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Hello Comic Art Fans!

The dust has settled on another NYCC, but the pursuit of comic art doesn't cease!

ComicLink has over 700 lots within the Original Art Session of Focused Auction that will close on Friday! The vast majority of lots are going off with no reserve. The auction includes artwork by accomplished artists including big names such as Adams, Buscema, Byrne, Cho, Coipel, Colan, Daniel, Davis, Dell'Otto, Eastman, Finch, Golden, Grell, Heath, Heck, Hughes, Infantino, Jimenez, Kane, Keown, Layton, Lee, McGuinness, Perez, Risso, Romita Jr., Silvestri, Simonson, Starlin, Thorne, Trimpe, Turner, Tuska, Wagner, Yu and Zeck. Check it out!

Chairoscuro Studios is having a 30% off sale during the month of October. Check out their gallery on CAF for more details. Also, the website has been updated with some great new art, so check out their site as well.

IX Arts 10th annual show is next Weds through Sunday, and Neal Adams was just announced as a guest. Neal joins other comic related guests including George Pratt, Dave Dorman, and Dave Palumbo just to name a few. 

Metropolis Gallery’s Walking Dead Exhibit opened the night of Friday October 6 and was quickly overrun by an infestation of hundreds of “dead” fans. The exhibit features scores of covers, splashes, and pages of original comic art, production art from the AMC network hit show, as well as dozens of CGC-certified highest-graded Walking Dead comic books. “We are overjoyed with the response to the exhibit and the collection,” said Vincent Zurzolo, curator of Metropolis Gallery and co-owner of auction house ComicConnect. “The exhibit runs through December 1st while the Walking Dead Auction ends on December 5th.”

Bill Cox - House of Mystery, Excalibur & Silver Surfer Original Art This Sunday
A Few Sample Lots:
Al Williamson House of Mystery #185 Partial Story Group of 5 Original Art (DC Comics, 1970)
Alan Davis and Paul Neary Excalibur #4 Story Page 20 Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde Original Art (Marvel, 1989)
Ron Lim and Tom Christopher Silver Surfer #34 Page 14 Original Art (Marvel, 1990)
Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage.


Hakes November Auction Adds Last Minute Additions

The staff at Hake’s is busy putting the finishing touches on their latest auction, the last of their 50th Anniversary year.

Three late arrivals are sure to excite comic art fans, as they include 

  • Peanuts January 1957 daily strip original art by Charles Schulz
  • Michael Kaluta House of Mystery #312 I… Vampire! cover original art
  • Daniel Clowes Urban Legends #1 cover original art

These pieces join hundreds of other pieces of original art such as

  • Fantastic Four #289 Cover by John Byrne
  • Incredible Hulk #3 Page #8 by Jack Kirby
  • Strange Tales #109 Page #2 Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby
  • Thor #174 Page #18 by Jack Kirby
  • Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #1 Title Splash Page by John Romita Jr.
  • The Punisher: War Zone Vol.2 #4 Cover by Steve Dillon
  • House of M: Avengers #3 Cover featuring The Punisher by Mike Perkins
  • Green Lantern Splash Page by Paul Reinman
  • Superman #137 Last Page by Curt Swan
  • 1941 All-Flash Quarterly #2 Page #23 by E.E. Hibbard
  • The Walking Dead Original Poster Art by John Watkiss
  • Marvel Swimsuit Issue Painting by The Brothers Hildebrandt featuring Rogue & Gambit
  • TMNT Michelangelo #1 Kevin Eastman Pin-Up page

The entire auction (consisting on more than 2,400 lots across 200 collecting categories) goes online Tuesday, October 24thand closes November 14-16. Register to bid online at and contact for your free auction catalog.

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