takara
Lightning - Jim Calafiore
Terra II - Scott Hanna
Gnarrk - Buzz


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Fred Chamberlain 
Member Since 2007

Posted on 10/14/2017

THAT is commitment! This is a fun, stand-out piece. Congrats!

Posted on 10/14/2017

That is a thing of beauty!

Bill Lait 
Member Since 2009

Posted on 10/14/2017

I salute your dedication, Jeff! This is a terrific piece!

Art lover 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 10/14/2017

So cool !!

Fred Bronaugh 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 10/14/2017

This is a great Jam. tempts me to do one.

Ivan Costa 
Member Since 2008

Posted on 10/14/2017

Amazing! Jam pieces are so hard to complete and you pull that off with such an epic piece. Congrats, Jeff!!

F M 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 10/15/2017

Fantastic! Congrats

Brian Jones 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 10/15/2017


John Espinoza 
Member Since 2014

Posted on 10/15/2017

An absolutely superb jam piece! Congratulations on the accomplishment. And I love the "keys" that you provided, too!

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