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Comic Art News: VIRTUAL COMIC-CON Art Update

YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD ART DEALER here, hoping everyone reading this is doing well this July...Just 4 days before the Start Of The world renowned SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON!... :)

We will have the 2 best Booths in San Diego with "MORE" EC..... Marvel.... and DC art from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's than anyone!!!!

What we have here in this NEW update is UNPRECEDENTED!!!

We have more great EC and Silver Age Marvel and DC art in this update than you can shake a stick at!!!

If you order any art here in this update and anywhere else on our website within the next 30 hours, it will be HELD FOR YOU so no one in San Diego can get it this week so please look over all of this key art by the following GREAT artists:

6 COMPLETE EC horror and war books by: Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Reed Crandall (2) George Evans and George Roussos

This website has super key art by:

Neal Adams
Mike Allred
Sergio Aragones
Dick Ayers
C.C. Beck
Brian Bolland
John Buscema
Travis Charest 
Gene Colan
Reed Crandall 
Jack Davis
Dick Dillin
Steve Ditko
George Evans
Bill Everett
Frank Frazetta
Keith Giffen
Don Heck
Alex Horley
Joe Jusko
Michael Kaluta
Gil Kane 
Jack Kirby
Jim Lee
Larry Lieber
Ron Lim
Todd McFarlane
Frank Miller
Earl Norem
Chuck Patton
George Perez
Al Plastino
Eric Powell 
Humberto Ramos
John Romita Sr.
John Romita Jr.
Werner Roth 
George Roussos
P. Craig Russell
Charles Schulz
Mark Schultz
Marie Severin
Mark Simpson [as Jock]
Barry Windsor Smith
Curt Swan
Frank Thorne
Herb Trimpe
Alberto Vargas
Charles Vess 
George Wilson
Wally Wood
Bernie Wrightson
Mike Zeck

It's incredibly easy now to simply order art from our website and pay for it at the EXACT same time!!!!

with credit cards these days giving special perks and even 2% or more cash back depending what card you have ...with over a month to pay it off without and fees added to your card depending when you purchase the art ....... it's much better than even PAYPAL! (And we give great time payment plans also!!!) 

Ok.....We had 32 great new pieces for you to check out in our last update.....
and we now have 125 more QUALITY art pieces added in this newest update, 
with more art being added to our website almost daily these next few weeks!!!

We now have 241 "ALL NEW" pieces of art added in just the past 60 days, so please check them all out!

If you are seeing this email for the very first time it means you are not on our EXCLUSIVE ROMITAMAN MAILING LIST and you would have seen this email much earlier!

********Please sign up for our mailing list which is incredibly easy....just type in your email address on our home page by the small red spider-man head at and you are automatically going to get all of our website updates first!********

Check out all of our new art pieces below, or by clicking this link! 

We will be having more updates as we keep getting in more and more new artwork.

******************PLEASE ALWAYS email us DIRECTLY at and NOT reply to this email, if you have any questions about any art for quicker replies!**************

We at ROMITAMAN ORIGINAL ART "ALWAYS" work time payments better than ANYONE in the hobby, so PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in ANY ARTWORK on our website!

You NEVER have to worry about paying HIGH Auction fees and super high
shipping costs when you deal with us..... And we ship art faster in the
U.S. and to CANADA, EUROPE, ASIA, and AUSTRALIA than ANYONE in the hobby!

So Check out "ALL" of these VERY DETAILED, "COLOR" SCANS which we ALWAYS "HAND SCAN" individually to get the best image possible for you!

Check out all of these "NEW" pictured pieces of art in 1 nice scroll down
page by simply cutting and pasting this link below: 

Or go to our home page at: 

and click on "NEW ITEMS" at the top to view all NEW art by "DATE" or
We are always working hard so we can meet all of your art collecting

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