Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Comic Art Fan,

Bleeding Cool reports that one of the most iconic splash pages from The Dark Knight Returns is coming up for auction soon. Heritage Auctions will handle the sale with a listed start date of approximately April 16, 2011. The art in question, by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, is speculated to hit the six figure mark. Save up your pennies, folks!

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Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Works by Eng, Aparo and Berg in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #121110
A Few Sample Lots:        

Fred Eng Jetta of the 21st Century Complete 6-page Zoomer Story "Time Out For Trouble" Original Art (Standard, c. 1952).
Jim Aparo - The Brave and the Bold #118 Batman and Wildcat page 9 Original Art (DC, 1975)
Dave Berg - Henry Aldrich Daily Try-Out Comic Strip Original Art Group (undated)
Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage here...


Press Release:

J. Scott Campbell, one of the most popular artists in comics, has graciously accepted an invitation to Boston Comic Con 2011! One of the most requested guests for any convention, we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring him to meet his New England fans. Campbell first exploded on the scene in the 90s with his first book, Gen 13. His dynamic storytelling and reputation for illustrating some of the most attractive women in the industry continued with his follow-up project, Danger Girl. His covers currently grace titles including Spider-Man, Wolverine, GI Joe, and many more! Be sure to catch his panel with fellow cover artists JG Jones, Adam Hughes, and Dave Johnson!

Joining Campbell at Boston Comic Con are local writers Christos Gage, Christopher Golden, and Tom Sniegoski, The Walking Dead’s Cliff Rathburn, pencillers Sanford Greene, Keu Cha, Leo Leibelman, Mike Lilly, and a legion of inkers including Dexter Vines, Jack Purcell, and Mark Morales. Finally we are happy to welcome back stalwart supporters Craig Rousseau, Scott Wegener, Norman Lee, and Sara Richard. Check the website for full bios!

Previously announced guests include Neal Adams, Frank Quitely, Joe Kubert, Adam Hughes, Darwyn Cooke, Arthur Adams, Frank Cho, Tim Sale, Dave Johnson,  J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks, Mark Chiarello, Matt Wagner, Ryan Ottley, Sean Galloway, Stan Sakai, Stephane Roux, Terry Moore, Tony Harris, Khoi Pham, Howard Chaykin, David Mack, Greg Capullo, Gahan Wilson, Ryan Benjamin, Stephanie Buscema, Daixong Guo, Mark McKenna, and many more! Be sure to tell your friends! This is the largest and most talented collection of comic creators in New England ever!

Tickets are currently available online through the convention website. Prices are $20 for a single day pass and $35 for a weekend pass. Kids get in free with paid adult admission!

The Boston Comic Con is a 100% independently-run comic book show committed to bringing the biggest and best comic creators to New England. Run by fans for fans, Boston Comic Con is not affiliated with any other convention tour or corporate interests. Hosting over 40,000 square feet of vendors selling comic books, toys, posters, trading cards, and other pop culture memorabilia, this is a destination event for geeks of any stripe. The convention will be held from 10am to 7pm on Saturday April 30th and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday May 1st at the Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. For more information please go to our website at and follow us on Twitter (@BostonComicCon) and Facebook!

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Premium Member of the Week :: Dale E Withers Peck

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a legal assistant at a small boutique intellectual property law firm in the Silicon Valley, CA. I was born in Brockton, MA and grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan before moving to another part of that great state. Then I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area about 13 years ago; my son, Brian Peck, persuaded me to leave the rest of the family and live geographically closer to him.

We have enjoyed this obsession together (I don't think it is a "hobby") and he's taught me a lot about the art, the history, and the comic art business. I really enjoyed watching his progress up-close on his John Buscema book too, and the book meant more to me because of the knowledge I received from him about this fine artist's work.

I really enjoy being a premium member too, even though I have a relatively small collection, and appreciate all the hard work by Bill Cox and his wife, and the great list posts by all of the ComicArt-L members. You are like family!

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

The Blondie daily strip is one (changed due to space concerns -ed.) but I do really love all my Subby pieces too. This is a difficult question to answer!

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I started my own collection about a decade ago, although I've enjoyed watching my son, Brian Peck, increase the size of his for more than 25 years. It all started for me when Brian gave me a really outstanding and action-filled Sub-Mariner interior page for Christmas a few years ago. Next, for my birthday I received a Blondie daily strip that was published on my actual birthday, June 17, 1947; Brian framed the piece as well as created the logo and date to match the font of the strip. After that, I started buying Subby pages, and Brian kept adding to my Sub-Mariner collection (as well as in another of my favorite genres - bathroom and outhouse humor).

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

Display/Storage: I have some framed pieces, including the two mentioned above, and the George Tuska pencil sketch; the rest are in Itoya portfolios of appropriate size, and I have them handy so I can look through them, which I do often, marveling at the technique and amazing talent of pencilers, inkers, letterers, writers and publishers of this great art form!

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Sub-Mariner by Bill Everett
Sub-Mariner by John Buscema (I don't own it, but I have an interior page hanging on my wall, on loan from the Brian Peck Museum)
Anything by Alex Raymond, especially something in motion
Anything by Virgil Findlay
Schulz of course (especially with Snoopy)

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