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Comic Art News: Quality Original Art at Pedigree Comics in April

Pedigree Comics, Inc.’s upcoming April Comics and Original Art Auction will feature many brand new original art covers, pages, drawings, and illustrations. The auction is scheduled to begin in just over four weeks, on the night of Monday, April 3, 2017, and last for ten days until the night of Thursday, April 13 as a separate event The comic book listing of the auction ends on the night of Wednesday, April 12 and the original art listing ends on the night of Thursday, April 13. There is no buyer’s premium on any of the lots in the auction.  You can view the 300 plus lots of original comic art pieces in the Auction Preview right now. Just go to the Pedigree Comics website and click on the Auction banner.

After the success of Pedigree’s second art auction held in mid-January, they are announcing that they have obtained a consignment of some really great pieces for the upcoming April Grand Auction. There will be many more no reserve items then they had in their first two art auctions. This auction will feature over 300 art items to choose from.

Highlights that can currently be seen in the Auction Preview section include Ross Andru Marvel Feature #1 page 18 (first Defenders) and Wonder Woman collage published splash; John Buscema Savage Sword of Conan #2 page 29 “Black Colossus and Silver Surfer: Judgment Day line art original art cover (1988); Tommy Castillo Nine Inch Nails graphic novel cover Nothing Can Stop Me Now; Michael Cho Justice League of America: The Silver Age – Vol. 1 cover original art; Dave Cockrum Scarlet Witch 1970s Marvel licensing original comic art; Bill Everett Sub-Mariner #55 semi-splash page 11 (1972); Russ Heath Star Spangled War Stories #128 full color cover recreation; Gil Kane Marvel Two-In-One #1 page 27 original comic art; Larry Lieber Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 last page splash; Ed McGuinness X-Men #13 original cover art of Magneto; Dustin Nguyen Detective Comics #846 page 17 splash original art (2008); George Pérez The Pérez Archives wraparound cover; John Romita 1960s very early Mary Jane Watson style guide drawings; Alex Saviuk Web of Spider-Man Annual #3 Ditko homage page 4; Alex Schomburg all 12 zodiac signs 1940s splash page; Ernie Schroeder Green Hornet #28 complete 9-page “Spirit of ’76” story; Joe Shuster 1940 Superman published greeting card pinup art; Louis Small Jr. Catwoman colored pin-up from Louis Small Jr. private collection; Dick Sprang Detective Comics #113 mixed media cover recreation (1985); Bruce Timm Wonder Woman pinup drawing; George Tuska Avengers #48 page 18 the Black Knight and Iron Man #9 page 3 splash original comic art (1968); Barry Windsor-Smith X-Men #53 page 1 splash – first published Marvel art (1969); Bernie Wrightson Aliens-type monster illustration original comic art (2001); and Dean Yeagle Mandy full color drawing.

If you have original comic art to sell or consign, contact Pedigree Comics’ Comic Art Consignment Director Randy Lawrence. Go to the site and read the following for all consignment information or contact him directly at (561) 451-9800 or (561) 886-8777 or by email at

Pedigree is still accepting consignments for the April Grand Auction and will continue to do so until the night of Wednesday, April 5. The sooner you consign your original artwork the more exposure they will receive. Pedigree promotes and advertises each auction and sends periodic newsletters to all of their over 22,500 customers announcing the auction items. Pedigree also offers cash advances for quality consignments so check the site for consignment instructions and get your books in now.

A Climbing Scale is in effect for consigned art pieces with a winning bid as follows:

10% Commission
for any consigned item that sells from $100 to $3,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = $90% of the final bid price);
8% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $3,000 and up to $80,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = $92% of the final bid price);
7% Commission
for any consigned item that sells over $80,000 (Consignor’s Proceeds = $93% of the final bid price).

There are three easy ways to consign your original art to Pedigree’s upcoming April Grand Auctions. The only criteria is that the art be worth no less than $100. 

To consign your art  directly to their offices in Wellington or Boca Raton, Florida. They will inventory, scan, and upload each piece of art into the Grand Auction listing. The art will be listed under your personal account and you will receive email notification at the conclusion of the auction with a list of every consigned book that sold along with the winning bid made.

Email the scans of the art you wish to consign directly to them at They will format and upload each scan onto their server and then put each book into the Grand Auction listing. Use a .jpeg format with the resolution set at 72 and the pixel width at no more than 1200 for optimum clarity. If you do not have a scanner you can use a digital camera.       

You can upload your own scans, item information, art descriptions and reserve amounts, if any, by utilizing their Automated Consignment System. Just register onto the site and login, click the “Customer Page” tab under “Your Account” and then click “Consignments” (under the “Auctions” heading). You will then be able to enter the Pedigree Comics Consignment Management System and list your own original comic art. Pedigree will receive an email once you have uploaded the scan and book or art information for each individual item into the system and they will then review the information imparted for accuracy. The items will then be added to the Grand Auction listing to be bid on. You will be amazed how simple it is to use the Automated Consignment System.

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots in the upcoming April auction or about the Grand Auctions in general, contact  Consignment Director Randy Lawrence at (561) 451-9800 (office) or (561) 886-8777 (cell) or at For any financial related and consignment payment questions, contact Pedigree's CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at and for any technical related questions or concerns, contact their Web Master at

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