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Mcfarlane Amazing Spider-Man 316 cover

Artist: Todd Mcfarlane (All)

90 Comments  -   14,539 Views  -   10 Likes

Mcfarlane Amazing Spider-Man 316 cover Comic Art
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Artwork Details

Title: Mcfarlane Amazing Spider-Man 316 cover
Artist: Todd Mcfarlane (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 14,539
Likes on CAF:
Favorited on CAF: 20
Comments: 90
Added to Site: 2/13/2009
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This cover was offered to me in 2004. I've had always dreamed of owning it, and frankly I knew I had to have it when I got the opportunity. This cover also represented for the first time the dilema of trying to justify a price that to me was so ridiculous that I still can't believe I paid it. Fortunately for me, nostalgia trumped fiscal responsibility that day, and I definitely do not regret my decision. I wonder if most collectors who overpay for something, do they ever have any regrets?

Anyway, two guys I have to thank in particular. Thanks to Richard Martines for being cool about letting me trade a nice Neal Adams Green Lantern cover toward the Venom cover (I had just purchased the GL cover from Richard a few months earlier). Of course, thank you Will for selling it to me!!!!


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LB Jefferies wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Hey Joe, I'll bet fiscal responsibility ends up winning in the end should you ever sell this!
Posted on 2/13/2009

Danny  Tran wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
EXTRAORDINARY cover!!!!.Sneaky....What else are you holding back?(LOL).Thanks for sharing.
Posted on 2/13/2009

Nelson Animated Ink wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
The secret is finally out. Lol. The best cover from his ASM run. Cheers! N.
Posted on 2/13/2009

Alex B wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Incredible cover. Truly breathtaking. A piece of comics history. Thanks for sharing... at last ! I would never regret paying a crazy price for a crazy page like this one, it would be like having regrets for falling in love ;-)
Posted on 2/13/2009

Eric DLS wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
It's funny but whenever I look see this piece (and thanks for bringing it by for me to see in person, by the way) all I can think of is the hours, and hours, and hours, of phone (and live) conversations we had about you buying it, and how much it cost, AND how you were going to come up with the money (which was incredibly resourceful and gutsy on your part, considering). I never understood why you chose to tuck this one away, because you were so happy and so proud of it when you finally got it. I mean, geez, you practically slept with the damn thing for those first few days! LOL! Anyway, it's nice to finally be able to say this in public, so here goes. CONGRATS BUDDY!!!!! =)
Posted on 2/13/2009

Matt E. wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
One of the best covers ever!
Posted on 2/13/2009

Jason Weitzner wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Joe - what more can I add that I haven't already told you in person and over the phone a dozen times already... Todd made a serious error letting this one go. I know for a fact he regrets it.
Posted on 2/13/2009

Mike W wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Okay, I just finished wiping the drool from my mouth!! I agree with Eric!! This should be on the "Most Views" list for at least a decade!!! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing, Joe!!
Posted on 2/13/2009

Ken R wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
A classic, legendary piece of modern comic history! But for god sakes, after all these years the least you could do is get us a high-res scan! Haha!
Posted on 2/13/2009

John Bamber wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Not bad.... I "suppose" I can see the attraction. "Iconic", "best of the run", "Incredible artist". Yeah, I suppose I can understand.... Now hand it over or I shoot the rabbit.....!
Posted on 2/13/2009

Jonathan Mueller wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
A very belated CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring this, the most memorable of all of Todd's ASM Covers! Phenomenal piece... Spidey getting his butt served up to him has never looked better! Thanks for sharing Joe!~:)
Posted on 2/13/2009

J. Sid wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
My favorite McFarlane by far
Posted on 2/14/2009

Seamus O wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
11 comments the first day of posting? Yeah, I wouldn't regret paying too much for such a piece. There will be plenty of interest from here to the end of the human race. Congratulations!
Posted on 2/14/2009

F M wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
They said it,I confirm:Best McFarlane Spidey cover ever!
Posted on 2/14/2009

Bluepop B wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Awesome Cover. Congrats Joe!
Posted on 2/14/2009

Enrico Niederberger wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
hands down one of the best pieces in whole comichistory for me ! I can feel u beeing proud of it, just looking at it !
Posted on 2/14/2009

Mike K wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
I just felt light headed... Nostalgic doesn't even begin to describe this cover. A big, amazing, fantastic congratulations are in order
Posted on 2/14/2009

Mike K wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Oh-- and I've only over paid for something once... And because it was something I wanted dearly. I have NO REGRETS!!
Posted on 2/14/2009

Jerry Livengood * Serendipity Art Sales wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
I know it happens all the time, but I find it hilarious that such an iconic Marvel cover was done on a DC board.
Posted on 2/14/2009

buzz zz wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
You traded a Neal Adams Green Lantern cover for this????
Posted on 2/14/2009

I D wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
The best cover McFarlane has ever done! Not even a close second.
Posted on 2/14/2009

Ben Bressel wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
the best. probably seems like a steal at today's prices :) Congrats Bro!
Posted on 2/14/2009

Lee Benaka wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Yes, indeed, this is very, very nice. Thanks for sharing, Joe!
Posted on 2/14/2009

Percy's  Collection wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Fantastic cover. A true Grail !!!
Posted on 2/15/2009

Timothy Finney wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
I was winding down my collecting ways when this came out, but there was such a buzz about McFarlane's Spider-Man every time I hit the comic shops that I just had to check it out. Everything about this cover just screams the Toddster, from the energy of the speed lines (love those) to Venom's triumphant pose. (On a more personal note,I know that I enjoyed my sneak preview of this a while back so I think it's good that this is finally coming out into the digital light of day. Art this good should be seen. Congratulations again.
Posted on 2/15/2009

Richard Rivera wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Amazing -Pure Mcfarlane at his prime!! Congrats!!
Posted on 2/15/2009

Duane Murray wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 2/15/2009

TIM TOWNSEND wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Dude...seriously?! Lol...youre killin' us!
Posted on 2/15/2009

Mario B. wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
wooooooooooooow...absolut amazing !
Posted on 2/16/2009

Shawn Taniguchi wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Most impressive indeed. When it comes to such an incredible piece of comics history, the price is always justified. Absolutely awesome!
Posted on 2/16/2009

B B wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Oh so you're the one who had this 8). What can I say but I hate you! Its sweet as suger pal, congrats!
Posted on 2/17/2009

Kevin Shuley wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
*fap* fap*fap*fap*fap*fap*
Posted on 2/18/2009

Mark Walters wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
This was always one of my favorite McFarlane Spidey covers. I love the fact that it's on DC COMICS board. HA!
Posted on 2/19/2009

Justin Hutchinson wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
HOLY F...!
Posted on 2/20/2009

Thomas V wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Can you actually overpay for something like this? One thing I pretty certain of is that is you decide to let it go I'm sure there are a bunch of other collectors willing to overpay even more! To see the originals I'm blown away by how truly great a comicbook illustrator Todd really was/is. He really had a clear vision of what he wanted.
Posted on 2/21/2009

Mark Warunek wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Just noticed you finally posted a scan of this fantastic cover. Your a very lucky man. Congrats!
Posted on 3/20/2009

Wesley L wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Just incredible. Congrats on owning perhaps the greatest ASM covers of all time!
Posted on 6/8/2009

Eric DLS wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Holy crap! You finally put up my scan! About fricking time! Looks way better than that sad ass digital pic you had originally! LOL! =)
Posted on 6/30/2009

Earl Brown-Orth wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
I've been in your shoes of having to debate buying a dream piece at a price higher than I wanted to; in the end, those are the ones I've never regretted owning and trust me, you'd have regretted passing this beauty up if you had. It's a hell of a cover and you've got a spectacular collection!
Posted on 7/25/2009

Lucian Kinox wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 8/1/2009

Lorenzo Fratini wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
What can be possibly said about this cover? Nothing. I will stay silet, and quiet, watching. Must be stunning seen live. Congrats!
Posted on 8/5/2009

. BRAUNY wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Holy crap! Now that is a grail piece if ever there was one! Congrats!
Posted on 8/21/2009

George H wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Are you kidding me!?!?! An incredible piece of modern (or 'copper') comic history. Very powerful Venom over Spidey.
Posted on 9/17/2009

Crees Tyler wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
You have the best cover ever done by Mcfarlane !!! WoooooW, this is pure art !!! I'm so jalous... ;-)
Posted on 10/20/2009

Nick Katradis wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Joe, an incredible cover, indeed!
Posted on 12/22/2009

Kenn Y wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
A definitive piece of modern comic-book history; money can be earned, but gems like this come by only once so often. Congratulations!
Posted on 1/11/2010

Timothy Guerrero wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Madre mia! You must have it stored in a vault. God this is the best spidey cover by Mcfarlane.
Posted on 1/15/2010

Phillip K  V wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
The single best cover from the 90s!
Posted on 3/1/2010

Arjuna Rajakumar wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
what ever you paid for it, it is a great investment and will only go up in value
Posted on 4/4/2010

Myron  Tay wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 4/23/2010

Jason Versaggi wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Reason #1 why life is not fair.
Posted on 5/27/2010

Peter P wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Wow I just had the crazy realisation this is the first US comic I ever bought!!! I agree with everyone, one of his best!! =)
Posted on 6/4/2010

Thomas Trout wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Why does it say DC COMICS on it???????????????????????/
Posted on 6/7/2010

aric shapiro wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Heat that sound??? It is my jaw dropping to the ground
Posted on 7/28/2010

Dean Abraham wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
OMG wow what a cover
Posted on 8/2/2010

Anthony Carpenter wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
What adams GL cover did you trade?
Posted on 8/12/2010

Daniel Casoria wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
I certainly hope my comment doesn't get lost in the crowd . Let's just say this; if your entire art collection were to be lost, and this were to be the only piece left, then I wouldn't feel very sorry for you. "INCREDIBLE"!
Posted on 11/9/2010

Andrew Van Embden wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
The BEST McFarlane cover EVER !!!!! Whatever it cost you Joe, it was worth every darn cent !!!!
Posted on 12/2/2010

David C. wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
the best cover by mcfarlane, congrat.... my friend
Posted on 12/4/2010

Marc Pecorella wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Beautiful cover. I remember it well......and, in terms of collectors having regrets for overpaying, well, in my case, I NEVER regret it! Hell, how do you expect to get such great stuff if you don't blackmail (not bribe!) the former owner. Great, great piece. Well worth whatever price you paid/traded to get it.
Posted on 2/5/2011

Joseph Normoyle wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
What can be said, simply amazing!
Posted on 2/5/2011

Eric B wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Joe, this is simply incredible. Todd was at the top of his game with this one. The envy of everyone here was worth the money. Congrats. Seriously. Congrats.
Posted on 2/21/2011

COMIC PARADISE wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
best spidey cover ever by mcfarlane!!!
Posted on 2/22/2011

Mike B wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Late to the party in regards to leaving a comment, this is a true gem. Huge congrats, can't stop looking at this bad boy.
Posted on 2/22/2011

Robbie  Cook wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
W-O-W! Just over the top! It'll be worth triple in a few years.
Posted on 2/27/2011

Ron Sonenthal wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Can't believe I haven't commented on this. Wonderful! Best of the run. Congrats!!
Posted on 3/25/2011

Maria Coppola wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
My first visit to your gallery, and I must say, simply amazing! Many strive to have one Grail piece, but here you have multiple! Beautiful, simply beautiful!
Posted on 5/19/2011

Paul Stanson wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
SHEESH! This. Is. The. Best. Jealous but in a good way! :)
Posted on 8/4/2011

Patrick Dowdakin wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
One of my favorite covers...EVER!
Posted on 11/22/2011

Rabid Ferret wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
It simply doesn't get any better than this. My jealousy knows no bounds:) McFarlane perfection!
Posted on 1/8/2012

Alessandro Franzò wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 1/17/2012

Alex MacPhee wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Beautiful. OMO, Mcfarlane is the only person who has drawn venom properly. The slighty exagerrated eyes, the evil menacing gring with the teeth and the steroid pumped up body Now it has become a parody of itself with the drool, the fangs and the tongue. UGH!
Posted on 3/6/2012

D Sugar wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
The good old Venom days, Congrats on this Excellent Cover!!!
Posted on 7/17/2012

Crees Tyler wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Simply the best ASM cover by McFarlane !!!
Posted on 7/31/2012

L. C. wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Joe, I'm sure now looking back you got a good deal for this cover after the recent auctions. You have one of the most amazing collection and yet you are so humble about everything.
Posted on 8/14/2012

Fred L. wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Just discovering your collection today for the first time. Every time I see a cover, it seems to be better than the next one. Hope you cherish them and have framed some. These beauties are not for portfolios.
Posted on 9/30/2012

j sly wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Unbelievable! You're a lucky guy! Huge Congrats!
Posted on 11/11/2012

Lionel C wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
top of the line! congratulation
Posted on 2/14/2013

John Schwenk wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
My all time favorite ASM cover. This is the issue that introduced me to the best artist to ever draw Spider-Man.
Posted on 3/24/2013

James Meeley wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Without question, my favorite cover from McFarlane's ASM run!
Posted on 5/18/2013

MARVIN  HOOVER (SPI-D-FAN) wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 1/10/2014

MARVIN  HOOVER (SPI-D-FAN) wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Posted on 1/10/2014

David C. wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
one of the best cover of spider man never made, congratulations my friend ;)
Posted on 4/8/2014

Jonathan Mueller wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Updated scan looks SO nice!! Love those blue line pencils! Congrats again! Arguably Todd's best ASM cover!
Posted on 3/24/2015

Lucky Baru wrote:     [ Quote & Reply ]
Was Todd's signature in the top corner of the page removed, signed in pencil, or was it signed in a shade of ink that doesn't show-up? It seems very faint in the scan. For me, it is Venom's hands that sell that cover and make it pop.
Posted on 1/7/2016

Paul P wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
This is one of those one-of-a-kind covers that collectors (like me) only dream of. There is nothing, NOTHING!!, better than a McFarlane Venom cover.
Posted on 6/7/2017

Rick W wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Eureka indeed! You struck gold pardner!
Posted on 7/11/2017

John Nguyen wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
What a holygrail to have in your collection. Congratulations!
Posted on 11/25/2017

Marc W wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Massive! Your collection is insane, biggest congrats
Posted on 12/8/2017

Greg G. wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Both "Amazing" and "Spectacular"! This McFarlane cover has it all! WOW!
Posted on 12/18/2017

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