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Dear Comic Art Fan,

Today is the last day to bid in the Original Art session of ComicLink's Featured Auction -- lots will start closing at 8pm Eastern Time today!  There are well over 550 original art pieces, with every single lot hand-selected to meet the quality standards of ComicLink's Featured Auction! View the Original Art session at the link

See you next week!

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Heritage Auctions (HA.com) - Love and Rockets, Thor and Luke Cage Original Art This Sunday

A Few Sample Lots:

Jaime Hernandez - Love and Rockets #9 "Mechanics Part Four" Page 5 Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1984)

John Buscema, Don Perlin, and Vince Colletta - Thor #210 Page 6 Original Art (Marvel, 1973)

George Tuska and Billy Graham - Hero For Hire #12, page 15 Original Art (Marvel, 1973)

Also check out our new HERITAGE COMIC ART MARKET here…

Ed Emsh - Future Science Fiction Cvr Prelim
Ends: 9/13/2014 6:00:00 PM PDT
Marc Silvestri - Wolverine #57 p12
Ends: 9/14/2014 6:00:00 PM PDT
Carmine Infantino - The Flash #137 p24
Ends: 9/14/2014 2:10:00 PM PDT
Spain Rodriguez - Trashman Illus
Ends: 9/15/2014 8:58:00 PM PDT
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Alice in Wonderland Pntg
Ends: 9/17/2014 7:36:00 AM PDT
George Wunder - Terry and the Pirates Sunday '50
Ends: 9/13/2014 7:11:00 PM PDT
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Press Release:

New York Comic Con is approaching fast and Splash Page Comic Art is setting up in booth 2405!  The following amazing artists will appear at the booth for scheduled signings and sketch opportunities:

Sign-up will be first come/first serve at the show with the exception of Edgar Salazar.

Goran Sudzuka Sketch Details

Artist of Ghosted (Image Comics) & Wonder Woman 
11 x 17" / A3 format:
$100 for a bust
$200 for full figure
$100 for additional character or background

8 1/4 x 11" / A4 format:
$75 for a bust
$125 for full figure
$75 for additional character or background

Comic Blank Sketch Cover:
$50 for a bust
$100 for full figure
$50 for additional character or background


Stefano Gaudiano Sketch Details

Inker of The Walking Dead, Winter Soldier, Daredevil, Gotham Central, and many more.

Penciled & inked 1 Character 11 x 17" convention commissions:  $200.

Additional characters/background $100 each.

Blank Comic Sketch Covers 1 Character $100


Paolo Rivera

Artist of Daredevil, Amazing Spider-man & now The Valiant (by Valiant Entertainment)

Paolo will be signing and possibly taking a couple con commissions.  Further information regarding appearance dates/times to be announced.


Marko Djurdjevic

Marvel Cover artist and Thor interiors is now producing Degenesis (an amazing RPG soon to be a comic)

It has been years since Marko has made an appearance with Splash Page Comic Art as he's been busy doing video game concept art!  Further information regarding appearance dates/times to be announced.


Edgar Salazar commission details  (He will be in artist alley rather than the Splash Page Comic Art booth)

Artist of Deathstroke, Constantine, Smallville, and more.

He is taking commissions in advance so you can email mark@splashpageart.com with your requests.

Pencils Only:

9 x 12:  Bust drawing:  $60

9 x 12:  Full body:  $125

A3/11 x 17: Full body:  $200

PENCIL/INK w/ Gray copics  

9 x 12:  Bust drawing:  $100 

9 x 12:  Full body:  $175

A3/11 x 17:  Full body:  $275

All commissions would be done without or minimal background.


Premium Member of the Week :: Charles Dahan

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Charles Dahan. I’m 46. I have a private practice in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For the past 14 years, I’ve had the good fortune of having lived with an absolutely wonderful woman, Cecilia. We have two amazing children; Julian (5) and Selina (7).

I’ve been reading comics for over 40 years. I can still remember my older sister Dalia buying me my first comic book; Amazing Spider-Man #124 (Summer, 1973). I can think of very few things which have invited as much joy and escapism in my life as comics. Buying comic book artwork was a natural and inevitable progression of my lifelong admiration for the art form.

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

If I had to choose one today, it would be the Superior Spider-Man variant cover painting by Adi Granov. To me, this is one of those pieces which defines and personifies the artist and the creative potential of the medium. 

Truth be told, if you asked me this same question yesterday, I could have just as easily said my favorite piece in my gallery was Gabriele Dell’Otto’s Doctor Strange widescreen painting. It’s my definitive “I can’t believe I own this” piece. I receive more inquiries about this piece than all the other pieces I own combined.

There are so many wonderful artists today pushing the boundaries and limits of the art form. It’s remarkable. This is a great time to be buying comic book artwork.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start? 

I actually started by accident. Back in the late 80s or early 90s, a friend of mine had given me a Gil Kane page from Amazing Spider-Man #101. It didn’t hit me at first but it eventually turned into one of the coolest things I ever owned. There’s something truly remarkable about holding a piece of history in your hands. While the piece has since been traded to acquire other artwork I resonated with even more, I’ll never forget my first piece. Thanks Don M.!

Once I (finally) got a real job, I was in a far better position to acquire the pieces I wanted most, namely paintings by various comic art masters, e.g., Joe Jusko, Simone Bianchi, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Adi Granov, Bruce Timm, Steve Rude, and so on. I love them all. At this stage of my collecting, I only buy painted or colored pieces. 

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

As I also collect statues, as well as share a home with three other people, there is some competition for display space. Thankfully, I don’t overdo it with either hobby so there’s sufficient space to adequately display both. My paintings are displayed in my office. It’s my sanctum sanctorum. 

It really helps having rules and guidelines to collecting, otherwise things can quickly become out of control. I won’t buy something unless I intend to frame and display it so there’s nothing to store in portfolios. It’s my number one rule. I do not actually store any pieces I own. If for whatever reason the artwork won’t be framed, I’ll sell or trade the piece and buy something else I will frame. I’ve never been able to collect artwork any other way. 

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

If I answered that question, I may inadvertently double the asking price of the piece I want! Ironically, the majority of my most coveted pieces are largely driven by nostalgia and aren’t paintings. My dream comic art pieces would include Steve Ditko’s cover art to Spider-Man Annual #1, George Perez’s gatefold cover art to Wonder Woman #10, Jack Kirby’s cover art to Fantastic Four #49, John Romita Sr. and Alex Ross’ collaboration painting (homage to Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2, 1968) and lastly, Alex Ross’ World’s Finest piece produced for the Warner Bros. lithograph gallery. 

Hopefully, in my lifetime, I will acquire at least one of these pieces. Incidentally, if you ask me this same question next week, I may give you a completely different answer... Thanks for stopping by my gallery!

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