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Spotlight on Josh Medors

Hello fellow Comic Art Fans. A few years ago I had the pleasure of getting to interview a great up and coming young artist named Josh Medors. When I saw a Spider-Man commission he did on CAF I instantly fell in love with his work. I even went on to represent Josh in his art sales for a little while and got luckier still getting to know Josh just a little bit. Things were going well. Josh was gaining popularity and had a long list of commissions he was working on for fans amid his work on some indie titles. He was on a regular book - G.I. Joe for Devil's Due! Then Josh got sick. A very rare form of Cancer. He had a fight on his hands that nobody would ever choose to face but he met it head on with reckless abandon.

But a little more on Josh. He may be a super talent but he is a regular fella like you or me. He has a loving wife and a young son who likes to play sports like football. Josh even coached for awhile. The thing about Josh is that his superlative art talent is actually exceeded by the superlative person he is. And man is he one heck of an artist.

"Josh is a great artist and a good friend who has a very distinct and vividly hyper-detailed style," from Josh's current art rep Dave Kopecki of ShadowDance Entertainment. "He's also versatile enough to go from superhero to horror and all things in between."

Josh has worked on Frank Frazetta's Swamp Demon and a new Sorcerer title from Image, as well as titles such as Runes of Ragnan, Willow Creek, 30 Days of Night, G.I. Joe and many special covers for companies like Top Cow, Zenescope, Devil's Due, and Bluewater. He even served as Art Director for Silent Devil. Along the way Josh has gotten to work with some industry giants. Just a few include Frank Frazetta, Steve Niles, Josh Blaylock and Christian Beranek.

"His attention to detail and linework make his work a sight to behold," said Kopecki.

Recently Josh saw the realization of many a fanboy's dreams by joining Marvel. He was all set to blow up first doing covers for one of the big two. In fact, he did one of the most amazing Moon Knight covers you will ever see as a recent Heroic Age variant.

The sad part is that this may be his only published cover for Marvel. As he battles hard against Cancer Josh has had to scale back his work. Many of you know about his public fight with Cancer and have supported him like the folks at HERO Initiative did with a special benefit auction for Josh a few years back. Now, along with Josh's current art rep and CAF member Dave Kopecki, I'm asking my fellow CAFers to come out and support one of their own one more time. Josh could use our help now in his fight and we can help him just by lifting his spirits. Even if it is just a little bit I know it can go along way.

Comic Art Fans top guns Chris Haggard and Bill Cox have set up this special Josh Medors Gallery for fans to share their favorite pieces by Josh that they own and to tell the story of their piece and any experience they had with Josh. I have already told you mine above, now we want to hear from the Comic Art Fans Community. Please participate in this special Gallery and let Josh know how much his art, his work, and his fighting spirit mean to you.

If you are in Chicago this weekend please stop by Wizard World Chicago and visit Josh as he is at the show and sketching for fans! Give him your best and maybe get a sketch from one of comics most thrilling artists. Also, you can visit Josh on his MySpace page - - and say Hello. If you'd like to donate to Josh and help he and his family in their fight with Cancer please contact his rep through his CAF Gallery (Dave Kopecki).

Thank you all,

Jason Versaggi


Have something to share? You can post to this special gallery here.

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Posted by: buzz zz
374 Views ( 1 Comment )

Josh Medors - Dial M for Monster
Posted by: Michael Andujar

Thor by Josh Medors
Posted by: Shannon Slayton
585 Views ( 2 Comments )

Thor by Josh Medors
Posted by: Shannon Slayton
451 Views ( 1 Comment )

Josh Medors - Nightwing vs The Scarecrow
Posted by: Matt Moore
1186 Views ( 4 Comments )

Josh Medors - Flash and Captain Cold
Posted by: Matt Moore
458 Views ( 1 Comment )

Josh Medors - Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th
Posted by: Matt Moore

Josh Medors - Batman
Posted by: Matt Moore
478 Views ( 1 Comment )

Hulk 340 Zombified
Posted by: Jason Neil
972 Views ( 5 Comments )

Josh Medors - Pogrom splash
Posted by: Michael Andujar

Swamp battle...Conan
Posted by: gregg kopsa
441 Views ( 1 Comment )

Frank Frazetta's Night Stalker
Posted by: gregg kopsa
711 Views ( 1 Comment )

Swamp Demon cover detail
Posted by: gregg kopsa

Frank Frazetta's Swamp Demon cover
Posted by: gregg kopsa
4156 Views ( 1 Comment )

Josh Medors - Alex Garner - Horrorcide - Bitch pg 7
Posted by: Michael Andujar

Josh Medors, Unfinished Wolverine Sketch
Posted by: Bill Cox
602 Views ( 1 Comment )

Josh Medors - Alex Garner - Horrorcide - Bitch pg 4
Posted by: Michael Andujar
577 Views ( 1 Comment )

Elric Sketchbook Art by Josh Medors
Posted by: Rob L
460 Views ( 1 Comment )


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