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(Animation) Original pencil drawings. Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming. These were done about a decade ago by Ed Henderson, an animation artist at Walt Disney Studios & MGM, designer of Astro World, movie director and theater owner, actor and local Houston legend. Ed worked on Sleeping Beauty during his time with Walt Disney. Later he designed and animated the scoreboard at the Astrodome for the Houston Astros. About 15 years ago, he did a series of “recreations” of classic Sleeping Beauty characters on original unused animation paper he kept from the 50s. Some are signed, some are not. $50 each
BARNES, Bob. The Better Half. Original panel for 4/17/1972. Sexy secretary. $20
(Baseball) Original black and white animation cel for the Astrodome scoreboard. Chester Charge on elephant back, inscribed and signed by the animator, Ed Henderson. $200
(Baseball) Original pen and ink of Astrodome scoreboard character, Chester Charge, on donkey back and holding a Confederate flag. Inscribed and signed by the illustrator, Ed Henderson. $125
BERRY, Michael. Beautiful small color illustration of a Mexican boy signed Berry. Michael Berry did illustration and pin ups for Esquire, Playboy, et cetera. This is an exquisite if small example of a very scarce cartoonist. $100
BLEVINS, Bret. Autograph Letter Signed. With an original drawing. Two long typewritten letters dated 1980 from Bret Blevins to a fan, early in his career, along with the original envelope adorned with a finished ink drawing of a demon (Jack Kirby's Demon). Blevins worked for comic companies including Marvel and with comic artist, Al Williamson. He currently works in animation on Justice League, etc. $15
BREGER, Irv. Pen and ink and watercolor self-portrait. $50
BULL, RENE.  “Real Sport” for The Passing Show, February 1924. Full page 5-panel comic strip style cartoon. On 10x14 inch board. Signed. $350
(Cartoonist autographs, letters, photos, drawings) Small lot (20) of original letters, autographs, a photo and a couple of drawings of various cartoonists from a single collection. Includes: Norbert McNitt (McNaught editor), Jeff Keate drawing (SEP cartoonist), J. Carroll Mansfield, Ed Reed drawing, Mel Sonderlund (rough for cartoon), Vic Johnson, Ed Nofzinger, Richard Taylor (nice typed letter, full signature, 1939), Lute Pease letter, Jeff Keate letters (3), Daniel Dowling, John C Pierotti, George L Patzer, Eric Ericson small signed photo & cartoon rough (mounted on autograph page) , Mel Soderlund letter, G. A. Middleton letters. $150
(Cartoonists specialty drawings) Small collection of original (12) drawings by Reg Manning (2), Nelson Harding, Charles Cartwright, Priscilla, Huffine, George Shellhouse, Grover Page, Dorman H Smith, Louis Samme, Fred O Seibel, Kirk Stiles. $200
MEL CRAWFORD/Jerry Dumas RABBITS RAFFERTY Daily strip panel from the 1980's. Crawford iilustrated and Jerry Dumas wrote this sweet daily panel/story for kids. Dumas is best known for Sam's Strip and Crawford illustrated numerous titles, both comics and children's books, for Western Publishing (Dell) and Walt Disney. Included are 29 panels (of 30 ... no I don't have the 30th) from a story arc shown in the additional photos. All measure approximately 4x6 or slightly larger. Beautiful finished illustrations in very fine condition. All 29: $400
DAVIS, Marguerite. Pencil drawing of pony. $50
FAGG, Ken.  Two original pen and ink drawings circa 1930's by Ken Fagg. Each measures image size 4x9 inches on a larger board. I am almost certain these are from 10 Story Book, one of the girlie pulps of the period. Generally fine condition with some editorial markings in the margins. Pair: $150
FLINT, W. Russell. “Bagno della Marchesa.” Drypoint etching from 1930. Approximately 9x12 inches on a larger art paper, matted and framed in a vintage display. Signed in brown ink and marked “PE6” which I assume is proof edition number 6. Lovely, evocative piece with three nudes bathing in an elaborate grotto.  $1000
GARDNER, James. Original large unpublished ink and brush drawing from the early 70s. Gardner was a Bay area cartoonist with some work in Graphic Story Magazine as well as local underground publications. Scarce. $75
(Greeting card art) Lovely 1970’s color original of a basset in a Santa Claus outfit. Unsigned but like Ruth J Moorhouse. $100
GRIFFITH, Bill. Zippy the Pinhead Daily strip 1623 12/12 1990. Spectacular strip featuring THE YELLOW KID! Mint. $400
HERSHBERGER, Bruce. Original cartoon panel, circa 1951. Lovely gag with a knight in armor.  In very fine condition. $35
HERSHBERGER, Bruce. Great pen and ink cartoon panel from 1951 $35
HERBLOCK. Original ink drawing of Santa Claus done for a fan. Small but very rare original by this renown cartoonist. $100
HILTON, Ned. Original pen and ink drawing and signature for fan by delightful New Yorker cartoonist. One tiny pinhole otherwise very fine on white card. $50
IRVING, Jay. Ink drawing of Collier’s magazine cop. $35
JONES, Haydon. Remarkable ink drawing, a small political cartoon referencing the coming war in Europe, 1939. $75
KELLER, Reamer. Great color cartoon sent as a fan drawing of his country characters, “Colliers 1939.” $75
LAWRENCE, T. Cromwell. Daddy Dinks. Verse by Louise Mervyn. Illustrated and hand-lettered by T Cromwell Lawrence. 1904. Original pen and ink illustration used for the COVER of the book. $750
MCBRIDE, Clifford. Napoleon.  Original typed letter on illustrated letterhead with original blue pencil portrait of Napoleon & great signature, 1939. $35
MCCUTCHEON, John T. Small ink drawing with small touches of color of small boy. 1939. $75
(All the originals are on board, in fine, supple condition, with no defects. Unless otherwise noted the original is signed in full. Stamped on the reverse is his copyright notice and hand lettered is the title of the individual piece. Matania primarily worked with ink, ink wash and pencil, often on gray board, in a painterly approach. His straight pen and ink illustrations are more uncommon, though there are examples here. Almost all the work is from the British magazine, Brittania & Eve, circa 1932-1945)
THE LOVE STORY OF TITUS AND BERENICE: GOLDEN CANDLESTICK CARRIED IN TRIUMPHANT PROCESSION. February,1934. Spectacular pen and ink with 100s of figures. Small 5x9 inch original on a larger white board, truly remarkable detail and classic pen work. In very fine condition, signed, with pencil sketches of Napoleon and Genevieve clothes on the verso. $850
IRON BREASTPLATE AND GOLDEN HEART. October,1933. Wonderful pen and ink original, 3x8 inches on a much larger white board, beautifully rendered vignette depicting the accoutrement of a Roman Legionnaire. Unsigned but with all the usual identifying marks and stamps on the verso. $850
RICHARD THE FIRST: ISAAC’S DAUGHTER AT THE FEET OF RICHARD THE FIRST. Magnificent double page spread. 1936 $3300
HYPATIA, LAST OF THE PAGANS, WATCHING THE GAMES. Spectacular large double page spread from Brittania & Eve. December,1930 $2600
SALUTE TO VICTORY.  Major oil painting circa 1945 honoring the British soldiers at the end of World War Two.  A very large color original in an ornate original frame. Matania’s color work is quite uncommon and a piece of this complexity, size and importance is rare.  $3300
SLAVES EMBARKING ON CORTES’S SHIP.  Large pencil and ink-wash drawing with nude women & other figures on a remarkable ship.  Image area about 10x15 inches on white board. $2000 
BABYLONIAN LAW OF MATRIMONY. Brittania and Eve, circa 1935. Unsigned. Typed title on reverse. Wonderful pen and ink original with the look of a Roy Krenkel drawing. Matania was one of Roy's primary influences, obvious here. Image area measures 6x6 inches on a larger board. $325
THE DUC D’ENGHIEN for Napoleon from Brittania & Eve December,1931. Pen and ink on white board. Image measures 4x6 inches. Unsigned, but with notes in his hand, his studio stamp on the reverse, along with magazine stamp and date of publication. $300
THE MURDER OF THE DUC D’ENGHIEN from Napoleon in Brittania & Eve for December,1931. Original artwork image area measures 9x11 on a larger gray board. Signed. On the reverse are several pencil sketches. One chip to corner and light fingering to the margins otherwise fine. $650
NAPOLEON AND JOSEPHINE for Brittania & Eve, December,1931 Original two-page spread done in pencil and ink-wash. Image area measures 15x9 inches on a larger board. A small amount of wear to the board tips and one small light stain above Napoleon's head otherwise in fine condition $500
TASSO LOCKED UP IN THE ASYLUM for Brittania & Eve, January,1936. Pen and ink original artwork. $300
SUPPOSED REMAINS OF EDWARD THE CONFESSOR’S ABODE.  Date & place of publication unknown. Incredible fine-line pen and ink illustration with a maddening amount of work! Image area measures about 9x7 inches on a large white board. $500.00
DUKES AND DUCHESSES OF GLOUCESTER AND KENT AT THE CORONATION OF GEORGE THE SIXTH.  Place & date of publication unknown. Ink, ink-wash, pencil, white on grey board, lovely delicate, detailed work. Image area measures about 8x10 inches on larger board. On the reverse are preliminary drawings for a couple of other pieces along with a single portrait. $500
THE BETROTHAL OF PRINCESS MARINA TO THE DUKE OF KENT from the Sphere, December,1934. Stunning & important illustration, large image area 11x15 inches on larger gray board. Ink, ink-wash, pencil & white – an incredible & detailed image, more like a painting in tones than his typical illustration. Titled at the bottom "The Glow of the Golden Altar."  $1100.00
MARIE ANTOINETTE. Pen and ink original. 3x5 inches on white board. $275.00
THE LOVE STORY OF TITUS AND BERNEICE.  Unsigned but with pencil notations in bottom margin, ink title on reverse & studio stamp including address. Measures 11x4 inches on a larger board. $400
DESTRUCTION OF THE AZTEC TEMPLE.  Spectacular double page spread. $3500
CERVANTES As Debt Collector. $400
COUNT CAGLIOSTRO Brittania & Eve, August,1931. Pen and Ink original. UNSIGNED, ink title on reverse & studio stamp including address. Measures 2 X 3 inches on a larger board. FINE. $200
TASSO: BOOK AND LEAVES Tailpiece in pen and ink, Brittania & Eve for January,1936. Signed, ink title on reverse & studio stamp including address. Measures 2 x 7 inches on a larger white board. Fine. $450  
AN INTERLUDE. Large signed print of a scene from World War 1. Margins are tattered but matted this would display fine. These signed prints show up online for a few hundred dollars each. This one only $100
MOORHOUSE, Ruth.  Beautiful finished color original for a greeting card, circa 1970's, of two puppies in a basket with hearts floating above, initialed “RJM" and very fine condition. $125
MOWAT, Harold. Sailor with caged bird and onlookers SEP Illustration. Lovely moody and large original illustration by Harold Mowat for a 1920's Saturday Evening Post story. Measures 14 x 15 inches on a larger board, done in graphite and a little ink wash. Signed Mowat. The artist worked briefly for Saturday Evening Post and other magazines of the day but his slowness and reliance on (well-paid) models made it impossible to profit so he abandoned the field. Incredible atmospheric work, the image's scale makes it even more compelling. Slightly sinister it still evokes the romance of the ocean and travel. The board has staining and wear in the margins but shown matted to give you an idea how nice the original looks for display. $300
MOWAT, Harold.  Depicts Sinister Butler and old woman SEP illustration for an "Wives Never Tell" by E Phillips Oppenheimer SATURDAY EVENING POST September 21, 1929. SIGNED Mowat in the lower left- hand corner. Image area 13x19 inches on a larger board. Discovered recently on the verso is an alternate, almost-finished first version of the art. The alternate version measures 14 x 19 inches. Included is the brown paper that covered the back with the original SEP sticker. Tape and tape stains in the margins of the art. $450
MYERS, Russell. Broom-Hilda. Original signed ink sketch on 3 x 5 card. $15
NOEL, ARLENE. Original watercolor for a greeting card. An exquisite color drawing of a yellow duckling following his mother, who is wearing a flowered bonnet. In the style of the classic children's book illustrators of the past. Circa 1970’s. Noel has done innumerable cards as well as several children's books. Image is 7 1/2 x 11 on a slightly larger sheet of watercolor paper. Signed at the bottom next to the instructions to the printer. In very fine condition. $200
SATTLER, Warren. Witzend magazine. 1960’s.  One page of a two-page strip, beautifully drawn & delightfully written. Sadly, the Post Office decided to test the package's tensile strength and managed to tear loose a large corner. Corner is present and can be restored.  $100
SCHULL, Harold. Nice ink and watercolor portrait of Flash Gordon. Schull is an artist of long standing and has done numerous book covers and political cartooning. He has an extensive website detailing his professional career. $50
SMITH, Kenneth. Theolaena. An etching. October,1972. Artist's Proof, State 4.  Beautiful, large circular etching by fantasy illustrator & publisher, Kenneth Smith.   Detailed and delectable image of a tall nude women sitting next to a crooked tree in a feathered atmosphere with various orbs and moons about. Pulled in a very limited edition & printed in sepia ink. Image measures approximately 12 inches on a much larger sheet of deckled edge cream art paper. According to Ken his only finished etching & in a suite of under 50 copies. $250
SMITH, Kenneth. Original color etching from 1973 of a nude against a lunar background.  According to Kenneth, only a handful pulled. In very fine condition. $100
SMITH, Kenneth.  Small ochre etching of a nude woman. #36 of 50 signed in pencil and dated 17/5/72. Lovely & in very fine condition. $50
(STAR TREK) Fanzine cover by Gail Bennett, 1981. Pen and ink. $50
THOMPSON, John. “Dr. Strenge Master of the Mystic Arts: Black Quasar” for Dr. Strenge # 1. Austin, 1973. Full page one splash for this Adults-Only underground comix take-off of Marvel’s Dr. Strange. Pen and ink on 11x15 paper stock. Signed again on the reverse of the page with Thompson’s address and the stamp of the publisher.  In very fine condition.  $1600 
THOMPSON, John.  Original page from an early underground comic book, a very nice example of his work. $500
(TIJUANA BIBLE) Comic Strip & Cartoon Pastiches. Thirty-one (31) pieces of original artwork in the style of the old Tijuana Bibles created for a "smoker" in Dallas, Texas (circa 1939) including Bringing Up Father, Dumb Dora, etc. These were made for a gathering of movie theatre owners and drawn in mirror image so they could be projected onto a movie screen with an overhead projector. Each measures 5x5 inches. On the reverse of each is an explicit photographic/pornographic image of (mostly) naked women, alone or paired with men, dating, I assume, from the first part of the century. Since they have been glued to the board I cannot tell positively but they look like "French” postcards. NO KIDS ALLOWED!! IXNAY!! KEEP OUT!! There are short sequential take offs on a few different comic strips of the time along with a pastiche of John Held and a several single gags as well, some mildly suggestive & some very, very explicit. All for $475
TODD, Larry. “Rock and Roll Aliens.”  Original underground comix art.  A fine page.  $150
VAN HORN, William. This is the Place for Me. Original illustration for children's book. Circa 1985. Color pencil and watercolor on a textured paper. Beautiful albeit small original done by the best Walt Disney Donald Duck comic artist since Carl Barks. Signed in pencil. In near mint. $300
WILSON, S. Clay. Autographed Letter Signed, 1977, with original ink and watercolor drawing at the top of Satan peeing on a fire. Nice chatty letter to Jerry Weist, mentions Zap#9 and a dispute with another artists/publisher/collector. In the original hand-addressed envelope with a couple of artistic ink stampings. $375
WILSON, S. Clay. Autograph Letter Signed with original pen and ink and watercolor drawing at the top of a wonderfully blowsy red-head. 1982. Delightful, if naughty and NOT SAFE FOR WORK original handwritten letter from S Clay Wilson to Jerry Weist about original artwork. At the top is a swell little ink and watercolor drawing in Wilson's inimitable style. Comes with a hand-addressed and slightly adorned envelope. 1982. $375
 (WORLD WAR TWO POSTER) Original large color prelim for a WW2 war bonds poster. Powerful image set during the Campaign in Egypt. Signed “Allen” and almost certainly done by Courtney Allen.  $550


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