Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Comic Art Fan,

CAF wishes you all a happy holiday season and hope you all get the art you've been asking for.

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Premium Member of the Week :: Jonathan H

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up between Western New York and Maine and currently make my base of operations in Brooklyn, NY. Working as a Finance Manager at Focus Features, I've had the pleasure of seeing some of my favorite films grow from the inside out. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do something for work that really feels like a hobby, but here I am in Hollywood East! And I plan on collecting a fat pension from Thomas Edison's old company. I've been into comics in varying degrees since my grandmother bought me a copy of Transformers #7 at Mario's cigar shop in Niagara Falls to shut me up.

2. What is your favorite piece in your gallery and why?

This is the toughest question here. I'm going to go with the Ex Machina #25 Cover, by Tony Harris. I've been a fan of his work since I was reading Starman in college. His design aesthetic often appeals to my love of art deco, and this cover is a great example of that, being a wonderful homage to Fritz Lang's Metropolis. It's also a great example of how I love art with a singular, iconic design. It's what I'm endeavoring for in most of my art buying going forward. And it's my favorite Metropolis in the world -- New York City.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I've been collecting for a very short amount of time relative to most in the hobby -- started in the summer of '05, and I'd be the first to admit there's a big learning curve!! Definitely takes awhile to figure out what's going to make you happy long term. I started up because I was in an animation gallery here in NYC considering a purchase of non comic OA. I didn't pull the trigger that afternoon. Instead I went home and started searching the internet to see what kind of animation art was available. For some reason, it never clicked in my head before then that the original art used in my favorite comics was out there available for sale. That was the beginning...

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

Standard Itoya for pieces waiting to be framed. However, one of my big about faces in collecting was a vow to never purchase any serious piece of comic art if it wasn't going up on my wall. That's the criteria I live by today, and will not purchase a piece if I can't envision it being framed for me to look at all the time. Consequently, I have a large percentage of my collection framed and up.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

I'm going to keep the list real, given my means, or else it would just turn into my list of 5 favorite pieces I'll never own. (and that's depressing) Sooo...
1.) A really nice Watchmen page, featuring Ozymandias. (2nd choice - Dr. Manhattan)
2.) An iconic Steve Epting Captain America cover.
3.) A great V For Vendetta page featuring V.
4.) A P. Craig Russell Sandman #50 page prominently featuring Morpheus.
5.) One of Alex Ross' fantastic cover/pinup quality paintings of Green Lantern or Batman
After those are accomplished, I'll start aiming for the stars!!

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