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Dear Comic Art Fan,

This was a sad week for the comic book industry with the passing of both George Gladir and Carmine Infantino. Gladir was prolific writer best known for his work at Archie Comics during which he co-created the character Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He was also head writer of the satire magazine Cracked. He worked in comics throughout his life with his last credited story in February’s Betty & Veronica #263.

Infantino was a giant talent with a decades-long career spanning from the Golden Age on titles including Green Lantern, Flash, and Justice Society and co-creating the Black Canary. He ushered in the Silver Age with the first appearance of the new Barry Allen Flash in Showcase #4. He was later tapped to revitalize the Bat-titles and co-created the Barbara Gordon Batgirl readers are most familiar with today. In 1971 he was promoted to Publisher of DC Comics overseeing an era where new talent was brought up, the core characters were dramatically revamped, and scored a coup luring Jack Kirby away from Marvel. Later in his career Infantino drew the Star Wars title for Marvel, as well as Nova and Spider-Woman, and directly influenced the upcoming generation of artists while teaching at the School of Visual Arts.

Both of these men were pioneers who helped build the industry as we know it and are due our deepest gratitude. On behalf of the entire Comic Art Fans community we would like to offer our condolences to their friends and family.

See you next week.

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Sam Kieth Marvel Universe III-Incredible Hulk Trading Card in this Sunday's Weekly Internet Auction #121315

A Few Sample Lots:

Sam Kieth - Marvel Universe III - Incredible Hulk Trading Card Illustration Original Art (Impel, 1992)

Jack Kirby and John Prentice - Bulls Eye #2 Original Art Group (Mainline, 1954) 

John Buscema and Johnny Craig - Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #1 Page 27 Original Art (Marvel, 1965) 

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David Petersen - Mouse Guard Fall 1152 #6 Cvr
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Mike Dringenberg - Sandman #21 p4 Spl
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Todd McFarlane - Incredible Hulk #341 p19
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Frank Frazetta - Sexy Nude Sketch
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Bill Sienkiewicz - Elektra Assassin #6 p24
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P. Craig Russell - Sandman: The Dream Hunters #1 Var Cvr
Ends: 4/13/2013 4:36:00 PM PDT
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Press Release:

Boston Comic Con is happy to welcome Marvel Comics editor LAUREN SANKOVITCH to our 2013 show! She will be conducting portfolio reviews so artists should bring their most recent work to show off their skill. Artists are asked to drop off 8.5 x 11 photocopies of your work (NO originals) at the Information Booth to be eligible for a scheduled review slot.

Artists must also fill out an idea submission form at the time of dropping off. **No portfolio will be reviewed without a signed idea submission form** Click here to download a PDF.

Drop off times are as follows:

Saturday – drop off by 12:15PM for Saturday afternoon review. Scheduled times will be posted at the Information Booth no later than 1PM.

Sunday – drop off by 10:45AM on Sunday (can drop off on Saturday). Scheduled times will be posted at the Information Booth no later than 11:15AM.

She will also take part in the Marvel panel at 4pm and the Women in Comics panel at 6pm on Saturday.

Lauren Sankovitch was once a great reader of comics. She now edits them. With gusto. Having worked on a range of titles from the Ultimate line of books to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, Lauren is currently editing the Avengers family of books, Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Thor, Journey Into Mystery, Age of Ultron and the forthcoming Infinity.


Saturday April 20th
-10am - 12:15pm portfolio drop off at Information Booth for Saturday afternoon review slots. Lauren will pick a number of portfolios to review on Saturday and post a list shortly after the deadline. Everyone who is chosen will have an opportunity for a review.

-1:30pm - 3:30pm scheduled portfolio reviews

Sunday April 21st
-(From Saturday) to 10:45AM portfolio drop off at Information Booth for Sunday review slots. Lauren will pick a number of portfolios to review on Sunday and post a list shortly after the deadline. Everyone who is chosen will have an opportunity for a review.

-11:15am – 1:45pm scheduled portfolio reviews

About Boston Comic Con:

The Boston Comic Con is a 100% independently run comic book show committed to bringing the biggest and best comic creators to New England. Run by fans for fans, Boston Comic Con is not affiliated with any other convention tour or corporate interests. Hosting over 40,000 square feet of vendors selling comic books, toys, posters, trading cards, and other pop culture memorabilia, this is a destination event for geeks of any stripe. Next year’s convention will be held Saturday April 20th and Sunday April 21st opening at 10:00 am each day at the Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. For more information please go to our website at and follow us on Twitter (@BostonComicCon) and Facebook!

Premium Member of the Week :: Wilson Wong

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hello fellow CAFers, I'm from Toronto and I'm a lifelong lover of all things comic book-related. This passion was ignited when I was an illiterate 4 year old and a chance visit by a cousin on his way home from school abroad resulted in me inheriting his collection of tattered old comics that he had been carrying around to help him pick up English. Well, looking at those old pictures of the Sub-Mariner and the Hulk without understanding what was going on lit a fire under me to learn how to read as fast as I could, until that fateful day that I learned the phrase "To be continued...," which was when the collection addiction really kicked in and it's been going strong ever since!

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

From a purely aesthetics perspective, my favourite piece in my gallery would have to be Karnilla by Jeff Spokes. The pose, the level of details, the way in which it captures the character, and the overall impression I get when I look at it makes it all pretty much perfect. However, I also have a special fondness for Kung Fu School by Kagan McLeod, a fellow Torontonian, for all the special memories it brings back of a lot of happy Sunday afternoons watching kung fu movies with family.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start? 

I've been collecting comic art since 2005. While surfing the internet I happened onto Adam Hughes old website and was excited to see how his skills had developed since his Justice League International days, especially on his convention sketches. He just happened to be appearing at a local con that year so I figured I'd try and get a sketch from him as well. Back then you didn't need to trample over a line of fanboys or sell a body part to get a sketch from AH! but his fame was growing and so was the challenge of getting on his sketch list. In my ignorant bliss, I guess you could say I stumbled upon my personalized sketch of Power Girl from him and Alison at just the right time. With this as my first piece, I was mesmerized and sucked in whole by the call of the siren.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home? 

The majority of my collection is stored in Itoya portfolios. The only piece that is framed is Kung Fu School but it is a massive piece of art that is about four feet wide including the frame and mounting. It is patiently waiting until my man cave is finished before being displayed.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions? 

I would love to get some original covers of my favourite comic books from my youth, but it seems everyone else wants the same thing! The unfortunate result is that they are all priced way out of my ballpark. Nevertheless, they are, in reverse order:
5. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #5 by Dave Cockrum (a classmate showed me this cover in grade 3 and its image haunts me to this day!)
4. The Invaders #8 by Jack Kirby (the Union Jack - big and bold as superheroes should be)
3. The Incredible Hulk #216 or #219 by Ernie Chan (a bit of a cheat but both covers are great examples of Ernie at his best)
2. Limited Collectors Edition Presents #39 - Secret Origins of Super-Villains by Dick Giordano (heroes going head to head against their arch enemies!!)
1. Uncanny X-Men #133 by John Byrne (Yeah, I know, good luck with this one!)


View Wilson Wong's Gallery

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News of the Week

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6.16.2017: IX Gallery is Live

6.15.2017: Scott Eder Gallery Relocation Celebration 6/22

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