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Comic Art News: Fans of the fantastic art of Mike Hinge

For the past few weeks I've been working on a special project - one that I hope will excite all fans of SF/F art, and especially those of artist Mike Hinge.  

I have just published a fun coloring book devoted to the B/W line drawings and graphic art of Mike Hinge titled "UN-HINGED: The Fantastic, Psychedelic Art of Mike Hinge" - it's now available directly from - at 

I have not entirely given up the idea of publishing his color art, someday - but in the meantime, this seemed the perfect way to have the world see, and appreciate, his many works in black-and-white - and to reach the widest audience possible, I've made it a coloring book!  

If you just want to view his art "as Art" feel free to consider this an "art book" - there is no requirement that you color in the images :) But for everyone it is an option, and one that I hope will make the contents even more entertaining.  I've also made the price very reasonable, only $8.99, so you can buy them as gifts for anyone you know (of all ages) who would enjoy seeing futuristic cities, robots on roller skates, and a wide range of pop images . . . as only MIKE HINGE could draw them!    

I've also listed this book on my website, under "books" If you want to see the cover a bit larger.  This is the first book I've created entirely myself, and I hope you enjoy it!

Pass the word!

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