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Davis, Alan - Miracleman, A Dream of Flying, Warrior #9, Chapter 8 (Out of the Dark), page 3 (Jan 1983)

Artist: Alan Davis (All)

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Davis, Alan - Miracleman, A Dream of Flying, Warrior #9, Chapter 8 (Out of the Dark), page 3 (Jan 1983) Comic Art
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Title: Davis, Alan - Miracleman, A Dream of Flying, Warrior #9, Chapter 8 (Out of the Dark), page 3 (Jan 1983)
Artist: Alan Davis (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 170
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Comments: 11
Added to Site: 12/24/2017
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In his opening introduction to the 1988 published hardcover of stories comprising the opening story arc of Alan Moore's take Miracleman, entitled a Dream of Flying (after having originally appeared serially in Britain's Warrior Magazine), Steve Gerber perfectly describes Alan Davis' work on the series -

"...neither Leach nor Davis ever allows the art to overwhelm the reader or the story. In the tradition of the best film directors, they subordinate style and technique - both of which they possess in abundance - to substance. You see characters and settings, not 'artwork'. It's after you close the book - and realize the images won't go away - that you become aware of how powerful the drawings truly are."

I can't top that description - to me, it perfectly captures why the series has aged so well and continues to be built on by some of the best creators in the graphic storytelling field today.

Acquiring this page represented the convergence of an old friendship and a new one. Anytime I step into the world of 1980's Miracleman or Sandman, I always run into my old friend Joe Melchior...which, to be clear, I consider a good thing. This time he acted as international credit bureau and potential art mule. More importantly, he was friends with my new friend, Jason Harris. Jason has to be one of the more patient & persistent collectors of comic art on the globe - I'm grateful for his trust and tenacity on working with me on this piece. Going forward, I have pledged to reverentially refer to him as 'Dr. Fire'...and the imagery on this page is only one of the reasons!


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Sylvain R 
Member Since 2014

Posted on 12/24/2017

Ronan this is sooooo wonderful, congrats!

John Bamber 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 12/24/2017

Fantastic page.... Although Jason and Joseph.... Hmmmm... Strange pair those two :)

J L 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/24/2017

Great page!!!!

Malvin V 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 12/25/2017

Awesome page, congrats

red raven 
Member Since 2012

Posted on 12/25/2017

fantastic piece !!!

Timothy Finney 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 12/25/2017

He's right, those images do stick with you, and it's the understated, walk-through-the-park nature of the "action" that makes it so memorable.

Ronan Killack 
Member Since 2008

Posted on 12/25/2017

John Bamber wrote:

Fantastic page.... Although Jason and Joseph.... Hmmmm... Strange pair those two :)

Those guys warned me about you, Bamber! Next time I'm on that side of the pond, there's a long night in a pub waiting for all of us.

bob fish 
Member Since 2011

Posted on 12/25/2017

Wow....nice Xmas update....thank's for sharing

Felix  Lu 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/25/2017

Great page, congrats!

Jonathan Mueller 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/26/2017

I've never read any Miracleman; but art like this makes me want to rectify that!

Jason Harris 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 12/26/2017

Sad to see it go, but happy it found a great new home. Equally Chris was very patient with me whilst I worked through the transaction.

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