Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Comic Art Fan,

Comic-Con International is right around the corner! Once again CAF co-founder and editor-in-chief Bill Cox will be on the floor sharing space with Splash Page Comic Art. Be sure to swing by booth #4400 to say hi and stick around for signings with artists including The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard and We Are Robin's Lee Bermejo! Click the link for more details!

See you next week!

Colin Solan
CAF Editor

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Heritage Auctions ( - Fight Comics, Conan & Frankenstein Original Art This Sunday

A Few Sample Lots:

Alex Blum and Matt Baker - Fight Comics #39 Hooks Devlin Page Original Art Group of 2 (Fiction House, 1945)

Howard Chaykin and Ernie Chan - Conan the Barbarian #79 Splash Page 1 Original Art (Marvel, 1977)

Val Mayerik - Frankenstein #18 Page 16 Original Art (Marvel, 1975)

Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage here...

Dave Johnson - Rawhide Kid Cvr Prelim
Ends: 7/19/2016 12:51:00 PM PDT
Barry Windsor-Smith - Conan the Barbarian #15 p14
Ends: 7/17/2016 10:21:00 PM PDT
Todd McFarlane - Amz Spider-Man #319 p5
Ends: 7/19/2016 9:32:00 PM PDT
Dave Wachter - TMNT Sketch Cvr
Ends: 7/19/2016 1:20:00 PM PDT
Tone Rodriguez - TMNT Sketch Cvr
Ends: 7/19/2016 1:14:00 PM PDT
Karl Moline - TMNT Sketch Cvr
Ends: 7/19/2016 1:14:00 PM PDT
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Premium Member of the Week :: scott eder

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I'm 53, born, raised and living in NYC. Started reading and collecting comics around 1970. Earliest interests were Mad Magazine, Bernie Wrightson, Barry Windsor-Smith, and the superhero titles featuring Superman and Iron Man. I also enjoyed Vaughn Bode. I have an art gallery in Brooklyn:, which has been open around nine years and is exclusively dedicated to comic art authors.

2. Which piece in your gallery is your favorite?

Top five would be the Dave McKean Sandman covers (#1 & #2), Harvey Kurtzman's Two Fisted Tales cover, Rick Griffin's "Omo Bob Rides Again" from Zap #5, Chris Ware's New Yorker cover, and the Simon Bisley's Doom Patrol #44 cover.

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

I started collecting comic book art about twenty years ago. I was raised around art and went to the city's museums constantly with my father when I was a kid. After I began re-collecting comic books in my early 20s, I started dealing comics full time by my mid-20s, and learned about comic art while attending comic book conventions. Once I bought my first page of art, I was hooked, and that was that. I started collecting and dealing and it's been that way since.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

I have pieces hanging through out my apartment "Salon" style, rather tightly grouped. Almost all of the wall space is covered with art.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

  1. I'd love to pick up a Dick Sprang Batman
  2. A strong Victor Moscoso pinup or cover
  3. A Dan Clowes cover (I sold all of mine... wish I hadn't!)
  4. A good vintage Robert Crumb cover
  5. Any 1970s Jack Kirby covers or splashes

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News of the Week
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6.21.2017: Scott Eder Gallery in JC, NJ tomorrow

6.20.2017: New Art Update at

6.20.2017: Profiles in History Hollywood Auction June 26-28th

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6.19.2017: New Comic Art Auction Open on Catawiki

6.16.2017: Tri-State Original Art Updated

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Top 10 Most Viewed Items @ CAF
Aliens: Salvation p.22
Posted By Dominic MilanoPaid Member

Brian Bolland
Posted By Zaddick LPaid Member

Wonder Woman by Sean Gordon Murphy
Posted By Devon Sanders

The Dark Knight Returns 10th Anniversary Splash-Frank Miller
Posted By Han ParkPaid Member

Red Sonja Stephen Platt
Posted By Dean AbrahamPaid Member

Marc Silvestri - Cyber Force X-Men 1 Cover Psylocke
Posted By duke fleedPaid Member

John T. Totleben - Alan Moore's Swamp Thing - Tonal Illustration
Posted By Chris Puckelwartz

Cable #1 by Dale keown
Posted By COMIC PARADISEPaid Member

Mark Schultz Conan painting
Posted By Tom Neal

Todd Mcfarlane: Amazing Spider-man 316 pg.17
Posted By Rodney RappaportPaid Member

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