Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dear Comic Art Fans,

The medium of comic art takes another step closer to legitimacy this week as the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA unveils its latest exhibition, "LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel," on Saturday, November 10th. Featuring over 146 pieces of artwork, this exhibit spans the history of sequential storytelling as it evolved into comics as we know them today. Artists Peter Kuper (Spy vs. Spy), Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby), and Dave Sim (Cerebus) will be on hand for the opening. Other artists whose work is included in the exhibition are Steve Ditko, Will Eisner, Niko Henrichon, Harvey Kurtzman, Frank Miller, Terry Moore, Dave Sim, Art Spiegelman, and many more. For more information please visit the museum's website:

Finally, CAF would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Golden Age artist Paul Norris who passed away this week at the age of 93. Mr. Norris worked on several comic books and strips over the course of his career but is probably best remembered as the co-creator of Aquaman.

See you next week.

Premium Member of the Week :: Brian Mulcahy

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. 

I'm north of 40 years of age and living just north of Boston with my beautiful bride of 13 years Carol Ann and our faithful cat Trudy.  I studied Art History in college so I naturally ended up working as an attorney in state government.  Carol Ann, a graduate of Emerson College, is a professional speaker and humorist who, when she isn't making me laugh at home, goes out to groups, organizations and businesses to show them how to use humor in the work place to de-stress their employees and improve productivity.  Carol Ann can be found on the web at  Trudy is a tuxedo cat so she always looks like she's dressed for an evening out on the town, but generally spends most of the day just hanging out around the house eating, sleeping and being cute.  

I am a big fan of both the Patriots and the Red Sox so the last six to seven years have been a dream come true for me with two World Series Championships for the Red Sox - I really didn't think I'd live to see one - and three Super Bowl Championships from a Patriots team that I watched go 1 and 15 from my seats in Section 218 not that long ago. 
2. What is your favorite piece in your gallery and why? 

While it's a tough call, if I had to choose just one piece in my collection as my favorite, it would be my Vampirella by Bruce Timm.  I'm a big fan of Bruce's take on women and he did a Vampirella short story included in the collection "Vampirella: Horror Classics,"  that I really loved.  This image isn't from that story, but it captures the tone of the story perfectly and I consider myself lucky to have landed this piece when it ended up on ebay.  I got out bid in the first go round, but lucky for me the first winner turned out to be a deadbeat so I got a second chance, offer that is, and made her mine.

 3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

The thing that drew me to comics as a kid first and foremost was the art. Right from the start I dreamed about owning some of the original art from the comics I was reading,  but that twenty-five cent allowance I got barely covered a couple of comic books way back when, let alone original art.  In high school I started working part time so had a little more income coming in and was able to attended the comic book shows that were held at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Boston.  I was at one show in the late 1970's where Howard Chaykin was a guest.  I wasn't familiar with convention sketches at the time, but I heard Howard tell a kid that he was doing head sketches for ten dollars and full body sketches for twenty.  In response, the kid asked what he could get for five dollars.  Howard looked down at his pencil, looked up at the kid and said, "Well, I could poke you in the eye with this pencil for five dollars."  The kid apparently wasn't interested in being poked in the eye so he moved off permitting me to step up and get my first ever original piece of comic art, a ten dollar head sketch of Howard's character Dominic Fortune. 

I still have that Chaykin head sketch today, but there would be about a twenty year lull between that piece and my second convention sketch, a head shot of Old Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond by Craig Rousseau.  That Craig would be my second ever convention sketch was fitting since it was his art work on the Batman Beyond comic that drew me back into comics and rekindled by interest in comic art.  I really liked his animated style and I would end up getting one of Craig's beautiful color canson pieces, the Buffy and Angel in my gallery, as my very first paid commission.  That piece by Craig really marks the beginning of my comic art collection. 
4. Is it just me or do you bear a striking resemblance to a supporting character from Todd Dezago & Craig Rousseau's comic The Perhapanauts 

Officer Brian Mulcahy, is, in fact, a member of the C.R.I.C.K.E.T.S, the security force that guards B.E.D.L.A.M, the home of Todd and Craig's the Perhapanauts.  As I mentioned above, I first met Craig at a Boston comic convention and would later meet Todd at a Boston show as well, and it was at a Boston comic convention that I first heard about their creator owned comic, The Perhapanauts.  I thought both the name of the group and the story concept, not to mention Craig's art, were great and became an instant fan, supporter and promoter of the book.  I became friends with both Todd and Craig through the Perhapanauts and ended up helping out at the Perhapanauts booth at the Baltimore Comic Convention in 2006.  Long story short, the guys really appreciated my help and decided to include me amongst several of their friends who, along with Todd and Craig, would be making an appearance in the second Perhapanauts mini-series, "Second Chances."  (N.B.  I've also written a Perhapanauts story called "Down in the Dump" that Todd was kind enough to post on his blog in three parts at starting on December 3, 2006)

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

My top five commission wants right now are Terry Dodson, Jim Lee, George Perez, Dean Yeagle, and Leinil Francis Yu.  (N.B.  Neal Adams and Mike Mignola would have been there, but I've recently acquired very nice pieces from both of them).

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