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Exclusive representative for commissions,recreations
and art sales by Marvel and DC Comics "Bronze-Age"
legends Ron Wilson, Keith Pollard, Arvell Jones & Bob
Budiansky, as well as non-exclusive sales for Herb

For the first time these classic comic artists have a
presence on the web and a way for fans to contact
them to obtain commissions and original art. This group
of artists worked on some of the most memorable issues
of the last 30 years, and has a following worldwide.

Ron Wilson did the pencils on dozens of covers for
Marvel in the 70's and 80's, including most of their main
super-hero titles including The Avengers, Fantastic Four
and The Incredible Hulk. But Ron is best remembered for
his work as the penciler of the Marvel Two-In-One
series which featured The Thing teaming up with
another hero each month. In the UK Ron is also known
as one of the primary artists of the Captain Britain
weekly series.

Keith Pollard has the distinction of working on three of
Marvel's primary titles nearly simultaneously when he
was the penciler of The Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic
Four, and The Mighty Thor. But Keith is also remembered
for his DC work on Green Lantern and Vigilante. Keith
left comics and the art field all together over a decade
ago, and has only just recently begun to do

Arvell Jones worked on several titles for Marvel Comics,
including Thor, Avengers and GI Joe, as well as early
appearances of Iron Fist in Marvel Premiere. But Arvell is
probably best known for his work on All Star Squadron
working on stories with his friend Roy Thomas.

Bob Budiansky had a career with Marvel that included
not just penciling, but also writing and editing. He has a
strong following among collectors for his work
revitalizing the original Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider series
as well as his work as writer on Transformers that
included creation of many of the characters that would
become classic toys.

Herb Trimpe drew hundreds of comics during his time at
Marvel, and is most known for his work on The
Incredible Hulk, which included drawing most of the first
100 issues of the series. This includes doing the pencils
on the very first appearance of Wolverine in Incredible
Hulk #181. (After a finel panel cameo in #180.) He is also
widely remembered for his work on GI Joe and

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