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Amazing Spiderman #12 Pg. 18 by Steve Ditko - Spider-Man in every panel

Artist: Steve Ditko (All)

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Amazing Spiderman #12 Pg. 18 by Steve Ditko - Spider-Man in every panel Comic Art
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Title: Amazing Spiderman #12 Pg. 18 by Steve Ditko - Spider-Man in every panel
Artist: Steve Ditko (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: Auction
Views: 664
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Added to Site: 11/2/2017
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Pg. 18; Steve Ditko pencils and inks; image size 12.5" x 18.5" Spider-Man in every panel

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Ask any Spider-Man artist of the past 50 years and they'll tell you they 're standing in the shadow of Steve Ditko. This master artist's deceptively simple, assertive style defined the look of the Web-Slinger forever, giving comics readers a lithe, young, vibrant hero who stood in sharp contrast to the stocky, stodgy, middle-aged ubermensches of comics past. As the eccentric genius often tossed or even destroyed his own superhero pages, preferring the stark beauty of his more political and philosophical work, finding original art from his most-beloved period is damnably difficult. We are honored to offer this incredible page, one of the master's very best action sequences. The violence, and mayhem of this battle are palpable, and art students will marvel at how much motion and weight Ditko portrays with the simplest of lines. Featuring the fearsome Doctor Octopus, surely the most Ditko-esque of the original Spidey rogues gallery, this page is non-stop action, with our friendly neighborhood superteen in every single panel, and dynamic events throughout. An absolute classic, topped with the incredible central horizontal panel which is even more powerful in person, as well as the expertly composed upper-right panel showing how brilliantly Ditko uses deep blacks to emphasize the tumbling Doc Ock, and the almost comically basic Spidey outline at rear hiding in plain sight, yet completely identifiable as our hero. This page has been in private hands since the early 1980s, and thus this is the first time this piece has come to market in over thirty years. A truly astonishing masterclass in storytelling, and one of the most remarkable and beautiful pieces of art we've ever offered.



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