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Dear Comic Art Fan,

This is the last call to pre-order Infected By Art's second art book! This ground-breaking collector's edition features over 300 pieces of art from the world's best fantasy, science fiction, and horror artists in a range of various mediums. Each page of this book will feature the name of the artist, the title of the art, the medium in which it was created, and the artist's website. From fantastic scenes of science fiction to the worlds of fantasy and horror, this book has it all, and will appeal to anyone who appreciates the fantastic arts. Artwork included in IBA Volume Two ranges from traditionally drawn and painted art, to artwork done digitally, as well as sculpture.

Each piece of art was handpicked by a select group of judges, including Chris Achilleos (Heavy Metal, Willow), Rowena Morrill (The Fantastic Art of Rowena, Tomorrow and Beyond), Larry Elmore (Runes of Autumn, Sovereign Stone), and Enric Torres-Prat (Vampirella, Tarzan). With over 70 years of combined experience, each of these artists are uniquely qualified to decide the best of the best in all of the submissions to IBA for Volume Two. Pre-order the book at the link!

Happy Independence Day!

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Mickey Mouse model sheet, Fantastic Four & Batman Art in Sunday’s Auction

A Few Sample Lots:

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Animation Model Sheet Group (Walt Disney, 1930)

Jack Kirby - Fantastic Four "The Menace of Magneto" Storyboard #13 Original Animation Art (DePatie-Freleng, 1978)

Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia - Batman #351 Unpublished Cover Original Art (DC, 1982)

Also check out our new HERITAGE COMIC ART MARKET here…

Premium Member of the Week :: . .

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jacob Rosen and I am a 26-year-old student filmmaker living in Portland, Oregon.

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

Without a doubt my favorite piece of my fledgling collection is my Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan DPS, which being a student on a limited budget was a story in of itself to obtain. But, if I had to choose another piece in my collection it would be my Wolverine by Whilce Portacio.

When I grew up in the 90s reading comic books, Whilce Portacio was one of those names that I always remembered, especially since Uncanny X-Men was my favorite series. As I grew older, my tastes in comics began to expand and when I moved to Hawaii I was introduced to Japanese manga. However, I always had a soft spot for my American comic books. I loved the differences in the artwork between the two, but I always wished someone could combine them almost seamlessly.

I am an enormous fan of Kentaro Miura and Berserk; it is one of my all-time favorite mangas and comic series. The artwork is just so raw and brutal with great contrast and movement; very powerful stuff. So, I instantly fell in love with Whilce Portacio's new style which I think reflects a lot of Miura's work. Portacio was able to create a perfect blending of eastern and western influences and it features my favorite Marvel character, Wolverine!

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I'm relatively new to collecting comic art and only recently started collecting in January of this year when I bought my Dexter Soy X-23 piece. It's actually funny how I started collecting.

I play a lot of fighting games, the Marvel vs. Capcom series being my favorite, so I decided to start making my own similar game using the free software MUGEN. One of the characters I added to my roster is Wolvenom aka Wolverine possessed by the Venom symbiote (and a really badass character to play as). My plan was to build an arcade fightstick dedicated to Wolvenom because he was my favorite character to play as, so I started searching for artists to commission to do the artwork. One thing led to another and my collection slowly started growing.

Then there was the fact that I always thought it was so cool you could own the original pages to some of your favorite comics, but I didn't think I could ever justify spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on artwork. Plus there weren't really any pages that I desperately needed, until I started reading Mark Millar's Old Man Logan storyline. I had heard a lot of buzz about it when it first came out, but never picked it up to read because although Wolverine is my favorite character, he doesn't exactly have the best storylines, so I was super hesitant to throw money on comics that would just leave a bad taste in my mouth. But, what got me passionate and back into reading comic books was DC's Injustice: Gods Among Us series that tied into the fighting game (are you seeing connection now?), so from that I decided to pick up Old Man Logan and after reading that I was hooked and desperately had to own a page from it. That's when I went from just collecting comic art because I thought it was cool to becoming a serious collector.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

The pieces that I absolutely adore (Whilce Portacio Wolverine, Steve McNiven Old Man Logan DPS, and Dexter Soy X-23) are all framed and hanging on my wall. Unfortunately, due to limited wall space in my apartment and the cost to get original art professionally framed, I can't display all of my collection. That's where art portfolios come in handy.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Wolverine #72 pg. 28
Anything else from Old Man Logan
A nice cover or splash from Gabriele Dell'Otto's X-Force: Sex & Violence
Wolverine Commission from Gabriele Dell'Otto
Wolverine Commission from Simone Bianchi

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