Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hello Comic Art Fans!

It has been an incredibly busy week for me. I spent 5 days at IX Arts' annual show in Reading, PA promoting my annual art book Infected by Art, and chatting about the fantastic arts with friends. It's always a highlight each year for me, getting to connect with some of my favorite artists in the sci-fi / fantasy fields of art, and gawk at the incredible paintings and sculptures that make up the show. This year was pretty exceptional because I also got to meet several CAF members who also attend the show, and I talked to many artists who use CAF alot that appreciate the work we've done for the collecting community over the past (almost) 15 years. To top it off, book sales were pretty great so that made all the time spent all the more enjoyable. If you like the fantastic arts as much as I do, and you're looking for another way to support CAF, then please consider purchasing one of our books some time! If you were not familiar with our work in this area, we also host the IX Exchange on CAF - definitely a place you can spend hours and hours enjoying amazing works of imaginative realism!

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Bill Cox - Johnny Hazard, Love and Rockets & Captain America Original Art This Sunday
A Few Sample Lots:
Frank Robbins Johnny Hazard Sunday Comic Strip Original Art dated 1-11-59 (King Features Syndicate, 1959)
Jaime Hernandez Love and Rockets #7 Story Page 6 Maggie Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1984)
John Buscema and Pablo Marcos Captain America #217 Page 7 Original Art (Marvel, 1978)
Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage.


The latest Hake’s auction (featuring another extensive selection of original art from comic books, comic strips and more along with thousands of other great collectibles) is now online, with the first part of the auction (items 1-1082) closing November 14thand the second part (items #1083-2438) closing November 16th.

Of the original art lots, first and foremost are - 

Other highlights include – 

Register to bid if you haven’t done so already.

All original art and related items can be found here.

The auction is now online on Hake’s website and closes November 14-16th. Don’t miss out, get your bids in today!

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Maicol Senzacqua
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A: Im a Italian collector , Im 45 yars old I buy my First art in 1991 I love Miller,Magnus, Buscema,Kirby,Stevens,Art Adams,J.Lee, C.Schulz,jrjr, Byrne

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