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Comic Art News: Felix Comic Art IAN BERTRAM update

Happy New Year, everyone!

First off, thanks to all who checked out Tradd Moore’s SUICIDE SQUAD issue. Every page sold within 24 hours of the drop! Incredible for an unpublished issue. Coming up next for Tradd is his creator-owned project, THE NEW WORLD, from Image Comics. I’ve seen previews of the art, and as you’d expect, it’s spectacular! Look for the original art coming later this year!
Now, onto our first update of 2018!
We would like to congratulate Ian Bertram on his 2018 Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize nomination for Best Album (HOUSE OF PENANCE)! This is an incredible honor for Ian. The Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize is perhaps the most prestigious award in comics. Few Americans make the cut; Americans who have been selected previously include Bill Watterson, Art Spiegelman, Jeff Smith, and Chris Ware. Needless to say, this is exalted company, and we couldn’t be happier for Ian’s well-deserved recognition!
Ian is currently hard at work on his creator-owned title, LITTLE BIRD, which is due to see publication in late 2018/early 2019. He’s been posting preview art on his Instagram account, so go look to see more of his special comic art. Besides comics, Ian has a simultaneous career in fine art (which is also shared on Instagram). We now have two of his massive 40”X60” fine art pieces available, THE WOMAN and A BOY. You can view them here:
At the same link, you can also see Ian’s latest commissions: Joker, Lady Snowblood, Ommadon, Sandman, Venom, Wolverine.
So, to tie everything together, Ian is now available for commissions! Not just any commissions, either…for the first time ever, Ian has consented to creating the giant 40”X60” fine art pieces upon request. This is truly an unique opportunity for art collectors and will be among the most impressive commissions, both in terms of scale and content, ever created for the hobby. And he is also available for standard commissions! Our revolutionary Artist’s Choice option (Ian’s favorite!), portraiture, established characters…whatever you want, write me for details and to get on his list!
I’d like to thank everyone again for your support this past year. 2017 was our best year yet, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. We fully intend to continue giving back to this community by expanding our existing charity programs, art giveaways, and yes, producing more podcasts and videos for your enjoyment. All the while bringing you incredible art from top level talent. We also have several new initiatives that we’re developing which I’m quite excited to roll out in 2018. We look forward to bringing collectors (old and new!) together to share in our favorite hobby. And if all goes well, artists, too! Please keep following for all the latest news and developments!
Enjoy this holiday, talk soon!

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