Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Comic Art Fan,

The Society of Illustrators opened this week a retropsective exhibit of the life and work of Harvey Kurtzman! The founding editor of MAD Magazine, Kurtzman was one of the most influential voices in both comics and comedy of the twentieth century. The show will feature many rare artifacts and original art from private collections and the Kurtzman estate. Check it out if you're in New York City!

See you next week!

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Heritage Auctions ( - Joe Simon, Jaime Hernandez in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #121314

A Few Sample Lots:

Joe Simon - Fighting American Color Illustration Original Art (undated)

Jaime Hernandez - Mister X #2 Page 3 Original Art (Vortex, 1984)

Mort Meskin and George Roussos - Chamber of Chills #24 Complete 5-Page Story "Credit and Loss" Original Art (Harvey, 1954)

Also check out our new HERITAGE COMIC ART MARKET here...


2 Days Of Comics, Art, Cosplay, Anime/Manga & Pop Culture Fun!

Big Wow! ComicFest Returns to San Jose May 18th & 19th, 2013, bringing two great days of Comic Book, Anime/Manga, Art, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Cosplay FUN! Many of the country's best vendors of all things cool and collectible will tempt your wallets with the perfect gifts for Geek, Fans and True Collectors, everywhere! Big Wow! ComicFest is the Only Major Comics Event in the San Francisco Bay Area this Year.

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Advance Ticket Sales and Hotel Information

Advance Attendee Ticket sales are now available both online and at many local comic shops in the Bay area. Tickets will also be sold from the box office at the convention hall both days of the show. Advance ticket sales are discounted!

If you're in need of a place to stay during the show our Hotels page is up-to-date with hotels that have special rates for Big WOW! ComicFest Attendees.

Amazing Creators!

As the Original Artist-Friendly Show, we are bringing in a lineup of Fantastic Comic Book Creator Guests spanning all decades and genres! This year we are pleased to have as guests at the show Neal Adams (Superman, Batman), Tony Daniel (Batman), Adam Hughes (Fairest, Wonder Woman), Writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Joker), Toshio Maeda (Urotsukidoji & La Blue Girl), Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets), Lee Bermejo(Rorschach, Joker), Sanjulian (Vampirella), Brian Stelfreeze (Batman), Sergio Aragones (MAD, Groo), Herb Trimpe (Hulk), Terry & Rachel Dodson (X-Men, Wonder Woman), & Arthur Adams (Classic Avengers).


Fan-Favorites... Travis Charest (Weapons of the Metabarons), Kevin Nowlan (Superman Vs. Aliens), James O'Barr (Crow), Dan Brereton (Nocturnals), Keu Cha (Rising Stars), Joe Linsner (Dawn), Michael Golden (The 'Nam), Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Futurama), Humberto Ramos (Wolverine), Frank Cho (Savage Wolverine, Liberty Meadows), Liam Sharp (Gears of War), Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra Assassin), Jason Palmer(Serenity), Aaron Lopresti (Spider-Man), Ryan Sook (Zatanna), and so many more confirmed guests added to our website!

Rare Appearances!

We're thrilled to have one of the masters of modern fantastic art at this years Big WOW! ComicFest. Sanjulian is best known for his covers for several Conan novels, as well as the magazines Vampirella, Eerie and Creepy.

Olivia De Berardinis
Best known for her pinup paintings of beautiful women, her artwork has been shown throughout galleries in the USA and Japan. Since 2004 Olivia has been a monthly contributor to Playboy magazine.

Jordi Bernet
Jordi Bernet's artistic style is unmistakable, and his Torpedo series - collected in its entirety by IDW - is recognized in just about any part of the world.

Special Celebrity Guests

Jane Wiedlin
Jane is the sexy and charismatic guitar player for The GoGos! Jane is back at work, having just written a new story for the 2011 Simpsons Tree House of Horror comic book, and her own series (starring Jane herself) Lady Robotika, drawn by Big Wow! buddy and Special Guest Bill Morrison!

Popular Cosplay Guests and Events

This year we've got many special Cosplay events planned, including our Geek Fashion Show during the afternoon on Saturday and some special after hours movie mayhem Saturday evening. Frank Cho and Riddle will host a special panel entitled From Comics Page to Cosplay Costume: How to Make Costumes of Your Favorite Comic Characters. There will be plenty more surprises to announce as well! You can check out our list of Cosplay Guests attending this year's show as well.

CreaturesCon, the official Creature Features Convention dedicated to the classic San Francisco Bay Area TV Show, will join forces with Big Wow Comicfest this May 2013 in San Jose. John Stanley, Ernie Fosselius, Lord Blood-Rah, Strephon Taylor, Tom Wyrsch and a gang of special guests will be on hand.


Creature Features Props & Memorabilia
Creature Features Panel dedicated to Bob Wilkins
Creature Features items for sale
Creature Features shows on giant monitor ran continuously

And for the first time ever, Creature Features Live. A complete Creature Features show done live on stage with John Stanley as host, guests, and feature length movie with breaks. Guaranteed to be the largest Creature Features event ever. All part of CreaturesCon 2 at Big WOW! ComicFest.

And no Big Wow! ComicFest is complete without our:

Art Auction, Costume/Cosplay Contest (Saturday night directly after the show), Gaming, Card & Role-Playing Games with Sanctioned Tournaments and Live Demonstrations of Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Hero Clix, and more!

Premium Member of the Week :: M G

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Michael, I am in my mid 30s, and have been a comic book fan my whole life. Growing up it was the place where I could find some peace and serenity. I have multiple college degrees one of them being in art history. I am not simply a fan of comic art I am a fan of all art. I have been lucky to get some great pieces and only have been really only collecting for about six years. So I am excited what the future holds.

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

My favorite piece is my James Jean Fables: Sons of the Empire TPB cover. My second favorite is probably my Gabriele Dell'otto piece of Drax and Thanos. I personally believe these are the best works by each respective artist. I am so happy to own both.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start? 

I have been collecting for about six years. I had some personal struggles with addiction and got sober a little over seven years ago. That is when I began collecting again. Mainly meerschaum pipes at first. But once I got my first taste of comic art I was hooked. My first piece I ever bought was the 10th Muse issue #5 cover. It was done by Ken Lashley I believe. I actually have it framed but not up. When I bought it cost me like 400 dollars and for me that was a lot of money. I since spent way more but still remember where I started.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home? 

All my pieces that I display are professional framed and taken care of properly.  It is funny that the last frame I paid for cost more than the first piece of original art I ever bought. Anything that is not displayed is in acid free plastic slip covers and kept out of the light.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions? 

As for the pieces I would most want to have. Wow that is a hard question. Well X-Men #1 by Jim Lee would be in the top five, Spider-Man #316 by Todd McFarlane, a Brian Bolland Killing Joke piece. I am not sure what I would choose but something amazing. One of Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein plates, probably the one of the monster on the table in Lab with Dr. Frankenstein. There are so many great pieces I would love to own to be quite honest. I am super happy to be part of this website. It is really what vaulted me into collecting stronger. I love that people are so willing to share their art with the world. There are multi-million dollar collections on here that people are willing to share. It is unlike any community of collectors I have ever known. I do believe that comic art is peeking. I am not sure if it can sustain what it has been doing. Luckily I collect for the love not for the profit, which seems to be the case with most people on this site.

View M G's Gallery

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