Monday, April 10, 2017

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Maureen Developer
Member Since: January 2003
Q: Please tell us a little about yourself.
A: I live in ohio.

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News of the Week
4.7.2017: Comiconart Limited Number of Ed Benes Commissions Now Available

4.7.2017: Splash Page Comic Art Welcomes artist Bob Fingerman

4.6.2017: Felix Comic Art EXTREMITY #2 art goes on sale Friday 4/7 at 9AM PDT

4.6.2017: New Comic Art For Sale at

4.6.2017: ComicLink Focused Auction Original Art Auction Session Closes Today: Over 500 Lots

4.6.2017: Setup at Comic Art Con and Romita Sr Museum Exhibit

4.6.2017: Will's Comic Art Page April Update and Comic Art Con this Saturday

4.5.2017: TDArt - Tony Parker Mayday 5, Sanya Anwar Ninjak 25, Darwyn Cooke consignment and more

4.5.2017: IRON FIST #2 - Art For Sale

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