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Dear Comic Art Fan,

ComicLink's much anticipated Featured Auction is now underway with a strong selection of over 500 quality original art pieces. "Grail" level artwork combines with more affordable treasures to create an eclectic selection of highly desirable material. Browse the entire Original Art session at the link!

See you this weekend at Big WOW! Comic Fest!

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Heritage Auctions ( - Lady & the Tramp Cel, New Mutants & Thrilling Detective Art in Sunday’s Auction

A Few Sample Lots:

Lady and the Tramp Lady Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1955)

Bill Sienkiewicz - New Mutants #24 Page 1 Original Art (Marvel, 1985)

Edmond Good - Thrilling Detective April 1942 Cover Original Art (American News Company, 1942)

Also check out our new HERITAGE COMIC ART MARKET here…



Press Release:

Big Wow! Comic Fest Returns to San Jose on May 17th & 18th, 2014, bringing two great days of Comic Book, Art, Anime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Cosplay FUN! Many of the country's best vendors of all things cool and collectible will tempt your wallets with the perfect gifts for Geek, Nerds, Fans and True Collectors, everywhere!

Founded in 1979 as "Super-Con", Big Wow! Comic Fest is not only Northern California's Longest-Running Comic-Con, but is this year's Only Major Comics Event in the San Francisco Bay Area!

As the Original Artist-Friendly Show, we have Fantastic Comic Book Creator Guests spanning all decades and genres! This year we are pleased to welcome as our Featured Guests: Charlie Adlard (Artist for the popular “Walking Dead” series), Legendary Illustrator Neal Adams (Batman, X-Men, Avengers), Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola, Fan-Favorites... Travis Charest (Weapons of the Metabarons), Art Adams (X-Men, Godzilla), and more Special Guests including: Dan Brereton (Nocturnals), Mike Zeck (Punisher, Spider-Man, Secret Wars), Joe Linsner (Dawn), Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Futurama, Disney Poster Artist), Alex Nino (Dead Ahead), Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine, Groo the Wanderer), Liam Sharp (Gears of War), and many more confirmed and added to our website! Over 200 Comic Creators!

Meet, get autographs, and learn the secrets of Show Biz from our spectacular CELEBRITY GUESTS:

GODZILLA is in the House…Meet Kenpachiro Satsuma, in 1984’s RETURN OF GODZILLA, he would land the title role of Godzilla and continue as the King of Monsters for the next 11 years. This is first time to America in over 20 years.

Also from Japan, meet Satoshi Furuya he enthralled generations of children with his portrayal of the original Ultraman.

Jane Wiedlin is the sexy and charismatic guitar player for The GoGos! One of the best known Rock/Pop groups to emerge from the 1980's, Jane is back at work, creating a stage production for her self published comic series “Lady Robotica”.

Also Appearing will be: Kevin Bernard Grevioux (Co-Writer, Producer and actor in “Underworld”, “I, Frankenstein” and comic book writer), Damion Poitier (Avengers (in the last 2 minutes, he was the surprise Villian), Star Trek, Hunter Prey…and the son of Sidney Poitier). Also, C. Andrew Nelson (Darth Vader), Parker Stevenson (Hardy Boys), Richard Kiel (007 “Jaws”), William Katt (Greatest American Hero, House)…and more

COSPLAY Guests Jessica Nigri, Riddle (star of “Heroes of Cosplay”), Ivy Doomkitty, Anthony Misano… and many more will all be on site. Along with hundreds and hundreds of amazing fans all in costume.

Super-Star Cartoonist and Big Wow! Bigwig Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, 50 Girls 50), will teach a 90-minute Figure Drawing Workshop with a live model, demonstrating fundamentals of technique and style. Any aspiring artist is welcome to sit in the audience and work along with Frank, who will provide priceless tips and critiques! And Inker Extraordinaire Mick Gray (Starman, Promethea) will once again provide a weekend-long inking demonstration as he works on his current comic book assignment at his booth! Don't miss this rare opportunity to see professional comic artists at work!

In conjunction with San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum, Big Wow! Comic Fest proudly presents "BATMAN!, 75 years a Hero” Featuring Seven Decades of Original Art and Memorabilia from the DC Comics world-famous Super Hero. Also, there will be 2 additional shows, “The Art of MIKE ZECK!” And “The ART of FAMOUS MONSTERS”.

And Speaking of Famous Monsters… We are hosting the 1st Annual “Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film Festival” with the legendary Famous Monsters Magazine… who are also hosting our Japanese guest, and presenting the “Famous Monsters of Filmland” Pavilion with guests, props, make-up and costume designers and more.

And no Big Wow! ComicFest is complete without our:

Live Art Auction, Costume/Cosplay Contest (Saturday night directly after the show), Gaming, Card & Role-Playing Games, “Creature Features Live” with host: John Stanley, showing the original “Night of the Living Dead.”

Panel Discussions, including: Creating Comics, The Art of Self-Publishing, and how to Design and Create Your Own Costumes! There will be 5 rooms of programming going on, throughout the show.

Tickets are available on the website. And we have tickets available at over 30 participating comic book stores around Northern California.

Admission is only:

1 Day Adult $25.00 (at the door)

2 Day Adult $35.00 (at the door)

1 Day Child (8-14) $10.00 (at the door)

2 Day Child $15.00 (at the door)


*Save $5.00 Off Admission! Buy tickets online, or at many local Comic Book Stores!

FOR MORE INFORMATION we will always have guest and programming updates for the show at: Also, most of our Guests will be available before the show for online, phone and in some cases, personal appearance Interviews.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Premium Member of the Week :: Felix Lu

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Felix Lu. I'm a 40 year comic reader, a 10 year comic art collector, and a brand new artists' rep. I'm currently repping Garry Brown, Nick Dragotta, Chris Mooneyham, Nick Pitarra, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Riley Rossmo, Cody Schibi, and Ramon Villalobos. I will be adding some more artists to the roster soon. You can check out my new site here: (thanks, Bill!).

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

The dreaded question. I have a top 10, but it's very tough to single out any one piece. For today, I'll say my Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns commission, because whenever I get annoyed about losing out on a piece, I'll take a look at that and it reminds me that I've been very, very lucky in this hobby.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

As I said, I've been reading comics for about 40 years. I've been a dedicated comic collector for 30 and have been going to conventions for just as long. So I've been aware of original art for a while. I sold off a chunk of my comic collection while in college. During summer break in 1989 (maybe it was 1990), I did a show called AmeriCon in San Jose. The guest of honor was Todd McFarlane. My table was right next to his. I remember his Amazing Spider-Man pages were around $100 and the covers were $400. I didn't buy any.

Circa 1995, my girlfriend (now wife) was a student at UC Berkeley and working part-time at a law firm. One day, when I went to pick her up, she led me to the office of one of the attorneys to show me something-- on the wall was a Glenn Fabry HELLBLAZER painting. It was gorgeous. That attorney, btw, was (and is) Steve Morger. Anyway, I admired the painting the way I'd admire a nice car-- from a distance as it'd be pointless to think about them much given my income at the time. So I didn't pursue the matter further for years.

Then in 2003, I stopped by Steve Rude's booth at San Diego Comic Con. I had a nice conversation with him and his wife Jaynelle. I decided right then and there to get a painted commission from them. I went for the top-of-the-line option... I wanted something just as nice as the Glenn Fabry I had seen years earlier. The painting was delivered about a year later (within our agreed to timeframe). That was my first real piece of original art. It was the most I had ever spent on anything comic related. It took a while after that, but in 2005, I decided I wanted to put together a collection of pieces from my favorite books. I figured I'd find a dozen or so pieces and move on to the next hobby. HA HA! I was very lucky to have veteran collectors (such as the aforementioned Mr. Morger) help me navigate the waters. Thanks to Steve, Dave, Kelvin, Chris, Lambert, and everyone else who was willing to chat with a newbie. A totally unexpected result of being in this hobby has been making friends with fellow collectors. I may be in this hobby more for the friends than the art now!

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

I've had many of my favorite pieces framed, but not all of them are displayed. Most of my art is kept in a ridiculously large safe.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

1. I'd like to find the cover to TARZAN #258. When I was a kid, my dad would take public transit to work and, on his way home, would pick up comics for me at the newsstand. They were all kiddie-type books. The first action/adventure comic I got was TARZAN #258. Needless to say, I read that thing until it fell apart. I taped it back together, something I ended up having to do more than once. I'd love to find the cover to it.

2. An interior page to TARZAN #258 (which was a reprint of TARZAN #216... art by Joe Kubert).

3. Actually...having a hard time coming up with anything else. I'm fortunate enough to have most of my major wants already. Everything else is in a black hole collection, or is way out of my budget! So please help me find TARZAN #258. Thank you!!

View Felix Lu's Gallery

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