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Coming off of our most successful San Diego Con ever, I present to you an extremely large Comic Art update to the web site.
Yes, I know Heritage has its Comic Art auction today and tomorrow, but this update is too good to hold back any longer!
You will now be able to add art to your cart from the "What's New" page.
I would like to introduce at this time, Tony Sandoval. 
Tony Sandoval was born in 1973 in the desert of Northwest Mexico.
His first works were Nocturno (90's) and Blacky (2001).
Both were self-published with his brother.
From 2001 to 2005 he created illustrations in Mexico.
In 2005 he started to work on bandes dessinées (literally drawn strips, Franco-Belgian comics) for Paquet Editions in Switzerland.
He's currently working on a comic called Waternaskes.

Some of his books are, "1000 Tempetes", "Le Cadavre et le Sofa", and "Doomboy".

Check out the incredible drawings in his gallery. We will have published pages in the near future.
Click HERE to see all the new art.
Artists include:
George Wilson - Space Family Robinson painted cover
Reed Crandall - Dejah Thoris book illustration, EC unpub. cover, Doll Man page
Lee Elias - Black Cat splash
Wally Wood - Early MAD art
John Giunta - Jaguar splash and complete story
Bernie Wrightson - Bad Doins at Knuckledowns Lonesomepainting, various other illustrations
Jack Kirby - Captain America, Fantastic Four, Ant-Man and Horror pages
Carmine Infantino - Adam Strange splash, Eerie and Brave and Bold pages, Golden Age Green Lantern splash
Alex Toth - Strange Adventures pages, Rawhide Kid page, Dragnet splash
Barry Windsor-Smith - Ram and Peacock prelim art
Chris Bachalo - early Death design
Steve Bissette/John Totleben - 2 page sequence from Swamp Thing of Swampy and Abby making love
Vaughn Bode - Bode Broad prelim art
John Bogdanove - Superman cover
Gene Colan - Captain America pages
J. Scott Campbell - Spider-Man/Spawn card art, Gen 13tradng card art
John Buscema - Thor pages
Dick Briefer - Frankenstein page
Ernie Chan - Four Star Spectacular cover
Dave Cockrum - Blackhawk cover
Gilbert Shelton - Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers pages
Stephane Roux - Bettie Page illustration
Joe Quesada - Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde cover, X-Factor poster art
Sanjulian - Book cover painting, portfolio drawing
Bruce Timm - Batman/Demon spreadVampi and Red Sonjaillustrations
Mike Parobeck - Batman Adventures pages
Richard Corben - Arabian nights splash page
Irwin Hasen - Golden Age Green Lantern page
Jerry Grandenetti - 2  early Our Army at War splashes
Al Gabrielle - early Black Cat splash
Frank Frazetta - color and b/w illustrationsJohnny Cometdaily
Paul Reinman - Golden Age Green Lantern pages
Gil Kane - Green Lantern cover
Mike Mignola - Hellboy pages, cover, Wolverine pages, BPRD cover
Mike Sekowsky - early JLA pages
Stuart Immonen - Action Comics splash
J. Allen St. John - Son of Tarzan book illustration
Bill Sienkiewicz - Unforgiven movie poster sketch
Frank Miller - Batman and Wolverine layouts, Wonder Woman/Supergirl illustration, Valiant Comics cover, 300 page
Basil Wolverton - Powerhouse Pepper page
Jae Lee - Penguin Showcase cover
Mark Bagley - Spider-Man and Venom pages
Neal Adams - Ben Casey daily
John Severin - Creepy Loathsome Lore page
Ted Richards - Zeke Wolf near complete story from 
Air Pirates #2
Mac Raboy - Flash Gordon Sunday pages
Roy Krenkel - Sowers of the Thunder book illustration
Warren Kremer - Casper and Stumbo stories
Jeffrey Jones - various sketch pages
Bobby London - early Dirty Duck daily
Will Eisner - Spirit pages
Jerry Robinson - early pencil and inked Batman #14 pages
Serafini Godzilla movie poster art
Murphy Anderson - Hawkman page
Todd McFarlane - Spawn trading card art pencilled and inked by McFarlane
Steve Rude - Mary Marvel demonstration painting
Alex Ross - Mary Marvel demonstration painting
Adam Hughes - Ghost Collected Edition Cover
Tony Sandoval - several personal illustrations
As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to call 845-246-0952, or my cell, at 845-399-7312, or email me at
Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!
Mitch Itkowitz
Graphic Collectibles

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