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Kelley Jones - Sandman # 24 page 10

Artists: Kelley  Jones (Penciller) ,  P.Craig Russell (Inker)

18 Comments  -   997 Views  -   3 Likes

Kelley Jones - Sandman # 24 page 10 Comic Art



Artwork Details

Title: Kelley Jones - Sandman # 24 page 10
Artist: Kelley  Jones (Penciller)
Artist: P.Craig Russell (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 997
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 18
Added to Site: 12/4/2017
Comic Art Archive: Sandman
Issue: 24   Page: 10


Sandman is my favourite comic book ever and, consequently, Neil Gaiman is my favourite writer (followed by Frank Miller and Alan Moore) so a nice page from the series had to be part of my collection; unfortunately Sandman's art is not the best in the world and pieces with Dream on are not easy to be found.
I've been on the lookout for the right example for quite some time and, a couple of years ago, I decided to get a very nice Talbot's piece from Sandman #30, in which Augustus the Emperor of Rome wonders the street of the Capital as as a poor man begging for change. Nice shot of Dream and of the ravem. Very nice page. I had it framed and on my wall for years. But I knew, I knew in my heart that I had to get a better piece, from a better story line and by a better artist... Not an easy task but a challenging one for sure! But this one part of collecting that I like a lot!
Of course I was not ready to sell my Talbot and wait for a new page to show up; if I get the money from a sale I spend it immediately. No patience. That would have meant no Sandman in my collection and that was not possible anymore. I had to sell-and-buy at the same time. Not easy, almost impossible. But then the stars aligned. I saw this Kelley Jones for sale and spoke with the seller. He was polite and understanding. He gave me time and I sent a couple of emails. Got some kind replies. Got an offer. I made a counterproposal. The potential buyer accepted it and paypalled straight away. I had almost all the money. Made a very fast downpayment to the seller and put the page on hold; I sold another piece in 24 hours (easy to sell, hard to let it go). Paid the page in full. One week later, today, I received the Art in the mail.
Kelley Jones, Sandman #24, Season of Mists part III, when Dream thinks about the recent events and finally understands that Lucifer had given him the key to Hell. "Perhaps it will destroy you, and perhaps it won't. But I doubt it will make your life any easier". And we know it won't. Dream is pissed, he punches a mirror, he is in despair. He still misses Nada. So he goes to speak to his sister Death who has her own problems as all the dead have returned to life. Dream looks like Robert Smith from The Cure. There is some zip-a-tone. The page is silent, no balloons. Hooray to me!


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Luca Esse
Premium Gallery Owner
Joined: May 2010
Ebay Id: pestonaccio76
Country: ITALY

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Migs D C 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 12/4/2017

No word bubbles needed. The art says it all. Congrats.

J. Sid 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 12/4/2017

Love Kelly Jones on this book. Great page.

Eric Seffinga 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/4/2017

Classic Kelly Jones. Lovely page!

Gil Dowling 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/4/2017

Great page! Congrats!

Fred L. 
Member Since 2007

Posted on 12/4/2017

A great emotional page. Congrats

Pete Marino 
Member Since 2010

Posted on 12/4/2017

Congrats, this is a great Jones page!

etienne  estorge 
Member Since 2008

Posted on 12/4/2017

So beautiful!!

Gianluca  Bellisario 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 12/5/2017

Ma li mortacci tua!!!!!! :) :) :)

Roberto A+ 
Member Since 2016

Posted on 12/5/2017

oh fuck...

Sylvain R 
Member Since 2014

Posted on 12/5/2017


Bob Goerder 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 12/5/2017

VERY Nice!! To me Jones was THE Sandman Artist!!

G. C. 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 12/6/2017

Kelley Jones on Sandman : perfection !! Congrats !

Jonathan H 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/6/2017

Beautiful page! Congrats!!

Andrea Bonzi 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 12/7/2017

Historical page! Congrats!

Chris K. 
Member Since 2008

Posted on 12/7/2017

Well done, Luca - very nice addition to your gallery!

Fabio C. 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/11/2017

simply outstanding

Will Tervay 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/11/2017

Congrats on the pickup. Thanks for sharing!

Horacio Alvarez  
Member Since 2008

Posted on 2/2/2018

Luca I'm very happy that this page she is in your house CONGRATULATIONS

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