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Terry and the Pirates 1948-01-07 - Dragon Lady GGA!

Artist: George Wunder (All)

Terry and the Pirates 1948-01-07 - Dragon Lady GGA! Comic Art


Artwork Details

Title: Terry and the Pirates 1948-01-07 - Dragon Lady GGA!
Artist: George Wunder (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Comic Strip
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 76


I have to confess something. I love the art of Milton Caniff, but always hated the art of George Wunder. The reason is simple: I've always had a strong preference to more realistic illustration rather than cartoony illustration, and Wunder's cartoony style on this strip was so jarring, particularly coming right on the heels of Caniff's minimalist, yet more realistic approach. But as I've always striven to educate myself in the field of illustration, I decided to take a closer look at Wunder's work. After doing so, I was glad I did because while I still dislike the overly cartoony approach he uses on some (but not all) of the characters, I did discover some things I not only like about his art, but LOVE. Wunders's composition and spotting of blacks is absolutely stunning. His blacks are so beautifully balanced! Also, he had an incredible attention for background details and textures. When I discovered what Wunder's depiction of the Dragon Lady looked like, it was love at first sight! And while I still also love the classic Caniff Dragon Lady look, I've actually grown more enamored with Wunder's depiction. In this example, Wunder depicts her in 2 of 3 panels, and has her wearing an outfit that is both classy and sophisticated. I'm absolutely thrilled to own this and my only other Wunder Dragon Lady example. Literally, one of the prides of my strip art collection.

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