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2015-five years since I updated my Lowry. Now single but enjoying my freedom exploring the dating world and finding out so much about myself. With my two doggie sidekicks Mochi and Coco, I have a new outlook on life and collecting original comic art. I have a new passion to collect LGBT representations in comics. There are so many now which is a good and bad thing (bad for my pocketbook lol) My past Lowry posting: (2010-not a big year for me but I was able to get some gems in my search for LGBT related original art. This was a year that I fell in love also---nearly a year and going strong---He is my Wiccan, my Apollo, my Northstar, my Rictor and my Kevin. This year had some lows for LGBT people-namely the rash of violence against us and bullying that resulted in many LGBT teen deaths but some highs with the repeal of DADT (don't ask don't tell). Each of these works of art are representative of 2010 for me. Hope you enjoy these pages as much as I enjoy collecting them !!!)


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