Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Comic Art Fan,

HeroesCon was a blast as per usual! The auction went fast and fierce this year thanks to auctioneer Allison Sohn; Mark Brooks's Dark Phoenix piece took the top bid at $9,750 but the big highlight of the evening was when Stan Lee himself made a surprise appearance and signed Phil Noto's Gwen Stacy painting! I hope everyone else had as great a time as I did. Get over your con hangover quick because San Diego is right around the corner! 

See you next week!

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Love and Rockets #41, Captain America #1, Hawkman #3 in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #121227

A Few Sample Lots:

Jaime Hernandez - Love and Rockets #41 page 11 Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1993)

Steve Epting - Captain America #1 Page 26 Original Art (Marvel, 2005)

Rags Morales and Michael Bair - Hawkman #3 Splash Page 22 Original Art (DC, 2002)

Also check out our new HERITAGE COMIC ART MARKET here...


Press Release:

Splash Page Comic Art will be setup at the San Diego Comic Con in our row of booths at #4400 on the left hand side of the hall at the entrance between Hall Lobby E and F in the illustrators area from July 11 to 15, 2012 (in two weeks).

Charlie Adlard Walking Dead 100 Release Signing at SDCC

On Preview Night, Wednesday July 11th, Splash Page Comic Art will host a Walking Dead Issue 100 release signing with artist Charlie Adlard from 6pm to 8pm. Charlie will sign the Walking Dead 100 books that we’ll have for sale at the booth, including the SDCC Exclusive Variant book. For this particular signing, no outside material will be signed (other than the required SDCC program) and Charlie will not be sketching.

The original art to Walking Dead Issue 99 & 100 will be available for sale on Thursday, July 12 at booth 4400 when the San Diego Comic Con opens at 9:00 AM. The first six collectors to purchase a minimum of $1,000 worth of any of Charlie Adlard’s originals will receive a pre-drawn bonus sketch for free. The sketches are bust shots of various Walking Dead characters/zombies on 9 X 11.5 pieces of bristol board. The sketches may be chosen on a first come first serve basis.

Edgar Salazar SDCC Commission List

Edgar Salazar, artist of Dynamite’s Red Sonja and John Carter: Warlord of Mars, will take on a select number of commisions for delivery at San Diego Comic Con. He will not be sketching at the convention, but will take them on now for delivery at our booth 4400. Requests may be made at the link:

Prices & mediums:


9X12, Pencils
One character–$80
Two characters–$160
Head/bust drawing–$40

One character–$120
Two characters–$245
Head/bust drawing–$65

One character–$150
Two characters–$240
Head/bust drawing–$75

If you are attending the SDCC and want to buy or seriously consider a particular piece of art, PLEASE contact us now to bring select items with us. We will be unable to bring our entire inventory to the show. Make sure we have what you want by telling us now. The cutoff to let us know what to bring is Wednesday, July 4th.

Come by my row of booths #4400 and see all of the great art that we’ll have for sale. Thanks

Mark Hay, Owner Splash Page Comic Art

Premium Member of the Week :: Bill Roberge

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 45 years old and live in New Hampshire with my (very understanding) wife and two daughters. I’m a consultant for company based in Boston, being a consultant affords me a lot of time to spend with my girls…….and to go to comic art conventions! 

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

This is the question that I’ve seen answered with “I find it hard to choose” or “Having to choose just one piece is never an easy task”…..Nope, it’s easy for me….. My Galactus montage by Byrne. It has everything; my favorite character showing key story lines from his history, done by my favorite artist John Byrne, and I even had the pleasure of picking it up at his house in person!

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I stopped collecting comics around 1990 and bought my first page of art from Jim Warden, a great guy, in 2005. I guess I missed comics but found I could not go back again... until I found I could collect original art.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

I store most of my originals in Itoya portfolios, then I frame and display copies of the art. The oversized art gets framed and displayed.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Any page from:

John Byrne's run on Uncanny X-Men (Especially #118)
The Last Galactus Story
The Incredible Hulk
Marvel Two-in-One #48
Fantastic Four #243

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