Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dear Comic Art Fan,

IDW Publishing and Kevin Eastman have created blank-covered editions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #50 and gave them to The Hero Initiative to have artists do original drawings on the cover. Each of these covers is an original, one-of-a-kind piece! Hero will be auctioning these off at the rate of 10 per week till all 105 covers available have been auctioned!

The first week is currently running on eBay and includes contributions from Paolo Rivera, Dan Brereton, Jim Zub, Andy Smith, Steve Kurth, Darick Robertson, Cat Farris, Gabe Eltaeb, Ryan Cody, and Mark McKenna. Click here to see the pieces and bid!

See you next week!

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions (HA.com) - Robert McGinnis. George Perez & Hal Foster Original Art This Sunday

A Few Sample Lots:

Robert McGinnis - Gator Movie Poster Preliminary Study Painting Burt Reynolds Original Art (Levy-Gardner-Laven, 1976)

George Perez and Dick Giordano - Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 Story Page 15 Original Art (DC, 1985)

Hal Foster Prince Valiant Sunday Comic Strip Cut Panel Original Art Dated 8-8-42 (King Features Syndicate, 1942)

Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage here...

Premium Member of the Week :: Ashley Batchelor

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I work with my husband as his office manager. We share a passion for comics; he collects the comics, I collect the art. I have always loved comic books as I was probably the last generation to have no internet while growing up and reading the old comics for pleasure along with television shows such as the Incredible Hulk was what we did( as well as playing outside).  My favorite show by the way. I have always been attracted to the comic pieces that have vivid colors, even though most of these paintings were not signed by the artist. Such a shame the artists such as George Wilson never got the credit they deserved. I could always recognize his comic covers; I just never knew his name. They were just amazing. I went back and forth from Gold Key to the majors basically because of his covers. The interior art often did not hold up to the covers. But oh those covers! I have about another 25-30 covers I have not put up yet on the gallery.

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

My favorite piece is the cover to Turok: Son of Stone #52. One of the first comics given to me and I just loved that cover. Never thought I would see the original! Mighty Samson #18 is a close second. Same reason.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I have been collecting my whole life. I have all my comics from when I was young. Got serious about ten years ago after looking at Heritage Auctions and Random House Archives came up for auction.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

As most pieces are paintings, they will fade badly in light, so I Mylar them, with an inside cover, and then place them in a closed zippered portfolio holder in a room with consistent humidity. I generally will "put on display" one or two of the newer pieces for a week or two, then they go to dark storage, as I call it.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Five most wanted pieces? Rough. I would say some of the Turok Gollub early pieces. And of course the early 60s Wilson pieces from Lost in Space, etc. They are just so beautiful. Of course, Gogos, and Marvel and DC color guides. On and on and on.

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