Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello Comic Art Fans!
The Original Art session of the ComicLink Featured Auction closes soon! Bidding on all art session lots closes this coming Tuesday, June 6th. Offered are over 300 high-quality original art pieces from some of the most popular names in our hobby.  You'll find significant and marquee pieces showcasing the works of Frank Frazetta, John Romita, Gil Kane, Jim Starlin, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Mike Zeck, Todd McFarlane and so many others. Up for bid are over 100 covers, well over 150 interior pages, illustration artwork and more! Click Here Now to Bid in the Original Art Session
The Cartoon Art Museum is thrilled to announce its first themed original art fundraising auction, A Tribute Auction Honoring Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Proceeds from the auction will support the Cartoon Art Museum's operations and public programming as the board and staff prepare for CAM's grand reopening at 781 Beach Street in San Francisco later this summer. Click Here to view their current auctions


The Jon Berk Original Art & Comicbook Collection, with some of the rarest and most-valuable art to ever come on the market. is causing an absolute frenzy in the comic art community. Mr. Berk’s selection of Golden and Silver Age art contains an embarrassment of treasures that are already garnering vast amounts of attention in ComicConnect’s auction.

While there are many pieces that will spark bidding wars due to their obvious pop-cultural importance, Berk’s collection also offers many pieces that will appeal to the discerning collector with an eye for the sleeper hits of this amazing auction. Of note are the masterfully rendered recreations of Golden Age covers, many by artists of the era, as well as classic art from the Harry A. Chesler collection, and many more rarities from the early days of comics.

Original art collectors and investors will find: 

  • All New Comics #8 cover by Alex Schomburg
  • All Star Comics #14 page by Howard Sherman
  • Amazing Spider-Man #6 Lizard page by Steve Ditko
  • Captain America Comics #9 page by Jack Kirby
  • Captain Battle #3 cover by Gus Ricca
  • Catman Comics #25 cover by Rudy Palais
  • Crack Comics #18 cover by Gill Fox
  • Daredevil #1 page by Bill Everett
  • Fantastic Four #3 page by Jack Kirby
  • Incredible Hulk #4 page by Jack Kirby
  • Marvel Mystery #15 cover recreated by Alex Schomburg
  • Mary Marvel Comics #5 cover by Jack Binder
  • Pep Comics #30 cover by Bob Montana
  • Planet Comics #1 cover by Lou Fine
  • Police Comics #9 cover by Gill Fox
  • Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #2 page by Jack Kirby
  • Speed Comics #22 cover by Joe Simon
  • Tales of Suspense #64 splash by Don Heck
  • Wonderworld #10 page by Lou Fine
  • X-Men #2 page by Jack Kirby

The auction ends June 12, 2017 at 7 PM EDT.

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