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Comic Art News: Felix Comic Art Podcast w/ Jim Halperin and Walter Simonson video

The Felix Comic Art Podcast visits San Diego Comic Con 2017 where we talk to arguably the most influential person in the original art market, co-founder of Hertiage Auctions, Jim Halperin.

Jim is a major comic art collector in his own right, but on this day, we focus on Heritage and its impact on the comic art market. All auction houses tout record prices achieved...but what about potential market manipulation or shilling? Jim doesn't shy away from any of it. If you've been curious about what goes on behind the curtain at auction houses, this episode is a must-listen. Thanks to Jim for being so game!
In addition, part 2 is a bonus section from SDCC where we catch up with some former guests Satya Chetri, Gene Park, Ron Sonenthal, Lambert Sheng, and Andy Robbins!

Also, go to our YouTube channel ( to check out our latest video: The SDCC 2017 dinner with Walter Simonson hosted by Scott Dunbier! It was a blast, thank you Walter and Scott!

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