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Eisner Frazetta Lee Steranko Heath Haney Levitz

Artists: Will Eisner (All) ,  Frank Frazetta (All) ,  Stan Lee (All) ,  Jim Steranko (All) ,  Paul Levitz (All) ,  Russ Heath (All) ,  Robert Haney (All)

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Eisner Frazetta Lee Steranko Heath Haney Levitz Comic Art



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Title: Eisner Frazetta Lee Steranko Heath Haney Levitz
Artist: Will Eisner (All)
Artist: Frank Frazetta (All)
Artist: Stan Lee (All)
Artist: Jim Steranko (All)
Artist: Paul Levitz (All)
Artist: Russ Heath (All)
Artist: Robert Haney (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Sketchbook
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 2,934
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Added to Site: 4/17/2011
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Autographs from Will Eisner, who befriended me at the June 1972 Multicon in Oklahoma City and was direct inspiration for me to partner up with the late John Barrett and Bud Plant to create the first chain store operation Comix & Comix. It was a Sunday morning in June 72, we were discussing concepts of how to "save" the American comicbook which had recently gone to 20 cents. Twas WIll's initial suggestion of placing comic book stores on major universities which two months later in Aug 72 I passed on to friends John Barrett and Bud Plant while i was in San Jose Calif post the first El Cortez comicon - and we began brainstorming opening up a comic book store upon UC-Berkeley. We wuz all of 20 years old each at the time in that long ago galaxy now far far away.

Stan Lee and Frank Frazetta at the 1995 San Diego Comicon. Frank I had first horse traded with back during the 71 Seuling July 4th show. His wife Ellie wanted $3K worth of 1930s Disney stuff we had; we ended up with 90 Johnny Comet original art dailies which Frank was offering out at three for a hundred dollars. Twas the first time they had put Comets on the market place. Russ Cochran got the rest of them on consignment and immediately made them $100 each - boon for Steve Johnson and myself to be sure -:)

When Frank and Ellie came to SDCC in 95, his last one IIRC, and I reminded him of that trade that day, he looked around, then whispered he could only sign it, and Ellie could not find out, as she worked him over every time he "gave it away for free" - and I humbly feel blessed his sig graces my book.

Stan was surrounded by fans and hangers on, which i waded in to to get the book signed, but no room for any sort of conversation.

long time friend Jim Steranko in Dallas 1995 who is still amazed to this day my oldest daughter Katy sat thru one of his six hour teaching seminars on the first half dozen pages he did in Shield #1 back in 1968.

Bob Haney and Russ Heath San Diego 1997 - had good talks, both a bit remote at the times I encountered them. Haney's I asked for following when I interviewed his former boss Irwin Donenfeld for two hours at SDCC 2000 with Mark Evanier up there as back-up which he filled in for so admirably as he is wont to perform on the SDCC stages over the decades now.

Long time friend Paul Levitz at San Diego 2001from whom i first began to purchase wholesale his incarnation of The Comic Reader news zine thru my comics mail order lists and early comicons in those days of daze before he learned how to become a DC wood chuck - and moved up from there in to a long distinguished career which is still unfolding.


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Mario B. 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 4/18/2011


Robert Beerbohm 
Member Since 2010

Posted on 4/19/2011

Am still trying to figure out and remember who the "eeep" creator is

Steve Lipsky 
Member Since 2008

Posted on 1/9/2017

Awesome collection of autographs by legends-some of whom are now gone. By the way, I believe the "eeep" signature belongs to Kurt Busiek.

Robert Beerbohm 
Member Since 2010

Posted on 1/10/2017

Steve Lipsky wrote:

Awesome collection of autographs by legends-some of whom are now gone. By the way, I believe the "eeep" signature belongs to Kurt Busiek.

Why thank you deeply Steve. I believe you to be correct as Kurt did use eeep for a while. I always enjoyed his comics and at the time the stature in my noggin matched up to who slowly filled up that page. Every one of the hundreds of autographs many most with drawings of creative bent I talked with - interviewed - over a life time now inside comics. Mr eeep and one other yet remained the only ones the memory jogs were not clicking on all cylinders.

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