Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Comic Art Fan,

300 Original Art Auction Lots Close Today at ComicLink!


Heritage Auctions ( - Come see the Comic Art closing in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #191140

A Few Sample Lots:

Bill Sienkiewicz and Eric Von Krupp Tomb of Dracula #6 page 3 Original Art (Marvel, 1979)

Alex Schomburg Bucky Sketch Original Art (undated)

Larry Lieber The Incredible Hulk Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 7-16-79 (Marvel/Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1979)

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ComicLink Original Art Auction Segment Closes Thursday

Click Here to View over 300 ComicLink Original Art Featured Auction Lots Closing Thursday evening! ComicLink is also now accepting consignments of Original Art, and Vintage Comics, for their February Featured Auction. Well your Original Art to the most aggressive bidders in comicdom!  You can even get a cash advance while you're at it!  Simply email your prospective auction list to Josh Nathanson or Douglas Gillock at or call 718-246-0300 for more info.

Premium Member of the Week :: Romain Verlier

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in February 1974 in Paris, France and lived there ever since. I work in a theatre managing sounds and lights, fixing the sets and props etc. I live with Stephanie, who shares my collector's problems, and our three-and-a-half year-old son Johann. My main focus are my comic book and comic art collections, but I also fancy old Kung Fu movies and Hip Hop music! I'm a big Wu-Tang Clan fan.

I consider myself as a low budget collector but I've been lucky enough to meet and deal with great people who helped me through all those years. Finally I'm very honored and excited to be featured along with this week's newsletter!
2. Which is your favorite piece in your gallery and why?
Very hard to tell which one is the favorite actually! I particularly love the Larkin Spidey cover and the Starlin JLA cover but if I should name but one piece it would be the Kirby / Everett Thor #174 pg7 for it was the achievement of my collection almost 15 years ago and it is still my best 60s page from the King! Like many, I believe Kirby was the most important artist in the comic industry, especially when talking about superheroes, though he could draw absolutely anything!
3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I started around age eight collecting the Marvel French editions which were released approximately ten years later than the original ones and I literally grew up with a world of superheroes and cosmic wars! Then as soon as I learned some English and completed my early collection, I turned toward the American editions and it was not long before I grabbed down some original art from the wall of my favorite comic book shop, Déesses Editions in Paris! I remember buying 22 years ago my first three pages there; two Captain America pages and the Amazing Heroes Secret Wars cover all by Mike Zeck! Unfortunately original art wasn't so common in France and it was still quite a lot of money to spend back in the day and very complicated for a young guy like me. It was only after I discovered the internet and its unlimited market that I could gather most of the pages from my humble collection. Then I went one step further, joined the great CAF community, met some real friends and interesting collectors, and started trading some pieces, even considering selling for that could help me focus more on my main collecting interests.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

I don't much display my art, some lithos are framed, my two Larkin paintings are waiting also to be framed and the Kirby Black Hole piece which is so big I couldn't do any other way, otherwise I use the Itoya like (Panodia) products to store the art and I keep them in a far, remote and secluded place...But when I receive some new pages I always keep them on a raw display, basically on the shelves, to stare at until a new page comes up!

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

I'm not much into commission or unpublished art, also there is plenty of art I could die twice for and some I'd rather not speak about to keep it under the radar...

Number 1: My absolute grail is the Avengers Annual #7 cover art (Locked up for good, unfortunately! Yet hope is my middle name!)

Number 2: Avengers Annual #7 splash page 30 (come on!)

Number 3: Strange Tales #179 splash page 1, pgs 6, 10 and/or 32. This is the best comic ever produced and I can't choose a single page.

Number 4: Larkin's FF firesidebook series Holiday TPB or Hulk TPB (the transformation Hulk / Banner)

Number 5: Dreadstar #14 cover art (Where is she?)

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