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Infinity Gauntlet #4 Cover Recreation Featuring Thanos by George Perez! Also signed by Jim Starlin!

Artists: George Perez (Penciller) ,  Jim  Starlin (Writer)

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Infinity Gauntlet #4 Cover Recreation Featuring Thanos by George Perez!  Also signed by Jim Starlin! Comic Art
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Title: Infinity Gauntlet #4 Cover Recreation Featuring Thanos by George Perez! Also signed by Jim Starlin!
Artist: George Perez (Penciller)
Artist: Jim  Starlin (Writer)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Recreation
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 257
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Favorited on CAF: 1
Comments: 3
Added to Site: 10/28/2017
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George is one of my favorite artists of all time! you think? ;-) AND signed by Jim Starlin - Creator of Thanos and writer of The Infinity Gauntlet!

Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime having this great cover to Infinity Gauntlet #4 re-created!

More info on Thanos AND The Infinity Gauntlet!

Born to the Eternals Mentor and Sui-San, Thanos was subject to the Deviant gene at birth. As a result, Thanos became like that of a 'mutant' of Titan (the sixth orbiting moon of Saturn) where he developed a purple, hide-like skin along with strength and other physical abilities far surpassing that of other Titans.

This mutation also augmented the powers he inherently possessed as a descendant of the Eternals. Growing to become the most powerful Titan, his skin developed in such a fashion so as to allow the Titan to not only absorb cosmic energy on a atomic level, but also then manipulate it as kinetic force via conscious choice.

Though never shunned by his family as a youth, Thanos was feared and shunned by his fellow Titan peers as a result of his unique qualities. His brother, Eros, was groomed from their childhood to eventually replace their father in the role of what constituted a leader among their people. Eros would, throughout their youth, be fawned over by loving friends and family, whom much favored him over Thanos. Feeling the sting of such ostracism, Thanos would find solace and purpose in other pursuits. On one fateful day, in an all but forgotten subterranean temple, an enterprising young Thanos would find companionship in the form of Mistress Death.

Thanos was created by Jim Starlin and first appeared in Iron Man Vol.1 issue 55 (1973).

Originally conceived by Starlin as a cosmic scientist based on Jack Kirby's Fourth World character Metron the appearance and feel of Thanos was changed when Starlin was told: "If you are going to copy the New Gods, why not use the really cool one?"

The Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos mounts the six Infinity Gems (collected in the Thanos Quest limited series) on his left glove to form the titular Infinity Gauntlet. Each Gem grants its bearer complete mastery over one aspect of the multiverse: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power. Combined on the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is granted omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. Now all-powerful and desperate to win the affections of Death, Thanos decides to offer the entity a gift of love by completing a task she had given him: erasing half the sentient life in the universe (including most of the X-Men, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four)[2] with a literal snap of his fingers.

The surviving heroes on Earth, led by the newly resurrected Adam Warlock, band together to battle Thanos. In a bid to impress Death, Thanos allows the heroes a slight chance of victory, but easily kills almost all of them. Thanos goes on to defeat and imprison many of the universe's cosmic entities—including Galactus; the Stranger; the Titan Kronos; Epoch; the entities Love and Hate; two Celestials; Master Order and Lord Chaos; and Eternity. After defeating Eternity, Thanos leaves his body and becomes the living embodiment of the universe. His abandoned body is left vulnerable to Nebula, his alleged granddaughter.

Nebula dons the Gauntlet and undoes all of Thanos' actions. Another battle with the heroes and cosmic deities ends with Warlock taking possession of the Gauntlet, after which Thanos appears to commit suicide. Warlock decides to keep the gauntlet intact for himself, despite the objections of his allies. Later, Warlock and his companions discover Thanos working at a farm while contemplating his loss; satisfied that he is no longer a threat, they decide to leave him be.


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Jul-Kha T 
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Posted on 10/28/2017


George H 
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Posted on 10/28/2017

Very cool!

Andy Wurst 
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Posted on 10/31/2017

Very nice commission ! Congratulations.

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