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Daredevil #169, page 12

Artists: Frank Miller (Penciller) ,  Klaus Janson (Inker)

21 Comments  -   2,661 Views  -   2 Likes

Daredevil #169, page 12 Comic Art
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Artwork Details

Title: Daredevil #169, page 12
Artist: Frank Miller (Penciller)
Artist: Klaus Janson (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 2,661
Likes on CAF:
Favorited on CAF: 1
Comments: 21
Added to Site: 5/1/2008
Comic Art Archive: Daredevil
Issue: 169   Page: 12


Stop me if you've heard this one. In the early 80's, while in
college, I attended the Chicago Comic Con. At that time, it was
small, and the artists basically hung out in a mid sized room. I
wandered around getting sketches, and bought my first pieces of
comic art. One, I bought from a guy named Frank Miller. He was
quiet, but very easy to talk to, and I was loving Daredevil.
Anyway, he had a stack of pages (knowing what I know now, I should
have given him my tuition check and bought everything I could
carry), and I found what I thought to be the best fight scene I had
seen involving DD and Bullseye. I bought it for $90, which was not
insignificant, and certainly more than the $15 to $20 per commission
everyone was charging. Still, I loved that page. I had it framed
and it hung in my dorm room all through college, and then after in
my apartment. I had a small collection of art - about 8 pages
(Byrne X Men and FF, Sienkiewicz FF Cover, Anderson X Men annual
cover, Giffen Leigon, and some others - still looking for those!),
and some great commissions. I got married five years after
graduation, and my wife was generally accepting of the comic book
habit, but she just plain thought the artwork was scary. In
fairness, the Marshall Rogers commission of Batman chasing the Joker
across the rooftops at night in the rain was pretty scary looking.
Anyway, I digress. The artwork was too scary to hang up, and she
was convinced that if we ever had children it was going to give them
nightmares. I liked cartoons too, so animation cels was a
compromise. To buy those, I needed cash.

So, I sold everything.

Roll forward fifteen years, and I get the bug again, and start
buying original artwork. Still married, with three kids now, and
I've slowly been building my collection with work of newer artists,
and stories that I've really enjoyed. I've been lucky to deal with
a lot of nice people, CAF is awesome, I enjoy reading every digest
of Yahoo messages, and it's been great corresponding with some
interesting people, all of which love this nutty hobby. I've
recently started looking for older pieces, but all of the time, I've
been wondering where that Miller page was. And, the more that I
learned about what's out there, the more I realized that finding
that specific page would be impossible.

Until last week. David Mandel, a teriffic guy to deal with, had the
page I was looking for, and was willing to sell it to me - albeit
for a small premium over my original $90 purchase price (HA!). And,
it's once again home. Here is my Miller DD page. I believe most
will agree it's a great fight scene, and a perfect example of Miller
at his prime, but it means so much more than that to me. I hope and
plan to buy more Miller pages in the future, but this one is
special. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.


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Ron Sonenthal
Premium Gallery Owner
Joined: June 2007
Ebay Id: lihama5

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Timothy Finney wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Mayday! Mayday! We have a full-on Miller DD vs. Bullseye page. And what a page it is. It also shows DD making one of the worst decisions of his life, not that he could have done anything else. It was, after all, what heroes (used to) do.
Posted on 5/1/2008

Matt S wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
now that's a great page indeed!
Posted on 5/1/2008

J. Sid wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 5/1/2008

Horace Austin wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Battle page with Bullseye - very nice!
Posted on 5/2/2008

I D wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
very cool!
Posted on 5/2/2008

Demetrios  Williams wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
SAAAWEEEETTT!!! I remember Frank's run on DD...and I enjoyed it alot!! A very nice page with lots of action!! Great addition Ron to your already fantastic collection. Thanks for sharing!!
Posted on 5/2/2008

- Artemaria wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
A great great page from a legendary run, surpassed only by its compelling and unique history. Congratulations on being reunited with one of your first pages!
Posted on 5/2/2008

Ken R wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Love the mood of these CLASSIC as it gets!
Posted on 5/2/2008

Ryan P wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
That's just fantastic.
Posted on 5/2/2008

Mike W wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 5/3/2008

Alex B wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Will stay forever in comics history ! Congrats : it's a grail piece (another one for you!). Thank you for sharing your fantastic collection.
Posted on 10/17/2008

Lars Teglbjaerg wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
A great page and an even better story. Sometimes you are lucky.
Posted on 11/6/2008

Felix  Lu wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Lusted after this page for a long time...but no regrets, this is the collection it belongs in.
Posted on 3/21/2009

The  Comic Coffin™ wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Wow... what an incredible piece of art. Sure wish I had a DD vs Bullseye page. Congrats!
Posted on 5/19/2009

Wesley L wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
One of the best Miller DD versus Bullseye pages I have ever seen.
Posted on 5/26/2009

George H wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Great Miller DD page filled with action packed panels!
Posted on 7/17/2009

Colorado Kid wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 1/12/2010

. BRAUNY wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
This is an incredible page. What more would you want in a Miller DD page? And what a great story..... this page was meant for you! Welcome home!
Posted on 3/24/2010

Mike W wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Ron, I know I already left a comment on this piece, but I had to leave a second one after reading your wonderful story behind the piece again. It's amazing that you actually bought this from Frank Miller himself, SOLD IT, and then was reunited with the page many years later. It's stories like these that makes me love and appreciate this hobby so much. Thank you for sharing the art, but I must thank you even more for sharing your amazing story.
Posted on 4/7/2010

Mark Howland wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Great stories - the page's and yours.
Posted on 8/19/2012

dom  masullo wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
This is just one superb page. For me the daredevil comic that put DD back on the map.
Posted on 8/26/2015

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