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Heritage Auctions (HA.com) - Love & Rockets #30, Race for the Moon #3, DD #132 in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #121248

A Few Sample Lots:

Jaime Hernandez - Love and Rockets #30 "Ninety-Three Million Miles from the Sun" Page 1 Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1989).

Jack Kirby and Al Williamson - Race for the Moon #3 "Garden of Eden" Page 2 Original Art (Harvey, 1958).

Bob Brown and Klaus Jansen - Daredevil #132 Page 30 Original Art (Marvel, 1976).

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ComicLink November Featured Auction

There are over 200 original art lots to choose from within this auction, and every single lot is hand-selected to meet the stringent quality standards of the ComicLink Featured Auction.  With every single lot in the auction being a highlight of some kind, what follows is certainly not an all-inclusive list. We strongly advise collectors to browse the entire Original Art selection early, as we think that each and every lot within this auction is a worthwhile acquisition.

Original Art Highlights Include (but are not limited to):
Neal Adams Green Lantern #78 action page
Jim Aparo Adventure Comics #436 Spectre page
Mark Bagley Ultimate Spider-Man #81 and #86 covers
C.C. Beck a rare complete Shazam story
Lee Bermejo Joker Graphic Novel cover
Simon Bisley female gladiator painting
Stephen Bissette (and John Totleben) Swamp Thing #46 double page title splash
John Buscema Conan #145 cover, Tales to Astonish #85 Hulk battle art from one of his earliest issues as a penciller
John Byrne Avengers West Coast #50 cover, Silver Surfer v2#1 cover, Superman #14 cover
Nick Cardy Teen Titans #27 cover
Frank Cho Mighty Avengers #4 and #5 covers and Wizard Fight Club pin-up
Dave Cockrum Marvel Fanfare #3 wraparound X-Men battle cover
Gene Colan Daredevil #37 page with DD in every panel
Johnny Craig Extra #5 cover
the Amazing Spider-Man #8 battle page with Spidey in every panel
an ASM #13 page with a costume change
the Best page from ASM #30
an ASM #9 page with Elektro in his first appearance issue
the Strange Tales #125 full page title splash featuring a huge Doctor Strange vs. Baron Mordo, and more!
Mike Dringenberg Sandman #11 double page splash featuring Morpheous and intorducing Matthew
Will Eisner rare 1940 Spirit section cover featuring the first Spirit of Christmas story
Will Elder Weird Science page from a story used in SOTI
Larry Elmore Bard's Tale book cover painting
Enric Torres-Prat two fantasy paintings and a Vampirella cover drawing
Hal Foster Truly Historic 1st Tarzan origin in a Sunday page!
Frank Frazetta Count Dracula painted portrait
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Batman and Shazam style guide pin-ups
Paul Gulacy stunning Master of Kung Fu #18 pin-up splash
Russ Heath Frontline Combat #1 title splash
Don Heck Avengers #12 page with team shot, X-Men #52 Polaris half-splash
Bryan Hitch Amazing Spider-Man #529 cover featuring the first Iron Spider armor
Adam Hughes Wonder Woman pin-up drawing
Carmine Infantino complete 12 page Golden Age Green Lantern story art
Joe Jusko X-Men #375 cover painting
Michael Kaluta Weird Worlds #4 cover art
Gil Kane Tales of Suspense #89 Captain America versus Red Skull page, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #10 battle page
Dale Keown Pitt #9 cover
Sam Keith Batman versus Predator pin-up
Frank King 1928 Gasoline Alley Sunday
Jack Kirby Fantastic Four #20 title splash with the full team using powers
Fantastic Four #31 action page
Black Panther #12 and Ghost Rider #23 covers
One of the very best early Incredible Hulk pages from #3 -- the earliest known Hulk art!
Early Thor pages from Journey Into Mystery #86, 105, and 106
A climactic Silver Surfer Graphic Novel page
one of the very best pages from the classic "Fin Fang Foom" story from Strange Tales #89
Some of the very earliest Silver Age Captain America art from Strange Tales #114
Tales to Astonish #29 Pre-Hero title splash
an X-Men #5 page featuring Magento and the Evil Mutants, and more!
Bob Layton Iron Man #135 battle page
Jim Lee Overstreet Guide Batman cover art
Russ Manning Korak and Magnus art
David Mazzucchelli Daredevil #208 cover - his first published cover art!
John McCrea Demon Annual #2 cover featuring the first Hitman appearance
Spider-Man #4 Spidey vs Lizard battle cover
Spectacular Spide-Man Annual #10 page with Spawn prototype
Frank Miller 1980s color Punisher pin-up
Joe Orlando Tales from the Crypt "Madame Bluebeard" pages
Frank R. Paul Fantastic Mysteries 1940s pulp illustration
Paul Reinman Tales to Astonish #6 complete Pre-Hero story
Jerry Robison (Attributed) Green Hornet cover
John Romita Amazing Spider-Man #91 cover with exceptional character inclusion
The Best early Romita Daredevil title splash from Daredevil #15
Power Man #33 cover
John Romita Jr. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #5 cover
Alex Ross over-sized History of the DC Universe cover painting loaded with origins
Tim Sale Daredevil Yellow HC cover
Alex Schomburg WWII-era 1943 cover painting
Mike Sekowsky Justice League of America #8 action page, Wonder Woman #179 pages
John Severin Captain Savage #18 cover
Joe Simon Alarming Tales #3 cover after Kirby
Paul Smith X-Men #166 X-Men vs Brood pages
Frank Springer G.I. Joe #27 title splash from Snake Eyes origin issue
Jim Starlin Marvel Fanfare #20 cover, Death of Captain Marvel page featuring the Avengers, Defenders, and Inhumans, Giant-Size Defenders #3 title splash
Curt Swan Superman double page splash with huge Superman figure
Alex Toth House of Mystery #182 page
Michael Turner Witchblade #2 cover and #4 double page splash
George Tuska  Strange Tales #166 Doctor Strange title splash
Charles Vess color Rose art
Bill Ward Torchy #5 color cover recreation
Bernie Wrightson exceptional 1976 Horror painting titled "The Hunter"
Mike Zeck Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars #11 cover art
Michael Zulli Sandman and the Endless painting
and much, much more!


Premium Member of the Week :: James Sharland

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. 

Born in 1979, my first job was working in a comic shop back in 1996, but, I was probably better qualified selling vinyl records or instructing golf. Being a lifelong collector, some of my favorite vices would be: 1960/1970s kung fu posters, first press mono rock and soul records, Transformers, and Clark Wallabees.

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

Charles Vess Spectre #14 cover, classic. The Spectre has always been a favorite character of mine. Taking vengeance, casting judgment, what's not to like? 

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I began collecting art in 2006ish, I believe. Having long collected comic books, it seemed an easy transition and I always preferred black and white. However, I have to blame fellow collector Matt Moore for getting me started as each passing year sees my disposable income deplete appropriately.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home? 

I have my two Charles Vess covers and my Adam Hughes Malficent piece framed at this time. I would like to get my Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold piece framed sooner than later, as well. Wall space is, unfortunately, a concern. The majority of my art is stored in four mil Mylar sleeves and I use Itoya portfolios for display.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Green Lantern #48 cover - volume three

Deathblow #9 cover - volume one

A nice Sin City page

Batman #497 cover

A Steve Ditko Doctor Strange splash/cover

View James Sharland's Gallery

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