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I'm back again with another mostly Silver Age comic art update. There are some more Modern originals as well as some Golden Age art.
Since I will NOT be at NYCC this weekend, well, here is a virtual convention booth.
Click HERE to see all the nifty new art.
Artists include:
Frank Miller - Layout pages for Sin City300 and Batman:DKSADKSA Character DesignsLynn Varley Dark Knight Returns and Ronin painted art, a fantastic Sin City: Big Fat Kill page
Art Adams - Longshot page
Gil Kane - Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish and Batman art
Don Heck - Tales of Suspense pages
Jack Kirby - Stuntman #1 Splash
Sam Savitt - Rusty Riley 4 Color Comics Cover
Unknown Artists - Toma and Jerry, Porky Pig, Andy Panda and Chip and Dale mid 1950s comic book covers
George Papp - Superboy pages
Dick Sprang - First Cover Recreation
Neal Adams - Batman page
Murphy Anderson - Atomic Knights page
Gene Colan - Captain America splash, Cap page with Falcon, 2/3 Hulk splash from Tales to Astonish
Lou Fine - 1943 Spirit splash
Lee Elias - Black Cat page
Frank Frazetta - White Indian pages
Jerry Grandenetti - Bill Everett inked Tales to Astonish page
Bill Everett w/Kweskin layouts - Sub-Mariner #58 page
Alex Toth - Challengers page
Alan Davis - Excalibur Covers
Shelly Moldoff - Detective #328 page
John Severin/Elder - American Eagle page
Erik Larsen - Amazing Spider-Man page
Mike Mignola - Lobster Johnson pin-up
I've also adjusted prices for the following artists originals

Ernie Chan - Four Star Spectacular Cover
Dave Cockrum - Blackhawk Cover
Dean Cornwell
Reed Crandall - Golden Age Dollman page
James Montgomery Flagg
Irwin Hasen - Green Lantern page
Carmine Infantino - Golden Age Green Lantern splash
Paul Reinman - Golden Age Green Lantern pages
Mike Sekowsky - JLA #13 and #17 pages
Alex Toth - Two-Gun Kid page
Layaway is accepted. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the office, 845-246-0952, my cell 845-399-7312 or email at
Thanks for looking and have a good weekend!

Mitch Itkowitz
Graphic Collectibles

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