Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Comic Art Fan,

This weekend comic artist Craig Rousseau rides in the Pan-Mass Challenge Bike-a-thon to raise money for the Dana-Farber Institute and the Jimmy Fund. As an incentive, he is offering art, from head sketches to full pages, to anyone who contributes. This is a win-win situation where collectors can get some great art in exchange for helping to fight cancer! For more details please click the link

See you next week!

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Wally Wood, Milton Caniff and more in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #121132
A Few Sample Lots:     

Wally Wood - Science Fiction Digest Illustration Original Art (c. 1960s)
Milton Caniff - Terry and the Pirates Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 4-11-41 (Chicago Tribune, 1941)
Jaime Hernandez - Love and Rockets #37 page 14 Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1992)
Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage here...



The Event Auction is currently accepting bids on almost 100 pieces of original comic art! Included in the auction is one of the earliest pieces of Will Eisner comic art still in existence, Smash Comics #5 page 2, Golden Age Joe Kubert Hawkman in Flash Comics #72 page 5, a Bob Kane Batman #1 cover recreation, a Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing #8 page, two massive Ken Kelly oil paintings (Essential Conan and Snowtrap), Phil Jimenez’s double-page splash to Infinite Crisis #7, an original Charles Vess painting, cover art to Human Torch #8 (’74 series), Tomb of Dracula #30, Superman #325, and much, much more.

The Event Auction offers pieces from renowned comic artists such as Neal Adams, Matt Baker, Norm Breyfogle, Rich Buckler, Travis Charest, Howard Chaykin, Gene Colan, Dan Decarlo, Will Eisner, David Finch, Keith Giffen, Carmine Infantino, Phil Jimenez, Bob Kane, Gil Kane, Ken Kelly, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Rob Liefeld, David Mack, Rags Morales, Phil Noto, Don Rosa, P. Craig Russell, Marie Severin, Barry Smith, Art Suydam, Charles Vess, Boris Vallejo, Matt Wagner, Al Williamson and Bernie Wrightson. Click here to view all the Event Auction art

Premium Member of the Week :: X C

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Daredevil fanatic. I have collected comics since the age of eight and haven't stopped. I now manage and have a vested interest in A&M Comics, Florida's oldest comic book store and the same store I shopped at as a kid. The majority of my collection is Marvel and the majority of that is Daredevil. X-Men and Wolverine also take up a large chunk of space but ever since I picked up that first Daredevil I was hooked. The whole "Man Without Fear" and the play off of blind justice hooked me onto the character and as stories go, some of the best are Daredevil stories. What’s not to like?

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

Well, of the pieces I have up, (since I am a bit behind) it would have to be one of my most recent addition, the end splash to Shadowland #1. Where Horn Head gives Bullseye what he deserved. Even though Matt killed, which goes against everything he ever believed in, it is just an amazing piece by Billy Tan. But my grail piece which is not shared at the moment is the cover to Daredevil #164 by Frank Miller. This is the piece that I wake up every day and can't wait to see it hanging there, the type of piece that you just can't believe you were able to acquire. As a collector I would love to join the story to the cover again one day, so if any one has any pages please let me know. 

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I first saw art when my friend and boss first brought some of his pieces to the store, right then and there I fell in love. Since I myself can't draw to save my life I can appreciate what talent some are born with. Then at my first convention in Orlando I met some of the artist to titles I collected and Mark Morales who was inking Daredevil at the time. I met John Romitas Jr. and Sr. and after spending all the money I came with and asking my father for the majority of the money he came with (leaving him with only enough to get back home) I purchased my first art pages and my first Daredevil splash. Now 12 years have passed and lots of paychecks later I have some pieces I can't believe I own and I have met many cool collectors that I owe many thanks to for parting with their pieces.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

I display the pieces that mean the most to me by framing them in my bedroom wall so I can see them every morning. This also reminds me of the special meaning I have for each piece and their story before it got to my collection.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Top five wanted pages are hard to narrow down, I hope to have a large Daredevil collection and #1 would have to be a page from Daredevil #1, it is my dream to eventually get such a rarity. I do not want to make just a Daredevil list, so the rest are going to be pieces from my favorite stories.

Number 2 would have to be a page from V for Vendetta with V on it. I loved this story from the first time I read it and I have read it at least two dozen times over the years.

Number 3 is a piece that one lucky CAF member owns and I thank them for sharing page 20 from Arkham Asylum by Dave Mckean.

Number 4 would be a page from Watchmen, something with Rorschach would be ideal.

Finally #5 would be a Sandman #71 page 4 which is also owned by a lucky CAF member and I thank him for sharing.

My want list is much, much longer but I feel these five would be the most difficult ones to obtain because of the demand for them and the rarity. I thank CAF for featuring me and my growing collection. But I also thank CAF for having though of such a great site where so many fans can come together and share their treasures.


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