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Comic Art News: Hagenauer First 2018 Art list and final DON FLOWERS GLAMOUR GIRLS SALE

NOTE: UPCOMING SHOWS Windy City Pulps and Paper show Lombard Illinois April 6-8 (and for the first time  I can stay over to Sunday and do all 3 days) Minnesota Springcon St Paul fairgrounds May 19th & 20th will be stopping in Madison Wi Before and After)

DON FLOWERS CLOSE OUT: For the past 20 years I have been helping the Don Flowers estate sell off  the Flowers art left when he died in the late 60’s . Flowers is known for his exquisite line reminiscent of Russell Patterson, his composition and of course the beautiful women who were the stars of his syndicated panel cartoons.

A historical archive has contacted them about contributing art, Don Jr. is downsizing , so sometime very soon maybe within the next 2 weeks but inevitably within the next two months all of the remaining art will be archived and off the market.  SALE ENDS AND THE ART IS ARCHVIED MARCH 26th

So if you would like a flowers for the collection most are under $100 – move quickly- here is my Flowers gallery on my website

Since becoming semi-retired I have been loading a lot of new sale art up on my caf- there are about 680 originals up for sale and another 400 from the collection available for enjoyment nut not currently for sale. Sale galleries are marked if you are interested in any keepers leave a comment as that is how I keep track and I check the comments first if I decided to sell anything

you c an also view the sales items  by the shop function if gives you prices but the art is not organized by type

Since moving to Ypsilanti 3 months ago I have realized  how limited my wall space is 

Thus  I am starting  to begin thinning a lot of larger pieces  especially Sunday pages

Here is a small sampling of what is up there now or soon to be posted

Lots of anime cels many with backgrounds from the 1980s giant robots , Robin hood Fujiko Mori from Lupan – an interesting mix

Some of these are up there others I can provide scans 

Included is an entire gallery of toy concept drawings for various Marvel Toys

Silver age Dell color guides hand painted on mylar

A Tim Tyler Sunday page from about  week or two after Raymond left- beautiful detailed art  and far cheaper than a Raymond- $1500

A 1944 L’ill Abner Sunday page with Abner held for ransom by a kid – great panels of mammy and really dark humor $1200

An AE Hollingsworth Golden Age pirate  page from the late 40’s early 1950s  $425

A King Kong related seein’s stars with half the Sunday dedicated to Mighty Joe Young – Lana Turner also featured $1800

Nyoka the Jungle Girl 54 16 page story with3 splashes $875

2 page alex Toth Story from precode Standard Horror comic up on my CAF $2450 or best offer part trade possible 

A nice Golden Age  Rima page from the 1950 classics illustrated version of Green Manssions  $325

A Rube Goldberg editorial cartoon  $350

A Reynoldo Brown Tailspin Tommy daily  and a 4 Aces Sunday

Willie Lumpkin daily siigned by de carlo $250 many dailies have a copied credit

Edward Georgi moody Redbook Illustration for a nourish romance story by former pulp writer Fresderick Nebel- magazine included and with a major book coming out soon by Illustration magazine I expect the prices on his art to increase $3000  magazine included

With more coming in the next few weeks several hundred pages here to send up for sale- I am waiting to get the new 11 by 17 scanner and computer set up

Very large Wizard plate art by Michael Herring – scene seems to be out of Lord of the Rings but the Wizards robes are the wrong color (might have been changed to avoid licensing fees) Haven’t found the plate yet so  I don’t know if this is a generic wizard or one licensed by TSR or the Tolkien estate –

Either way the painting is nice and large and will be soon $1500 as I want to buy some art for the Museum display I am doing in 2019.Lots of other sci fi art available by Herring and Doug Beekman also gaming related art 

I am also looking for art related to Charlie Chan. Raymond Chandler, Cornell Woolrich  and Agatha Christie as well as various mystery writers  so if you have examples you would like to trade –comics or illustration let me know

Best George Hagenauer

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