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WHAT IF...? #100 (Sept. 1997) Starring GAMBIT - Featuring Rogue, Mr. Sinister & The X-Men (3 Comments)

Artists: Klaus Janson (Penciller) ,  Klaus Janson (Inker)

WHAT IF...? #100 (Sept. 1997) Starring GAMBIT - Featuring Rogue, Mr. Sinister & The X-Men Comic Art

Artwork Details

Title: WHAT IF...? #100 (Sept. 1997) Starring GAMBIT - Featuring Rogue, Mr. Sinister & The X-Men
Artist: Klaus Janson (Penciller)
Artist: Klaus Janson (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: Not For Sale
Views: 1,275
Comments: 3
Added to Site: 3/31/2006
Comic Art Archive:


CELEBRATION!!! This is the Original Cover Art for the Double-Sized "WHAT IF...?" (Vol. 2) #100 (Sept. 1997) Starring GAMBIT. This issue asks the question: "What If MR. SINISTER Learned the Greatest Secrets of the Marvel Universe?" This Cover was penciled and inked by Klaus Janson and is autographed inside the "live" art area. In this issue, GAMBIT is killed by MR. SINISTER and a grieving ROGUE learns that she (and everyone else in the Marvel Universe) are merely comic book characters!!! In the additional images section below, I've uploaded several other published comics that have a similar layout and or/theme.

GAMBIT - created by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee - 1st Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN Annual #14.
ROGUE - created by Chris Claremont & Michael Golden - 1st Appearance: AVENGERS Annual #10.
MR. SINISTER - created by Chris Claremont & Marc Silvestri - 1st Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #221.
WHAT IF...? - created by Roy Thomas.

WHAT IF...?, GAMBIT, ROGUE and MR. SINISTER are copyright (c) & trademark Marvel Comics.



Additional Images:

What If...? #100 published comic

Superman #17 published comic

Batman Family #13 published comic

New Titans #100 published comic

"Vampirella: The Red Room" #1 published comic

"Hawk and Dove" #7 published comic


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Brian Stryker wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
I love this cover. NIce pickup.
Posted on 4/1/2006

Gal Schwartz wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Fantastic piece ! Janson's Gambit was always excellent and this is one of the best samples. Congrats !
Posted on 3/31/2009

John B. wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Great cover!
Posted on 1/31/2013

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