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Comic Art News: Bid on Over 700 Original Art Lots in the ComicLink Auction Closing Friday!

Over 700 Original Art Lots Close on Friday!


As the title states, there are over 700 lots within the Original Art Session of Focused Auction that will close on Friday! The vast majority of lots are going off with no reserve. The auction includes artwork by accomplished artists including big names such as Adams, Buscema, Byrne, Cho, Coipel, Colan, Daniel, Davis, Dell'Otto, Eastman, Finch, Golden, Grell, Heath, Heck, Hughes, Infantino, Jimenez, Kane, Keown, Layton, Lee, McGuinness, Perez, Risso, Romita Jr., Silvestri, Simonson, Starlin, Thorne, Trimpe, Turner, Tuska, Wagner, Yu and Zeck. Check it out!


Here is a taste of the Original Art session:

  • Art Adams Asgardian Storm illustration

  • Neal Adams Joker illustration

  • Mark Bagley Hulk #11 cover featuring Hulk vs. Lyra, Ultimate End #5 cover featuring the last appearance of the Ultimate Universe and many of its popular characters!, Thunderbolts #28 cover

  • Jamie Biggs Spider-Man vs. Venom illustration drawn in a McFarlanesque style

  • John Buscema Fantastic Four #303 page

  • Sal Buscema Spectacular Spider-Man #143 page featuring Spidey meeting some comic book fan

  • John Byrne Amazing Spider-Man #4 page featuring Spidey and Byrne's return to the Fantastic Four

  • Greg Capullo Angela #2 page featuring Spawn

  • Michael Cho Spider-Man illustration

  • Scott Clark Uncanny X-Men #286 page with Whilce Portacio inks

  • Olivier Coipel X-Men #1 page featuring Storm, Kitty Pryde and Rogue

  • Gene Colan Tomb of Dracula #43 page

  • Richard Corben Horror in the Dark #2 page

  • Denys Cowan Batman #403 page featuring Batman and Robin working a case

  • Tony Daniel Action Comics #20 splash featuring a large image of Superman battling the Hybrid, Detective Comics #1 page featuring the Joker

  • Alan Davis Conan illustration

  • Gabriele Dell’Otto Gamora illustration

  • Kevin Eastman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawings

  • Ramona Fradon Cat #5 unpublished page from the early Bronze Age Marvel title

  • Ron Frenz Amazing Spider-Man #269 cover recreation featuring Spidey vs. Firelord

  • Randy Green Witchblade #37 cover

  • Cathy Guisewite Cathy Hand-colored 1978 Sunday art

  • Don Heck Wonder Woman #321 three pages auctioned separately, including two featuring Wonder Woman in action

  • Andrew Hennessy Silk #2 cover featuring a portrait of the Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman (inks over Bagley blueline pencils)

  • Carmine Infantino Flash #341 page

  • Tyler Jenkins Peter Panzerfaust #10 cover

  • J.G. Jones Black Widow illustration

  • Gil Kane Green Lantern #60 two pages from the Silver Age featuring the Lamp-Lighter and Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan

  • Scott Kolins Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda #1 Page 1 Splash Featuring the X-Men

  • Alan Kupperberg Marvel Two-in-One #95 page featuring the Thing and the Mummy

  • Jae Lee Namor, the Sub-Mariner #31 page featuring Doctor Doom

  • Jim Lee Iron Man illustration and two pages from Divine Right

  • Ron Lim Silver Surfer #18 pages featuring Galactus

  • Alex Maleev Joker illustration

  • Tom Mandrake Batman #479 page featuring Batman battling a sexy masked babe, Punisher #27 page featuring Punisher and Elektra

  • Mike Mayhew Jennifer Blood: First Blood #2 cover

  • Gonzalo Mayo Pages from Vampirella #64 and #86 and Vampi pin-up illustration

  • Walter McDaniel Deathlok #2 cover

  • Luke McDonnell Suicide Squad #24 page 1 title splash featuring Amanda Waller on trial

  • Ed McGuinness AVX Vs. half splash Thing (Ben Grimm) vs. the X-Men’s Colossus

  • Mike Miller JLA #56 splash featuring a huge image of Superman

  • Jim Mooney Marvel Spotlight #27 Bronze Age Marvel page from Sub-Mariner story, Solarman #1 page 1 title splash from one of the last Marvel #1 issues written by Stan Lee, Spectacular Spider-Man #26 page featuring a large image of Spidey in action, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2 page featuring Spidey in battle

  • Jerome K. Moore Star Trek Annual #1 cover featuring a focus on Sulu plus James Kirk, Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual #1 cover featuring Picard and Q

  • Marat Mychaels Demonslayer: Into Hell #2 and #3 covers for Image Comics (auctioned separately)

  • Rudy Nebres Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #13 page from the Marvel Bronze Age featuring Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu

  • Cary Nord Wizard: The Comics Magazine #67 cover featuring Daredevil

  • Mike Norton New X-Men #32 finale splash featuring the X-Men and their students gathering for a candlelight tribute to all of their fallen comrades

  • Joe Orlando Legion of Superheroes #6 page focusing on Light Lass with Timber Wolf and Lightning Lord

  • Terry Pallot Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #35 half splash featuring large images of Spider-Man and Venom together

  • Jason Palmer Star Trek: The Next Generation #45 cover with spotlight on Geordi LaForge

  • Mike Parobeck Batman Adventures #13 splash featuring a large image of Batman and Talia tied-up together

  • George Perez Creatures on the Loose #35 page featuring Man-Wolf and Jonah Jameson, New Teen Titans #31 page featuring the team trapped by Mother Mayhem and #32 page featuring Thunder and Lightning, Tales of the Teen Titans #41 page featuring Cyborg in battle action and #45 page featuring Raven and Jericho

  • Don Perlin Defenders #129 page featuring Beast, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Gargoyle and Moondragon

  • Nick Pitarra The Life After #3 cover

  • Cliff Rathburn JLA #60 title splash featuring the entire Justice League welcoming Santa Claus as a new member

  • Fred Ray G.I. Combat #136 page featuring Silver Age DC war art

  • Virgilio Redondo Vampire Tales #9 page featuring Bronze Age Marvel horror art

  • Ralph Reese Tales of the Zombie #2 page featuring Bronze Age Marvel horror art

  • Ivan Reis Blackest Night #3 Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)--old friends reunited after both returned from the dead

  • John Royle Spectacular Spider-Man #116 cover featuring a rare scene of Spidey and Elektra together

  • Tim Sale Batman illustration by the legendary Batman: The Long Halloween artist

  • Alex Saviuk Spider-Man vs. Venom illustration, Spider-Man Adventures #13 page featuring Spidey in battle, Web of Spider-Man #40 page featuring Spidey in action

  • Kurt Schaffenberger New Adventures of Superboy #2 page

  • Ethan Van Sciver Catwoman illustration

  • Bart Sears Unused Wizard cover featuring Wonder Woman

  • Mike Sekowsky House of Mystery #202 page featuring early Bronze Age DC horror by the Silver Age Justice League of America artist

  • Marc Silvestri Cloak and Dagger #7 page with Terry Austin inks, X-Factor #54 page featuring Iceman

  • Walt Simonson X-Factor #13 page featuring Cyclops--rarely available Simonson art

  • Paulo Siquiera two unique illustrations of the Avengers, one featuring Mantis, Moondragon and Hellcat and one featuring the full roster from the mid-70s

  • Steve Skroce Cable #17 page featuring Jean Grey and Domino

  • Bob Smith Batman Beyond #3 cover

  • Joe Staton Green Lantern #10 page featuring Guy Gardner vs. the Weaponers of Qward, Teen Titans: Volcano Power #3 cover featuring Terra

  • Frank Thorne Tomahawk #137 page 1 half splash from the early DC Bronze Age by the popular Red Sonja artist

  • Tim Truman a highly detailed Grimjack illustration, his popular early independent era co-creation

  • Michael Turner Witchblade #5 featuring a large image of Sara

  • George Tuska Action Comics #550 Pre-Crisis Superman in flight, plus Clark Kent and Lana Lang, Iron Man #51 early Bronze Age page featuring the Cyborg-Sinister, Iron Man vs. Kang illustration

  • Mike Vosburg Vampire Tales #8 Marvel Bronze Age horror art

  • David Williams G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #5 Cover

  • Freddie E. Williams  Robin #172 cover

  • Leinil Yu Beast card art featuring the popular X-Men/Avengers/Defenders member

  • Mike Zeck Master of Kung-Fu #72 page featuring Shang-Chi and some Frank Frazetta paintings!, #89 page 1 title splash featuring Shang-Chi and his legendary evil father, Fu Manchu


If You Have Comic Books, Artwork, or other Collectibles to Sell: We are accepting consignments for the upcoming Fall Featured Auction which will commence on November 15th and the next Focused Auction which starts October 20th. To reserve upcoming auction placement, simply email with your prospective sale list, or call 617-517-0062 (option 1) to speak with Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney.  


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